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I assume the searcher is asking about percentages, in other words are investment bankers more often sociopathic than the norm?

Well, it just so happens that I spent over twenty years working for Wall Street firms.  A distant second source of employment were law firms.  From my experience I would say that there seems to be a higher percentage of sociopathic bankers than lawyers, which might seem surprising.

I spent at least a year, either as a permanent or freelance, at E.F. Hutton, PaineWebber, Drexel, Salomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, Union Bank of Switzerland and UBS (after the merger with the dominant partner Swissbank)I was at Drexel during the go-go years when support (operations) staff were buying cars for cash with their bonuses (I was freelance at the time unfortunately).  I was there at then end when support staff were asked to leave a professionals only why-Drexel-is-closing meeting.  I was at Salomon Brothers on Black Thursday, and later, from a computer room, heard names being called out on the trading floor — those called had a half hour to gather their stuff and leave the premises.

Of these banks I personally knew or knew of sociopaths at E.F. Hutton, Lehman Brothers, PaineWebber and UBS.  I strongly suspected Salomon’s Gutfriend’s wife to be a sociopath but I suppose that doesn’t count.  From news stories, I’m sure some of the Drexel senior bankers and executives were sociopathic but I had no personal contact with them and no entry to their offices.  But if one accepts that one can often recognize sociopathic arrogance and attitude at a glance, as I do, then all Wall Street companies with trading floors have sociopathic employees.

In my opinion, E.F. Hutton was actually a sociopathic enterprise led by the sociopath Bob Fomon (this became obvious about Bob Fomon over time and for many reasons).  Sociopaths of the SAP (socially adept psychopaths) variety, cluster.  As permanent children the world is a daunting place for them — or to put it another way, they are all strangers in a strange land.  They will gravitate towards those SAPs who are more able to navigate the outside world.  Low level, unable to defer gratification, astronomically egotistical sociopaths don’t play well with other sociopaths and “King Sociopaths,” those at the center of sociopathic clusters, seem to often resent interacting with other “King Sociopaths.”  Many people believe sociopaths are loners due to these two reasons, I think, but I believe the majority are not.

And of course, a sociopathic enterprise offers the promise of corruption for all.

Bob Fomon had the self control and ability to defer gratification to be a successful sociopath (in the sense of passing for normal and having a successful career) but he was unable to hire other sociopaths of his caliber.  The sociopaths underneath him could not keep their hands out of the cookie jar however.

Sociopathic stories from Hutton:

  • I recall Bob Fomon having a fondness for teenage female company (of legal age) but he felt he had to claim the relationships were platonic.  I don’t believe he found many believers — sociopaths will try the stupidest explanations, any excuse will do.  When he showed up with a foot in a cast, the jokes went that he must have fallen off that red velvet swing.  And at his age.
  • I knew a high vice president who was rumored to be having a long-running affair with a gay manager underneath him.  When I mentioned this to a young female co-worker she said “No that’s not true.  He merely calls him every morning.”  This same young friend had warned me earlier not to believe any rumors that she was having an affair with the same vice president.  Slow on the uptake, I said, “What!  How do you know that?”  Anyway, when the day came that management wanted the gay manager to leave the employment of Hutton but apparently not wanting to fire him directly, the vice president simply took away not only his office but even his desk.  The deskless manager was forced to wander like a ghost until he quit on his own.  I’m sure it was emotionally devastating for him.  Sociopaths seem to enjoy pulling that emotional rug out from under their lovers when they discard them.  An element involved, I believe, is their resenting having been cast as a emotional partner when they feel no emotions and they decide to show that in the end.
  • The check-kiting scandal that brought down Hutton — just what were they thinking?  Of course that was in the day and age that Wall Street banks relied on their reputation and needed their clients to survive as opposed to trading on their own account against their clients.

Sociopathic stories from UBS:

  • I considered more than one high level officer of my division to be sociopathic.  In addition I have never worked with a higher percentage of children of sociopaths.  The children of sociopaths, almost without exception, are deeply, deeply humiliated (without ever recognizing the sociopathicness of the humiliating parent).  The constellation of traits is actually easy to recognize, though sometimes they internalize the sociopathic humiliator to such an extent that they may be taken for sociopaths themselves.  And, of course, they are very comfortable working with sociopaths (as in, being totally oblivious to it).
  • Under the UBS corporate structure, the regional heads had enormous power.  Many became combinations of screaming babies and lord high potentates.  With outside restrictions removed sociopaths know no restraint.  I’m not saying that they all were sociopathic, but more than one were, in my opinion.
  • The junior bankers were often terrorized by these regional heads and would beg us in NYC to go along and do what their bosses wanted.  I would hear such phrases as “He’ll win anyway don’t fight him“, “He just has to have his own way“.  They knew their bosses were screaming babies but they never drew any conclusions.
  • Some managing directors seemed to be very mild mannered to outsiders but their staffs were utterly terrified of disappointing them.  One sees such manipulation by sociopaths often.  Warren Jeffs comes to mind (
  • A pathologically lying sociopath (i.e, a pseudologue, the condition is called pseudologia fantastica) found complete safety at UBS for years.  When he was hired he claimed to have just gotten over both leukemia (seemingly, a cancer hoax favorite) and a kidney transplant.  Five years later he brought in a cake one day, saying it was his fifteenth year of remission from leukemia, apparently having forgotten his earlier story.  When confronted he was smooth as silk, an incredible performance.  However others, including management, still protected him.  He was kind of like a Schmoo, anything you wanted in a friend.  But in reality he was the equivalent of a calculating machine always calculating what his object wanted from him — if, a big if, it suited his purposes.  Like all sociopaths he was a genius at getting others to take care of him and quite a few co-workers were heavily emotionally invested in believing in his Schmoo friendship.
  • I believe this same pseudologue found further safety in the embrace of a male sex-party ring, that included members from all levels of employment, that was rumored to exist (ten years worth of rumors and drunken comments).  Also see Not frat boy behavior, sociopathic behavior.    I don’t care what people do in private, but in a corporate setting and with members of management involved such activity is not a private matter.  I believe this ring helped further this pseudologue’s security (not to mention the possibility of explicit or implicit blackmail) and he branched out into puppetmastery, slander and workplace bullying.  The manager whose responsibilities he essentially co-opted was absolutely unaware of it.  She was his biggest devotee — his word was golden, and she seemingly couldn’t stand to disappoint him.  Uncanny.
  • There was something else worth noting about this pseudologue.  In a sense he became a King Sociopath, i.e., one that other sociopaths clustered about and followed.  As a pseudologue he literally had all the certainty of one who makes up their own facts.  (It seems pseudologues know they are lying, but they seem to think everyone is lying and that there is no “real” reality.)  This certainty carried weight with more childish sociopaths (some of whom were much higher than him in the corporate hierarchy) looking for help in dealing with the non-sociopath world.
