Welcome to Antfarm World — sociopathic modality at the airports

(Image from website, National Opt-Out Day.)

This is not acceptable, THIS IS NOT NORMAL.  Sociopaths have no need of privacy, like little children playing with their privates in front the guests.  (For new visitors, this trait (primitive, undeveloped sexuality with privacy unnecessary) is simply an aspect of the devastating arrested development of sociopaths, the primary sociopathic throughline.)

I hate to think what’s ahead when some enterprising bomber shoves explosives up his *ss.

China and Israel do not do this, deeming it ineffective and against norms.  A serious terrorist would use the cargo hold I suppose, but let’s not mention that.  Or walk across the open borders.

In fact, these machines don’t detect the kind of powdered explosives used in January’s attempted underwear bomber attack!”  http://wewontfly.com/opt-out-day/

So if it’s not effective, what is the point? Constitutionally recognized natural rights?  Dignity for the ants in the antfarm?  I don’t think so.

The TSA does offer an alternative, a patdown palm face up with genital contact:

Flight Attendant Tells Her TSA Sexual Assault Story;
Traveler to TSA Agent: “If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.”;  
Welcome to America — TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint
New “(Enhanced Pat Downs) require screeners to touch passenger’s genitals”.

There seems to be a common reaction across the political divide:

Americans line up to join ‘no-fly’ list — Tolerance maxed out for TSA security’s voyeurism, molestation, radiation blasts

TSA Agent Sean Shanahan

Child rape charge rocks TSA.

Apparently the TSA also has a problem with sociopathic bullying in the workplace.  Small penis jokes lead to TSA worker beatdown, Rolando Negrin, TSA Worker Arrested, Assaulted Colleague Over Genital Joke.   I can almost hear that sociopathic “cackling jackass laugh.” Actually I have heard that laugh from non-sociopaths, usually the sons of sociopaths.

There is no doubt that actual sociopaths would be attracted to working for the TSA.  The TSA should brain scan all employees, from the most senior to the most junior, for sociopathic brain structures.

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to Antfarm World — sociopathic modality at the airports

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  2. Hi, Chickadee –

    This might be an example, albeit possibly dramatically enhanced: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ2nxUXUmGI). PW, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Note how the cackling jackass laugh (nice assonance, PW) works like background music to set the depraved mood.

    These guys are deejays for a rather louche radio station in my area (http://www.1077thebone.com/), and, as evinced by the YouTube crank call recording, the tone of their “humor” tends toward the arrested development and violation of personal boundaries characteristic of the sociopathic mentality. As a further example from these two, another crank call made to an unsuspecting older woman – and set up by her husband, no less, in accordance with the format of the show – focused on what I will refer to only as some of her intimate qualities, to her horror and outrage.

    I’m not saying L&T are sociopaths; I am saying, however, that their radio show displays many of the motifs of the sociopathic mindset. (The unsurprisingly popular television show Two and a Half Men is another show that does this, although two of the central characters contributing to the theme appear more narcissistic than sociopathic — but look at the blatancy, bathroom humor and glorified exploitation.)


    • Thanks DS, I’ll check them out. I think quite a few shock jocks are sociopathic.

      Update: absolutely! Great find, thanks. Shock jocks are a great resource for sociopathic thinking and wishful behavior.

      The laugh, of course, doesn’t prove anything by itself but I’m urging that it be considered a flag of possible sociopathy.

      Unfortunately sociopathic modality can be very attractive to insecure young people. Demeaning others may puff oneself up. Sociopathic explanations, with its inherent two dimensionality, can make complexity seem simple.


  3. I wish I could hear it! Has it ever shown up in, say, any films or TV shows? Or would it not be the sort of thing that would get replicated there?


    • You have to hear it, I guess — and know that the individual is a sociopath. Well that was true in my case, it actually is one of those traits I was aware of, even before I was aware of sociopathy actually being present in my world. I recall noting it (other such traits were an arrogance with no discernible cause and certain faulty reasoning patterns) but simply writing it off as a unattractive oddity. If I could advise my earlier self it would be to pay more attention to such traits. For others, hopefully noting it could be a pathway to recognizing sociopaths.


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