  • One time a junior banker (later a managing director) came by, all excited that his young children had included him in a discussion of whether folding toilet paper or bunching it up was a better technique.  This was something he could relate to instantly.  Sociopaths, as part of their arrested development, are endlessly fascinated by bodily functions.   “‘[The Manipulator] loves to walk down the street in pride and certainly, knowing he’s but one moment away from an attack of diarrhea.  This makes him unique among the masses.  The Toxick Magician always views his adversary with his head in the toilet bowl“,
  • I recall a junior banker, with a Harvard degree, who was famous for an occurrence of semi-public sex at one of our corporate holiday parties.  He and a very willing, very drunk partner availed themselves of a stairwell with co-workers peaking in amazement around the corner, as I understand it.  She left soon after, but he was there for years, no doubt thinking it was totally normal behavior.  For more on the sociopath’s lack of need for privacy see Menace to society:  Nushawn Williams should be involuntarily committed as a dangerous psychopath.
  • The holocaust gold history of both Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Bank, both historical and modern.

Derivatives are a whole other issue — though perhaps more what the searcher had in mind, rather than the vignettes above.  There is no question that derivatives were hatched by a sociopathic mind or a sociopathic modality mind.  The notion of derivatives (essentially insurance but with no need that the buyer be a stakeholder, i.e., they’re sidebets, pure gambling) is grotesquely irresponsible, ignorant of reality, ignorant of cause and effect, ignorant of what drives economies.  Financing is the tail of the dog, not the dog.  The financial service industry has to serve the greater economy.  Obviously if there were trillions of dollars bet on sporting outcomes, the debts would be unenforceable and laughed at.  However the power players are still demanding that derivative bets be paid off, though the value is greater than the world economy.  This is insane, though not to sociopaths. Derivatives are the economic equivalent of perpetual motion machines, another great sociopathic favorite.  Being permanent children scientific cause and effect are beyond them.

Derivatives and the sociopathic philosophy behind them and the insane notion of a riskfree capitalism have crashed the world economy. See Welcome to our sociopaths-gone-wild economy and Commonalities between Wall Street speculators and/or Fed bankers and sociopaths.

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  1. THE CANNIBALS OF GOLDMAN SACHS, CITIGROUP, JP MORGAN, UBS, DEUTSCHE BANK, ETC. THE CURRENT WORLD CRISIS IS NOT A NATURAL PHENOMENON SO HOW IS PRESENTED BY MANY AGENTS OF THE BANKERS. IT IS DETERMINED BY THE ABOLITION OF THE GLASS-STEAGALL SEPARATION BETWEEN COMMERCIAL BANKS AND INVESTMENT BANKS IN ALMOST ALL THE WORLD. THE ABOLITION OF THIS SEPARATION HAS CREATED THE FIGURE OF THE CASINO-BANKS THAT USE THE MONEY OF THE SAVERS IN TOXIC INVESTMENTS. THE CASINO-BANKS HAVE HAD LOSSES AND SOME CORRUPT POLITICIANS HAVE PROVIDED TO THEIR BAILOUTS. AN INTERESTING DOCUMENT OF MR. GREG PALAST HIGHLIGHTS HOW TOOK PLACE THE ABOLITION OF THE SEPARATION BETWEEN COMMERCIAL BANK AND INVESTMENT BANKS (GLASS STEAGALL ACT ) IN ALMOST ALL THE WORLD. GOLDMAN SACHS, JP MORGAN, CITIGROUP, THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION AND PETER MANDELSON WERE INVOLVED IN THE ABOLITION OF THE GLASS-STEAGALL ACT. THE GENOCIDES THAT HAVE CREATED THIS WORLD CRISIS ARE NOT ABSTRACT FIGURES BUT PERSONS IN FLESH AND BLOOD WITH NAME AND SURNAME, HIDDEN IN THE DARKNESS OF THEIR HUGE VILLAS. VANGUARD IS A BIG SHAREHOLDER OF GOLDMAN SACHS. VANGUARD IS CONNECTED WITH DICK CHENEY A FRIEND OF THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY. ” Meanwhile in Montana, the private security firm American Police Force is under a state Attorney General’s probe, after masquerading as the police force in Hardin, Montana, a town with a long history of racism and attacks on American Indians. American Police Force is linked to Texas-based CorPlan Corrections, which is pitching the private prison to Tohono O’odham and other Indian Nations. Former Vice President Dick Cheney was indicted in Texas for prison profiteering. Cheney invested in the Vanguard Group, which profits from private prison contractor GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut, which split into GEO and Wackenhut Transportation.) The Vanguard Group reported $1.24 trillion in assets, in mutual funds, in 2009,…….. is among the top investors in Corrections Corporations of America, CCA, operating private prisons in Arizona and throughout the United States. ” THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY HAS LINKS WITH JACOB ROTHSCHILD, BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD, ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. GOLDMAN SACHS HAD INTERESTS IN THE WAR IN LIBYA. ( How Goldmans cost Gaddafi a $1.3bn fortune ) ” VICTOR ROTHSCHILD,[ father of JACOB ROTHSCHILD] … worked for J.P. MORGAN & Co., and was an important part of MI5 (British Intelligence).” BILL WINTERS DIRECTOR OF RIT CAPITAL PARTNERS AND FRIEND OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD WAS ALSO CEO OF JP MORGAN INVESTMENT BANK.,_4th_Baron_Rothschild JP MORGAN AND TONY BLAIR SEEM TO BE THE INSEPARABLE FRIENDS OF EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD SAYS: ” Well, I haven’t talked to them; I had the privilege of talking to the supervisor of the Bank, who’s an old friend of mine, Mr. Liu Mingkang; and I listened to him very well at a very good [China] conference given by J.P. Morgan last week [11] ” THE CHINA CONFERENCE WAS VERY GOOD BECAUSE WAS SPONSORED BY JP MORGAN ? ” Beijing, May 31st, 2011 — J.P. Morgan today announced the opening of its 7th annual China conference in Beijing from June 1st–3rd. …. As a testament to the growing international importance of China and its markets, 2,000 delegates from more than 30 countries will participate in this year’s conference. The conference will open with a keynote panel discussing China’s role in the international community, featuring The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair [chairman of the International Council of JP Morgan], Mr. Lou Jiwei, Chairman and CEO, China Investment Corporation, Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman & CEO, General Electric Company……. ” TONY BLAIR IS ALSO A “FRIEND” AND NEIGHBOR OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD. “Tony Blair. Illegitimate Son Of Jacob Rothschild….Evidence” ( From Iraq, a tragic reminder to prosecute the war criminals ) JP MORGAN IS ALSO CONNECTED WITH THE EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD CONTROLLED BY BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD AND BY HIS WIFE ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD. ” J.P. MORGAN SAYS POST-WWII ANTI-FASCIST CONSTITUTIONS ARE OBSTACLE TO REIMPOSING FASCISM ” J.P. MORGAN: FASCIST THEN, FASCIST NOW CITIGROUP IS LINKED ALSO WITH THE PRINCE ALWALEED BIN TALAL. ” Citi (1812- ), also known as Citigroup, Citicorp or Citibank, is the biggest bank on Wall Street. ….It is now partly owned by not just the American government, but also by Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and a Saudi Arabian prince, Alwaleed bin Talal… ” PRINCE ALWALEED BIN TALAL IS A BIG FRIEND OF PRINCE CHARLES. ( Prince Alwaleed Received by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales at Clarence House ) BUT THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY IS LINKED WITH JACOB ROTHSCHILD, BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD, ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. ( More Prominent Glass-Steagall Coverage of Sen. Warren ) ( Lombardy Regional Councillors Write Sen. Warren on Glass-Steagall ) LET’S TRY TO SEE THE GENOCIDAL EFFECTS OF THE ABOLITION OF THE GLASS STEAGALL SEPARATION BETWEEN COMMERCIAL BANKS AND INVESTMENTS BANKS IN SOME COUNTRIES. 1) ” INSURANCE SUBSIDIES TO WALL STREET. Under Obamacare, the insurance mandate constitutes unprecedented flows to the insurance wing of the Wall Stree/London financial crowd. Dimensions of the matter are reported in Forbes, Oct. 1 (Robert Lenzer), noting that the “value of the S&P health insurance index has gained 43% this year alone.” Among the major companies, CIGNA is up 63%, Wellpoint 47%, and United Healthcare 28%. Since the passage of Obamacare in 2010, the stock values of these big firms have risen 200-300%. ” ( WHILE OBAMACARE KILLS, IT WILDLY ENRICHES THE INSURANCE CONGLOMERATES — AS INTENDED ) THE “REFORM” OF THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM OF OBAMA IS IN CONCRETE A “REFORM” WANTED BY SOME INSURANCE COMPANIES CONTROLLED BY DIRTY BARONS OF LONDON AND GENEVA IN ORDER TO EXTERMINATE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. ” “Across the nation, 26,100 people between the ages of 25 and 64 died prematurely due to a lack of health coverage in 2010,” concluded a 2012 policy paper by Families USA. Their report, “Dying for Coverage: The Deadly Consequences of Being Uninsured,” updated a 2002 report by the Institute of Medicine which found that 18,000 adults, aged 25-64, died in 2000 because they did not have health insurance. 2) ” STATES SCRAMBLE TO PROVIDE EMERGENCY FOOD RELIEF November 26, 2013 • 3:00PM Yesterday, N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced $4.5 million in grants to assist 2,600 local operations in the state, providing emergency food donations to over 3 million poor New Yorkers lacking the means to eat. Cuomo held a tele-conference call saying, “These state grants are aimed at filling the gap caused by the recent cuts in federal SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] benefits, and provide a boost to vital food assistance programs, to help provide relief to impacted New Yorkers.” Other states and local governments are likewise scrambling to relieve the hurt of the Nov. 1 cuts in federal funding for the SNAP program, which Obama and his Agriculture Secretary will not address, which came from the expiration of a section of the so-called 2009 stimulus act (ARRA, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), which temporarily gave extra monies to SNAP. As of now in November, the nearly 48 million people on food stamps are receiving less food aid each month than before, which itself was inadequate. Some 21 million of these people are children. Obama is responsible for these brutal cuts. More than a year ago, Obama had strongly advised Congressional Democrats to pay for continued teacher-employment aid to states, by cutting the Stimulus Act funds which had increased food stamp payments since 2009. Obama has also told Democrats to cut the food stamp funds to help pay for expanding Medicaid, part of his Obamacare disaster. Ten years ago, there were 21.25 million people on food stamps, under the circumstances of the declining economy during the George W. Bush presidency. This jumped up to 28.23 million in 2008, as the financial crash hit economic activity, impoverishing millions more Americans each year: 2009—33.5 mil on food stamps; 2010—40.3 mil; 2011—44.7 mil; 2012—46.6 mil; and an estimated 48 million at present. The total number who qualify for food stamps—i.e. who actually need them—is 61 million Americans. Statistics—bad as they are, show that 7 million adult Americans have only food stamp vouchers as their “income.” They suffer in penury. For New York, the Nov. 1 cuts in SNAP represent a loss of $302 million of annual Federal SNAP funding for the poor. Cuomo’s announced $4.5 million in grants constitutes a 15% increase in what the state was already giving. It goes out to 46 organizations, which in turn, channel food to 2,600 local food providers. The $4.5 million amounts to the means for 2.8 million meals. As of the end of November, states and localities are summarizing the terrible impact underway of less Federal funding. For example, in the beautiful Napa Valley of California, a world-class food producing state, there are 6,600 people who had less to spend on food this month. For one person, abut $11 less; for a 4-person household, about $35 less. The Napa County Director for “Self Sufficiency Services,” told the press (St. Helena Star, Nov. 25) this week, “…that doesn’t sound like a lot of money. But for people who are working to stretch every food dollar as far as it can go, that is a huge hit, especially when children are involved.” ” obama IS THE SHAMELESS PROSTITUTE OF THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. (Obama Keeps One Campaign Promise: Make America Subservient To The British Empire ) “…… the Queen of England, and Wall Street, which are the same thing, …. ” ( Obama and Holder: Drug Pushers for the Queen ) ( FBI Probe Of JP Morgan Chase Won’t Matter; Firm Donated $808,799 To Barack Obama ) ” ….. the Washington Post business section today ran an exhaustive profile of CEO Jamie Dimon, noting that he has visited the White House 22 times since Obama entered the presidency. ……….. As we well know, Dimon has been the point-man in the Wall Street blitz to stop Glass-Steagall, including the recent face- to-face meeting with Obama last month, where Dimon and other Wall Street and European big-bank CEOs laid down the law against Glass-Steagall. The Post noted that last March, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations published a 300-page report accusing Dimon and other top JPMorgan Chase executives of concealing information from regulators about the bank’s botched trades, including the London Whale fiasco. ” THEREFORE ARE THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND THE ROTHSCHILDS HIDDEN BEHIND obama THAT ARE SUPPORTING AL QAEDA IN SYRIA. ( FIGHTING AL QAEDA BY SUPPORTING AL QAEDA IN SYRIA: THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IS A ‘STATE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM’ ) 3) THE HYENAS OF THE ECONOMIST (CUTS IN HEALTH INSURANCE FOR DETROIT CITY WORKFORCE THE PROBLEMS OF DETROIT ARE LINKED WITH THE BANKS UBS AND BANK OF AMERICA ” Cities and counties are, however, beginning to pay the costs of Detroit “emergency manager” Kevyn Orr’s dirty work for UBS, Bank of America, and their ilk, in steadily rising municipal bond interest rates. Orr said in an early interview that he “didn’t care” what impact his actions had on municipal bond rates, as long as he made the cuts in Detroit. Already, four Michigan counties/cities have had to withdraw bond issues in the past week: Genessee County (A2 rating), $53 million issue; Saginaw County (Aa3 rating), $60 million issue; Battle Creek (AA) $16 million school bond issue; and Hamtramck, a school bond issue. All were contemplating exorbitant rates of 6% or higher. Chicago’s treasurer announced on Aug. 6 that the city’s annual interest cost estimates have risen by $2 million in past two weeks….” ALSO PUERTO RICO HAS PROBLEMS WITH UBS. ” UBS, one of the major underwriters of Puerto Rican debt, not only charged fees to underwrite Puerto Rican bonds, they then neatly packaged these bonds into their own “closed end mutual funds”, charged retail investors a “front end load” of 4.75 % and annual fees of 1% ” ( Puerto Rico on the Brink of Default; London and Wall Street Say `Kill Them All’ ) UBS IS RELATED WITH BLACKSTONE THROUGH THE PERSONS OF KARL KNAPP AND BRUCE AMLICKE. BLACKSTONE GROUP IS CONTROLLED BY THE ROTHSCHILDS AND IS CONNECTED WITH DEUTSCHE BANK, THE BUSH FAMILY, CARLYLE, AL QAEDA, ETC. . THERE ARE LINKS BETWEEN THE UBS AND THE ST. JAMES’S PLACE OWNED BY JACOB ROTHSCHILD FOR EXAMPLE THROUGH THE PERSONS OF JOHN BREWER AND SUSAN HUTTON. ” From his headquarters in St James’s Place in London, Jacob Rothschild has cultivated an influential set of clients, business associates and friends who have extended his interests far beyond the normal scope of a banker. ”,_4th_Baron_Rothschild EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD SPEAKS VERY WELL ABOUT UBS: ” don’t forget that one of the biggest examples of a bank which – to me – was highlighted, is the wonderful, most prominent banking institution in the world, was UBS. ” ” Stefano Rossi that in a famous interview speaks of virtuous countries and of the impending crisis of Greece and of Spain, is CEO of EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD and began his career in London in 1988. In 1989 he returned to Italy to join Citibank. In 1991 he moved to S.G. Warburg and subsequently, with the company’s acquisition by SBC and the subsequent merger with UBS, was promoted in 1996 to Head of Sales at UBS. Appointed in 2001 stock market Manager and Managing Director of UBS SIM, Rossi holds the position of CEO of the italian SIM OF UBS until June 2007″ THE EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD IS CONTROLLED BY BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD AND BY HIS WIFE ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD. …………………. ” The fight for a Glass-Steagall type banking sepearation in Switzerland is now reaching the boiling point, with the Swiss Banking Association being forced to come out in the open and attack proposed legislation in Switzerland for Bank Separation, while a grouping of political forces are now consolidating their fight to force the legislation. …………………………. UBS chief Sergio Ermotti, on the contrary, chose to declare war in an interview with the economic magazine L’Agefi. While the apparent subject of the interview was the UBS gains from its investments in Vodafone, his remarks came down to an attack on the bank separation initiative, and, in particular, on SPP leader Christoph Blocher. In view of those financial gains, Ermotti said, it is understandable why people who want to strengthen the Swiss financial center and its banks, keep pushing bank separation. “It is also fundamentally difficult to carry out a professional discussion on the issue,” he protested….. ” ( More Evidence of How the British Looted Detroit to Death ) ( Detroit: Pensions or Derivatives? Glass-Steagall Would Have Made the Choice ) ( UBS, Scared by Glass-Steagall, Announces Fake Pre-Emptive ‘Separation’ ) THE QUESTION OF DETROIT IS RELATED ALSO WITH CYPRUS, THE BAIL-IN AND WITH THE NEWSPAPER “THE ECONOMIST”. “The Detroit default against pensions and retiree health benefits—the voices of Wall Street and international finance make clear—is intended to launch an assault on government retirement benefits, as the “Cyprus template” started the seizure of depositors’ money to capitalize insolvent banks in Europe. Note the following pattern: * The cover story of the July 27-Aug. 2 issue of the City of London banking publication, The Economist, forecast a “domino effect” starting with Detroit, moving to Chicago, and then across the United States, devastating municipal pensions. ………. Wall Street’s destructive financial derivatives game should be killed instead, by re-enacting the Glass-Steagall Act.” ( PROLONGED DROUGHT IN CYPRUS ) ” Putin, plus everyone else, acknowledge that if the current EU attack succeeds in knocking out Cyprus, it will be beneficial for the biggest money-laundering centre in the world – London. The London newspapers that have campaigned hardest in their columns against Russia in Cyprus – the Financial Times and The Economist, both owned by Pearson – have been keeping their own interests hidden. Both have been highlighted in Private Eye, the London investigative magazine, as moving their profit and loss accounts and evading taxes through schemes licensed by the UK’s tax authority and based in Luxembourg. The media attack on Russian deposits in Cyprus is coming from fronts like Pearson Luxembourg Finance no.2 Ltd., Embankment Finance Ltd (Luxembourg), and Luxembourg Holdings SeNC. ” ” JACOB [ROTHSCHILD] decided to rename the Rothschild Investment Trust to RIT Ltd., but put management of its assets into the newly created J. Rothschild & Co. (stake in THE ECONOMIST newspaper, among other things)” EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD has been chairman of the newspaper THE ECONOMIST (1972–1989) ” LYNN FORESTER DE ROTHSCHILD: Wife of Sir EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD and runs E.L. Rothschild, LLC with him. Director of THE ECONOMIST since 2002 ” BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD STATES:” I read the [International] Herald Tribune, the Financial Times and The Economist. I don’t like the French papers ” “the London Economist snarled in its Oct. 26 edition that Puerto Rico’s federal minimum wage law “creates a strong disincentive to hire.” And, it complained, its “inflated benefit payments, for disability for instance, discourage work.” 4) GLASS-STEAGALL MOTION INTRODUCED IN ITALY’S VENETO REGION ( Glass-Steagall Campaign in Italy ) ” “The Glass-Steagall Act, was repealed in 1999 by Clinton, whereas in Italy the 1936 Banking Act was superseded by the Single Act of 1993, which opened the doors to ‘universal banking,’ combining traditional activities with financial ones, including speculation.” THE 1936 BANKING ACT WAS ABOLISHED DURING THE GOVERNMENT OF GIULIANO AMATO AN AGENT OF DEUTSCHE BANK, A MASON AND A SERVANT OF THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY AND OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” on the night between 9 and 10 July 1992, the government led by giuliano amato withdrew from the banking accounts the 6 per thousand on the amounts deposited ” STRANGELY THE SAME SCHEMA OF giuliano amato IS PROMOTED IN VARIOUS STATES OF THE WORLD. giorgio napolitano, THE PRESIDENT OF ITALY, IS A MASON AND A PUPPET OF THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND. ” The Queen is spending a second day in hospital where she is being assessed for symptoms of gastroenteritis……. All official engagements for this week, including the Queen’s trip to Rome, will be either cancelled or postponed……………………… The Queen had been due to spend two days in Rome with the Duke of Edinburgh next weekend, at the invitation of Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano.” PERHAPS ITALY BELONGS TO THE COMMONWEALTH ? PERHAPS ITALY HAS ITS OWN QUEEN ? “The Prince Charles heir to the Crown of England and his wife Camilla arrived Sunday in Italy for a two days visit…….the royal couple was received Sunday evening in Rome by the italian president Giorgio Napolitano ” 5) NATO THAT IS CONTROLLED BY THE ATLANTIC COUNCIL HAS STRONG RELATIONS WITH GOLDMAN SACHS AND THE ROTHSCHILDS. The former prime minister of Italy mario ” Monti is a leading member of the exclusive Bilderberg Group. He has also been an international advisor to Goldman Sachs[53] and The Coca-Cola Company.He has also been a member of the “Senior European Advisory Council” of Moody’s and he is one of the members of the “Business and Economics Advisors Group” of the Atlantic Council. A) ARE NATO AND MAFIA A PART OF THE BIG FAMILY OF THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND ? “The Annex to the Memorandum of understanding of February 2, 2005 Italy-United States, concerning the installations granted in use to the u.s. military commands, in the chapter XI reports that in the case of purchases of goods or services in Italy, the u.s. military commands examine the possibility of adopting procedures similar to those adopted by the Italian armed forces, including that provided by the anti-mafia legislation. The anomalous formulation unfortunately does not oblige the Defense Department to conform to national legislation against criminal infiltration in contracts and subcontracts. The process of militarization and the proliferation of U.S. and NATO bases in Sicily have contributed to strengthening the political and economic power of criminal organizations, considered since the allied landings of 1943 as a credible partner of Washington for the social control of the island. The construction of the nuclear missile base at Comiso or the programmes “Mega” in Sigonella to consolidate strategic role of NATO in the Mediterranean have assured millionaire business to companies close to Cosa Nostra. Similar processes are developed at Niscemi with the establishment of the station of radio-telecommunications of U.S. Navy between the late 80 ‘s and early 90 ‘s and, with more evidence, in the course of the excavation works and construction of platforms of the MUOS…….” BUT THE U.S. DEFENSE DEPARTMENT IS WELL CONTROLLED BY THE ROTHSCHILDS. Dick ” Cheney was selected to be the Secretary of Defense during the presidency of George H. W. Bush, holding the position for the majority of Bush’s term from 1989 to 1993. During his time in the Department of Defense, Cheney oversaw the 1991 Operation Desert Storm, among other actions. ” DICK CHENEY IS AN AGENT OF THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” In May 1992 , Giovanni Falcone was killed by the Mafia. He was investigating about flows of dirty money , and the track was leading to results that could connect the mafia to important international financial circuits. . Falcone had also found that some prestigious personalities of Palermo were affiliated with some Masonic lodges of Scottish Rite, which also belonged several mafiosi , such as Giovanni Lo Cascio. The track of the Masonic lodges ran parallel to that of the financial circuits, and would have led to certain results , if Falcone had not been killed .” ” Mafia and P2 are joined since the beginning, since the case Sindona ” . ” ” Rather P-1, P-2 and Freemason lodges worldwide – which house the real mafia – are chartered by the delicate tea-sipping white glove hands of the Duke of Kent in London – who answers directly to his cousin Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush family relative who presides over the British House of Windsor. …….. Dope Inc.: The Book that Drove Kissinger Crazy. The Editors of Executive Intelligence Review. Washington, DC. 1992. p.367. ” B) OBAMA, MERKEL, EUROPEAN UNION AND NATO ARE PUSHING FOR NEW WORLD ORDER. MONSANTO IS PUSHING SECRETELY FOR AN ECONOMIC UNION BETWEEN UNITED STATES AND THE EUROPEAN UNION ( Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP) BUT ALSO FOR Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) AND Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). ” Negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are grabbing headlines around the world. Meanwhile, Asia’s own mega-regional trade deal — the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) — is quietly being negotiated. But it deserves more press: the RCEP could create the world’s largest trading bloc and have significant implications for the world economy. So what would the RCEP cover and who will it benefit? ” ” The TPP is a proposed free trade agreement under negotiation by (as of August 2013) Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan,[9] Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam. ” ” Both the TTP and the TTIP remove control of the participating country’s economy, placing it in the governing international trade body, similar to how the Brussels-based European Union usurped sovereignty of the captive European nations. Both treaties are treated as secret, but it is known that provisions of the governing body will override individual nations’ laws on critical matters such as health care, trade flows, and government run or assisted industries. ” ” In addition to being a trade deal, the TTIP, places heavy regulations on climate and food industries, proving this agreement has more to it than meets the eye. The language that was written for the TTIP could open doors for companies like Monsanto, allowing them to push their genetically engineered food production overseas as well as in the United States.” MONSANTO IS LINKED WITH BILL GATES BUT ALSO WITH GEORGE SOROS CONNECTED WITH CARLYLE/BLACKSTONE AND WITH THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” GEORGE SOROS IS A MAJOR SHAREHOLDER IN MONSANTO.” GEORGE SOROS AND THE ROTHSCHILDS ARE ALSO HIDDEN BEHIND THE RIOTS IN UKRAINE. IT WILL BE VERY NICE IF THERE WILL BE SOME RIOTS IN THE COUNTRIES OF SOUTHERN EUROPE THAT WILL SIGN THE END OF THE EURO AND OF CORRUPT AND BANKS CONTROLLED EUROPEAN UNION. THESE DANGEROUS ECONOMIC UNIONS ( TTIP TPP RCEP ) HAVE ECONOMIC NATURE BUT, VERY PROBABLY, IN THE FUTURE WILL BECOME ALSO MONETARY UNIONS AND AT THE END WE WILL HAVE A GLOBAL CURRENCY. ALSO THE EUROPEAN UNION STARTED LIKE ECONOMIC UNION BUT THEN BECAME A TOTALITARIAN MONETARY UNION. BUT OBAMA, MERKEL, EU AND NATO ARE LINKED WITH THE BARONS THAT CONTROL GOLDMAN SACHS AND DEUTSCHE BANK AND THUS ARE THESE BARONS THAT PUSH FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER. 6) FAKE ENVIRONMENTAL BARONS ASK THE BLOOD OF THE ITALIAN PEOPLE. THE ITALIAN PARLIAMENT IS APPROVING THE DECREE THAT FINANCES THE EMPLOYMENT OF THE ITALIAN ARMED FORCES IN INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS OF WAR. WHY SOME ITALIAN CITIZENS SHOULD PUT AT RISK THEIR LIFES ? ” Prince Charles Inspects His Mother’s Poppy Fields in Helmand ” THE BUTCHERS OF THE ITALIAN PARLIAMENT THAT WILL APPROVE THIS DECREE WILL BE CONSIDERED SCULLIONS OF THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND AND OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. ( Poverty Has Doubled in Five Years in Italy ) 7) ITALY IS KILLING ITS DISABLED PEOPLE IN ORDER TO POUR, IN SEVERAL INSTALLMENTS, OVER 125 BILLIONS TO A BIG FUND (EUROPEAN STABILITY MECHANISM) ESTABLISHED BY THE CORRUPT AND CRIMINAL EUROPEAN UNION TO SAVE SOME BANKRUPT BANKS. ( “ITALY ABANDONS THE WEAKEST” ) ITALY AND THE EUROPEAN UNION ARE WELL CONTROLLED BY GOLDMAN SACHS. 8) THE HUNS BARONS OF LONDON AND GENEVA PLUNDER ITALY THROUGH THEIR AGENT enrico letta. enrico letta IS AN AGENT OF GOLDMAN SACHS AND WAS APPOINTED AS PRIME MINISTER OF ITALY BY THE NAZI PRESIDENT OF ITALY napolitano, A TRAITOR WITH FAKE ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP. NAPOLITANO [when was] YOUNG FASCIST : ” The operation Barbarossa civilizes the Slavic people” considering that our certain Ally [is] launched to the conquest of Russia “there is an overriding need” of an Italian expeditionary force to assist the titanic German war effort ” in order that ” prevail the values of civilty and of the people of the West over the barbarism on the eastern territories.” (Giorgio Napolitano – “BO’ “, July 1941, University newspaper of GUF of Padova) enrico letta IS A NOTORIOUS FOLLOWER AND ADMIRER OF mario monti. ARE mario monti AND enrico letta THE ADOPTED SONS OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD ?…………………………. letta IS SUPPORTED BY THE “DEMOCRATIC” PARTY WELL CONTROLLED BY JACOB ROTHSCHILD, BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD, ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. THE ITALIAN PRESS STATES THAT silvio berlusconi WILL NOT SUPPORT ANYMORE THE letta GOVERNMENT. berlusconi AND HIS PARTY HAVE ALREADY DEMONSTRATED TO BE COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE FOR VARIOUS REASONS. berlusconi AND HIS PARTY ARE ALSO LINKED WITH GOLDMAN SACHS THROUGH THE PERSON OF TONY BLAIR, THE FRIEND OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. ” Tony Blair left his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi hobbling after a “friendly” football game, it has been reported. The pair played a five-a-side game at the Italian’s Sardinian home during Mr Blair’s visit earlier this month.” ” The anti-communist Berlusconi that leads the Forza Italia party (PDL) was and is a unpresentable politician. Already funded by shadowy Swiss capital , formerly affiliated with the secret P2 Masonic Lodge ( cardholder 1816 ) ……………….. Among other things , the knight [Berlusconi] in 1983 was under investigation for drug trafficking .The survey, then closed , was originated from the following statement of the Guardia di Finanza dated 30 May 1983: “It ‘ was reported that the well-known Silvio Berlusconi, owner of the private broadcaster Channel 5, would finance an intensive drug trafficking from Sicily, both in France and in other italians regions ( Lombardy and Lazio).” THE MAFIOSO berlusconi IS PRETENDING TO BE ONLY A SHEEP, THAT SOON WILL TRANSFORM TO A WOLF – HIS REAL NATURE ! enrico letta, THE PRIME MINISTER OF ITALY IS PROCEEDING TO THE SELLING OUT OF ENI, STM, ENAV, SACE, FINCANTIERI, CDP RETI, TAG, GRANDI STAZIONI, RAI, INAIL, HISTORIC CASTLES AND THE WATER OF THE CITY OF NAPLES. REVOLT OF THE TRAM DRIVERS IN GENOA AGAINST THE PRIVATISATION OF THE LOCAL PUBLIC TRANSPORT. THERE ARE DOCUMENTS PROVING THAT BEHIND THESE PRIVATISATIONS ARE HIDDEN MONETARY INTERESTS OF DEUTSCHE BANK. ” Professor Joseph Stiglitz, former Chief Economist of the World Bank, and former Chairman of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, goes public over the World Bank’s, “Four Step Strategy,” which is designed to enslave nations to the bankers. I summarize this below, Step One: Privatization. This is actually where national leaders are offered 10% commissions to their secret Swiss bank accounts in exchange for them trimming a few billion dollars off the sale price of national assets. Bribery and corruption, pure and simple. ” letta AND company ARE PREPARING TO TAKE THE HUGE TANGENT OF 10% BY DEUTSCHE BANK ? 9) ” VIOLENT REVOLTS IN BRITTANY, A TASTE OF GREECE IN FRANCE October 31, 2013 • 10:56AM The French region of Brittany, once the model of the post-war industrial reconstruction and modernization policies, has in recent weeks and days entered into profound crisis. Last weekend a demonstration of some 1,000 farmers and entrepreneurs became a violent confrontation with the police. One of the demonstrators lost his hand when a grenade he was launching exploded, another one was gravely wounded. Apparently, what led to a mass revolt in the region is an ecology tax on heavy transporters adopted by Sarkozy, but which the Socialists with their Greenie allies are now imposing throughout France. Brittany is a very extended region with a highly developed and integrated agro-food sector, which would be taxed much more than other regions……….” ” But behind this ecological tax there is another issue, which has never been submitted to public debate: this is the first time that the collection of the tax is entrusted to private companies. A consortium led by Benetton, Goldman Sachs, Thales and SFR receives 20% of the tax revenues to ensure its collection. Something similar has never seen before!…………. “The eco-tax is without doubt expensive,” admits Marie-Hélène Des Esgaulx. For a total of 1.2 billion euros collected, approximately EUR 280 million are devoted to the remuneration of the private company that ensures the collection. 23% [1]! It is the most expensive fee ever implemented!…….. IN CONCRETE THE BENETTON FAMILY IS A COVER OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. ALESSANDRO BENETTON WORKED FOR GOLDMAN SACHS INTERNATIONAL. ” In February 2003, with the war in Iraq imminent , made impression the news appeared on [the newspaper] “La Repubblica”, according to which the Italian ship “Strada Gigante”, owned by a transport company controlled by the family Benetton, was carrying war equipment on behalf of the British army (“La Repubblica”, February 27, 2003). (The Empire of Benetton 10) THE BARBARIC BARONS OF BRITAIN GOLDMAN SACHS CONTROLS ALSO BRITAIN BECAUSE THE GOVERNOR OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND IS A MAN OF GOLDMAN SACHS. ( Bank of England Head Carney Hangs Out His Shingle: Financial Cancer Welcome Here ) ( Rebuilding the Brutish Empire Step by Step ) carney, osborne and cameron WHILE ARE MAKING PLANS FOR THE BANKS, IN THE SAME TIME ARE ABANDONING THE MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE OF THE SOCIETY IN THE MISERY !!! “UNITED KINGDOM GOVERNMENT DENOUNCED FOR CRIMES AGAINST DISABLED PEOPLE TO INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT IN THE HAGUE” “EXCLUSIVE: RED CROSS LAUNCHES EMERGENCY FOOD AID PLAN FOR UK’S HUNGRY” “10,600 SICK & DISABLED PEOPLE DIED LAST YEAR WITHIN SIX WEEKS OF THEIR CLAIM ENDING ” ” BEDROOM TAX BLAMED FOR GRAN’S DEATH ” ” BRITISH CHILDREN ILL-TREATED IN PRIVATE JAILS THE COMPANIES G4S AND SERCO THAT MANAGE DETENTION CENTRES IN BRITAIN ARE INVOLVED IN THIS SCANDAL. SERCO IS WELL CONNECTED WITH THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY, FRONT OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. ” Mr. Alastair David Lyons, CBE., is Non-Executive Independent Chairman of the Board of Serco Group Plc.” ” He was awarded the CBE in the 2001 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to social security. ” THEREFORE THE ATROCITIES OF SERCO ARE LINKED WITH THE PERSONS OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD, BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD, ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD AND EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD. ” Meet Serco, the private firm getting $1.2 billion to process your Obamacare application ” 11) THE BIGGEST TAX DODGERS OF THE WORLD DECLARE WAR TO THE GREEK PEOPLE THE GREEK PEOPLE ARE TO BE FALSELY CHARGED TO BE ALL CORRUPT BY “GREEK” MEDIA WELL CONTROLLED BY SOME HUNS. IN THE SAME TIME THEY ARE SUBJECT TO PROFILING, ILL-TREATMENTS, ROBBERIES AND PERSECUTIONS, LIKE THE JEWS, UNDER THE PRETEST OF THE “DEBT”. THE GREEK POLICY IS COMPLETELY CONTROLLED BY DEUTSCHE BANK THROUGH ITS CORRUPT PUPPETS samaras, venizelos AND THE mitsotakis family THE PRIME MINISTER OF GREECE samaras IS A SCULLION OF THE FASCISTS OF CARLYLE AND BLACKSTONE. ( Obama and Samaras Meet To Discuss Destroying Economy ) A) ” GREEK HEALTH MINISTRY CLOSES DOWN PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS, EOPYY DOCTORS ON STRIKE (NOV 25-DEC 3/2013 Employees at Psychiatric Hospital Dromokaiteio proceeded to symbolic closure of its main entrance on Monday morning. The action aimed to protest the “mobility scheme” ordered by the Troika and executed by Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis, that will leave the main public psychiatric hospitals of the country almost without personnel.Mental health workers describe the dismantling of the psychiatry as “a crime against one of the most vulnerable society groups……” ” The term troika has been widely used in Greece …,[1] Ireland,[2] Portugal [3] and Spain [4] to refer to the presence of the European Union, European Central Bank, and International Monetary Fund in these countries since 2010 and the financial measures that these governments have taken. ” THE TROIKA TAKE ORDERS BY THE INSANE BARONS THAT CONTROL DEUTSCHE BANK. B) GREECE REGISTERS SHARPEST DECLINE IN HEALTH-CARE SPENDING November 24, 2013 • 9:38AM According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Greece registered the sharpest decline in spending on health care among the member countries in 2011. In its Health at a Glance 2013 report, published on Nov. 21 , the OECD reports that per-capita health-care spending fell by 11.1% in Greece. The report also reconfirmed reports that more people in Greece are forgoing medical care due to financial constraints and there were indications that Greece’s infant mortality rate, long in decline, has been rising since the crisis started. As could be expected, the country with the second sharpest fall in health spending was fellow Troika victim, Ireland, where health spending fell by 6.6% in the same period. It noted its concern at the negative consequences of some of the policies undertaken. Noting that prevention is often a more cost-effective way of improving health than spending money once a disease takes root, it said that cuts had costly and deadly knock-on effects. One example is the dramatic rise in the number of new HIV cases reported since 2010 in Athens among injecting drug users. Meanwhile “economic murderer” Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis, swinging his heavy and lethal austerity ax has now struck psychiatric hospitals with shutting down several wards at the country’s three major psychiatric hospitals, forcing patients to be moved to smaller, outpatient clinics, which means they will be thrown into the streets. Medical and other staff have been told they will be put on to the government’s so-called mobility scheme, which means half-pay for eight months and then being thrown into the street. Some 10% of the staff at these institutions will be dismissed. This is said to be the result of the “tough negotiations” between the finance minister and the Troika, which always ends with the former caving in. Upon being informed of the decision, the staff at Dafni hospital, one of three institution that are suffering cuts, started a protest on the street outside, while the director of the institution resigned in protest. The destruction of the health system has not stopped the ruling New Democracy and Pasok parties from putting their political cronies into the directorships of the hospitals, whether they are qualified to manage these institutions or not. According to, 70% of the directorships went to New Democracy supporters and 30%to Pasok supporters, a breakdown mirroring the strength of the coalition parties. C) ATHENS: FIRED SCHOOL GUARD ATTACKS MINISTER ” It was certainly not a good idea for the minister responsible for the mass lay-offs in Greek public sector to make an appearance near protesting school guards. Hardly had Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Minister for Administrative Reform got off his car outside the Interior Ministry in downtown Athens, when the group of angry protesters started to chant “Thug! Thug!” Within minutes, a man moved towards the minister, allegedly with raised fists………. Speaking to news website the raging man, Andreas Matsakas, said he had no intention to hit the minister, but only to talk to him. “I am school guard in Aegaleio and they cheat us since four months. They found a category of people and they cheat us. I didn’t attack the minister, I just wanted to talk to him, to give us answers what will happen with us. I have 3 children, he should tell us what will happen with us. But he deigns to talk to us, are we an inferior class of people? Speaking to Matsakas spoke of “social racism”, said that the school guards were orinigally unemployed form the private sector and that they got the job according to “social criteria” “We are unemployed, got the job and now we’re unemployed again. What shall I say to my three children?”…………. ” One former Pasok official, Theodoros Tsoukatos, has admitted that he accepted €400,000 from the local Siemens boss as an election contribution in 1999, when he was a prime ministerial aide responsible for collecting political donations. Amid the furore, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a New Democracy deputy who is the son of a former prime minister, recently paid an overlooked bill for a switchboard that was supplied to his private office by Siemens, after a copy of the invoice was printed in a Greek newspaper.” D) “UPDATES ATHENS: RIOT POLICE RAID ERT BROADCASTER AT 4 AM More than 15 riot police squads raided the building of former public broadcaster ERT at 4 a.m. Thursday morning. The raid took place five months after the overnight shut down of ERT on June 11th 2013. ERT personnel was sacked. Journalists and technicians had been occupying ERT since then and broadcasting live program on 24/7 basis.Riot police squads enter the building form a side entrance and fired tear gas in the yard to disperse a crowd of occupiers’ supporters. ” THE “GREEK” MINISTER OF THE PUBLIC ORDER nikos dendias, THAT GAVE THE ORDER TO THE POLICE FOR THE RAID TO THE ERT, IS A FRIEND OF JACOB ROTHSCHILD. E) ” GREEK FinMin: “NO TAX REDUCTION IN HEATING OIL”, V.A.T. DECREASE IN GATERING … MAYBE “Reduction of tax on heating oil in not feasible at this stage,” Greek finance minister Yiannis Stournaras said on Thursday. “Tax cuts are desirable, but it is currently not possible” the minister added rendering as “major obstacles” to such a move “that revenues are a little worse than the targets.” ” ” Greeks Raid Forests in Search of Wood to Heat Homes ” THE COST OF THE HEATING OIL IN GREECE IS OF 1,35 EURO/LIT. F) ” TAXES AND MORE TAXES SWALLOW GREEK EMPLOYEES’ WAGES …….Of course, everyone in Europe is exposed to these kind of taxes. However Greeks pay almost the highest rate.The benefits and services we receive by the state in return of high taxes are … well… not worth mentioning…We suffer the higher deductions from our salary , we have the third highest VAT in Europe and the largest tax on heating oil , paying special consumption tax for electricity and mobile phones, while a special ‘possession’ tax has been imposed on vehicles and properties.The result is according to what the hero of our example says, one of the hundreds of thousands of representatives of the so-called “middle class” .The monthly salary of 1,500 euros exists only on paper….” ” 350K Greek households without electricity thanks to property tax ” G) COALITION OF LUCIFERIAN BARONS THROUGH THEIR LONG ARM “TROIKA DEMANDS THE SUDDEN DEATH OF GREECE’S DEFENSE INDUSTRIES No, no, no. The Troika is a tough negotiator. The representatives of Greece’s lenders rejected the government proposal about the three defense industries LARKO, EAS and ELVO. IMF’s Thomsen and the other kids demanded that the three industries close immediately without compensation for the fired personnel and to be thoroughly restructured on a total new basis.Greek government had proposed a reconstruction model similar to “public broadcaster ERT” that was shut down overnight, the personnel received compensation and part of this personnel was/is hired again at the new broadcaster………………… The Troikans’ point of view about the present and the future of the country’s defense industries was clear and brief: it was submitted to the Greek Finance Ministry via an e-mail! ” H) A BUILDER 60 YEAR OLD COMMITTED SUICIDE BECAUSE HAS BEEN CUT THE DISABILITY PENSION A former builder 60 year old ended his life when was informed by the [insurance fund] IKA in Siatista that He is no longer entitled to receive a disability pension, which was the only income that had his family. I) REFUSED HOSPITALIZATIONS TO UNINSURED DISABLED A woman, 35 years old, with psychological problems attempted suicide by falling from the roof of a house located in Nea Ionia. 23 days have passed and still she has not had surgery because is uninsured. THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM OF GREECE:IF A PERSON IS UNEMPLOYED AND HAS NOT BEEN CONSIDERED DISABLED WITH PERCENTAGE 67% AND OVER THEN HE HAS NO RIGHT TO FREE HEALTH CARE BY THE GREEK STATE. NO GREEK POLITICIAN WANTED TO ENSURE THE RIGHT TO A FREE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM FOR ALL THE CITIZEN. ” Health Minister admits: health care access for all? Not in Greece…” L) GREECE IS ONE OF THE FEW STATES OF THE WORLD THAT KEEPS THE PRISON FOR STATE DEBTORS AND THE UNIQUE IN EUROPE. ” Debts and Prison Penalties A debtor owing 5,000 euro may go to prison to 12 months 10,000+ euro – at least 6 months 50,000+ euro – at least one year 150,000+ euro – at least three years ” ( Greece: LAGER as prison for state debtors ) IN THE SAME TIME THE GREEK GOVERNMENT GIVES BILLIONS TO ROTHSCHILDS BANKS UPON SIMPLE REQUEST WITHOUT GIVE A REPORT TO THE GREEK CITIZENS ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF THE MONEY GIVEN AND WITHOUT ASK TO THE BANKS WHAT WILL DO WITH THEM. FOR EXAMPLE A GREEK BANK THAT IS RECEIVING VARIOUS BILLIONS IS THE PIRAEUS BANK. IN THE MEDIA SPONSORIZED BY THIS BANK THERE IS ONLY DISINFORMATION. THEY ARE FOOLISHING THE PEOPLE WITH FABLES THAT THE GREEK “CRISIS” IS DUE TO AN EXCESSIVE NUMBER OF CIVIL SERVANTS,TO THE FRAUDSTERS DISABLED ETC. WITHOUT INFORM ABOUT THE BILLIONS THAT ARE GOING TO THE BANKS. THESE MEDIA USE TO PRACTICE THE TERRORISM AGAINST THE GREEK PEOPLE AFFIRMING THAT IF THEY WILL NOT PAY THE HIGH PROPERTY TAXES THEN WILL GO IN PRISON, WILL BE CONFISCATED THEIR SALARIES, THEIR PENSIONS AND THEIR PROPERTIES. GEORGIOS PROVOPOULOS, THE GOVERNOR OF BANK OF GREECE, HAS BEEN ALSO VICE CHAIRMAN OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED PIRAEUS BANK. ACCORDING TO THE ARTICLE 46, SUBPARAGRAPH B OF THE LAW 4172 OF 2013, THE ROTHSCHILD BANK OF GREECE IS EXEMPTED FROM THE PAYMENT OF ANY FEE. PIRAEUS BANK IS RELATED WITH DEUTSCHE BANK. Piraeus Bank purchased Agricultural Bank that was a statal bank WITHOUT ANY OPPOSITION in the Greek parliament. ALSO SPAIN IS UNDER THE ATTACK OF THE FASCISTS OF “THE ECONOMIST” ” In Euro-Wide Repression: Spain Plans Draconian Fines The Spanish government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has drafted a new “Citizen Security Law”, imposing fines of up to 30,000 Euros for protests against the European Union-dictated austerity. Penalized offenses include such “crimes” as “offending or insulting the state;” insulting police officers during demonstrations; or taking and disseminating photographs of policemen that “endanger police operations;” or failing to collaborate with the police in preventing such “crimes;” and unauthorized demonstrations and meetings. The law specifies that the 1,001-30,000 euro fine for the “serious crime” of obstructing the execution of administrative or judicial decisions, applies to obstructing evictions of people from their homes, a measure aimed at making illegal the vigorous and growing anti-eviction movement. Amongst the “lesser crimes” subject to fines of 100 to 1,000 euros (which most Spaniards cannot afford), are such things as “insulting or slandering public institutions, authorities, agents and employees, through any medium, as well as showing them disrespect,” and holding protests, demonstrations or meetings without permission. The Spanish population has been demonstrating against cutbacks in healthcare, education, wages, and employment since the financial crisis began in 2008. The draft legislation’s approval by the parliament is considered certain, since the ruling party has an absolute majority in both chambers. The proposed Spanish legislation echoes a law drafted by the Greek government, by which Greeks could be jailed for up to six months for criticizing European Union or United Nations policies such as sanctions or wars. The ” acronym PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain)…….. was termed by the liberal magazine The Economist. ” LikeLike
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