PW’s 1st subterranean societal problem of vast proportion involving sociopaths — sociopaths as a pillar of the anti-abortion movement

I was going to name this Justifiable homicide — you sure this is a game you wanna play, Phil?, but the South Dakota bill was withdrawn (South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers, Murder of Abortion Docs as Justifiable Homicide).  I guess my rep preceded me, it seems he was intimidated by my street cred.  Now I don’t know if Rep. Phil Jensen is a sociopath/decepticon or not, but I have no doubt the bill has deep sociopathic support.  And I have a test.

Let’s talk justifiable homicide.  Or, let’s talk leaving that up to juries, juries sociopath-free due to brain scans.  So if someone kills a harassing sociopathic ex, stalker, bully or puppet master manipulator and can convince a jury of the reasonableness of that action, that person goes free.  It’s not a license to kill, like the S.D. bill, but some would no doubt chose to throw themselves on the mercy of a jury.

Or let’s talk mandated harsher sentences for sociopaths, say, death sentences for sociopathic murderers, rapists and child molesters, and longer sentences for all felonies carried out by sociopaths.

Hey Phil, how do you like them apples? My advice in any altercation with a sociopath, allow no free hits.  Anyway, the test is, would  my suggestions if widely known force them to back off?

There’s a very deep bond between sociopaths that I have witnessed but that I don’t understand.  I have come to believe that many anti-abortionists are in fact sociopathic and are terrified at the thought of going the way of Down Syndrome babies.  They certainly don’t need science to tell them they are the way nature intended, they know that already.

Erlyndon Lo

7 thoughts on “PW’s 1st subterranean societal problem of vast proportion involving sociopaths — sociopaths as a pillar of the anti-abortion movement

  1. And this is not at all because of a personal political viewpoint is it?

    Why did you sneak a political poster onto a site about psycopaths?

    Do you have anything to say about ‘sociopaths’ who think its ok to suck a babies brains out? Or people killing their own offspring in general, some could argue that shows a lack of empathy, callousness etc. If a sociopath with a short temper shakes a baby to death without wanting to kill it, that’s proof we’re bad parents. What’s not monstrous about killing your own kid on purpose? It’s like someone said over at Sickipedia, “Why is it that a woman can get rid of her own child, for any reason she wants, and she gets all the sympathy she wants from her friends, just because it wasn’t convenient. But if a man so much as tells a dead baby joke, hes just a sick and insensitive fuck?” If those people had any remorse they’d go and hang themselves, which some of them do later, through guilt.

    Will you be posting a pro-life poster on that blog post? Which won’t ever come. Or are sociopaths only to be found ‘co operating’ on one side of a political issue? What a joke.

    Furthermore, the entire post is a complete non-sequitor. What does the bit about self defence against sociopaths have to do with the S.D. bill? (And no, of course I don’t think it should be OK to discriminate against sociopaths in particular. But of course people naturally do have interests not be be the targets of hate campaigns, of course I can’t blame anyone harassed for defending themselves.)

    And of course we (I am diagnosed Dissocial) do not want to ‘go the way of Downs Syndrome babies’. Would you like to see people with empathy go extinct? Most vertebrates lack empathy, we’d do just fine without you.

    If someone is killed because they haven’t done anything wrong yet, doesn’t that violate the idea of crime and punishment itself?

    “He who fights monsters should take care that he does not become a monster.” – Nietzsche


    • My argument is that positions on abortion are not simply political, that psychopaths, with self-knowledge and a group identity, provide much of the structure of the anti-abortion movement. The sexual neurotics and those obsessed with the idea of animalistic sin could never manage the movement on their own.


      • And my argument is that what you have said of the pro-life movement, could just as easily be said of the pro-choice movement, or indeed any other political movement. Although I don’t feel that psychopaths ‘provide much of the structure’ of any political movement. Psychopaths are drawn towards politics as individuals, out of opportunism, or (at least initially) for more personal reasons.


  2. The idea that I, myself, am a psychopath is very recent (we’re talking weeks). About 20 years ago, a psychologist introduced me to the term “loose”. I’m “loose” in the sense that I will consider any behavior (not that I would do any behavior but I would at least consider it). Since then, I always had my eye out for others that were similarly loose. Interestingly, I have found people who come across as anything but loose who are also the worst possible psychopaths.

    Also on the subject, just a few hours ago I joined the LoveFraud blog site. I just wanted to talk about being a psychopath. It took me all of about 2 hours to be verbally attacked and then banned from the site. It’s like they don’t even want to recognize psychopaths are human. They want to talk about being victims. They want to talk ABOUT psychopaths but they do not want to talk TO a psychopath. They don’t seem to understand that I’m as confused as they are.


  3. “There’s a very deep bond between sociopaths that I have witnessed but that I don’t understand”. Yep, definitely true. My psycho father was my defensive blocker all through childhood. He never verbalized what he was doing but I knew he was constantly covering for my behavior and making it happen behind the scenes. You would not believe the stuff I did as a kid that no one even acknowledged that I did. It did have the subconscious feel that my dad and I were both non-human species just trying to survive in a world of competitive humans.


    • Thank you for your comments. There needs to be a live and let live accord between non-psychopaths and psychopaths. Oftentimes when individuals have a terrible experience with a psychopathic conartist they react in amazement and rage, asking that psychopaths be quarantined or something. You and I know that is not possible, psychopathy is not rare.

      I was wondering, do you know any terms that psychopaths refer to themselves by or terms they refer to nonpsychopaths by?


      • Let me share with you a little insight that I just recently thought about. Sandy (my wife), Mike (my friend) and I went out to dinner at a Sambo’s with Herbert J Coddington in 1981. After meeting Coddington for the first time, Sandy told both Mike and I, “I don’t want to ever meet this guy again and don’t you ever bring him over to our house!” Mike and I never noticed anything all that unusual about Coddington, which I think is pretty much the point. Things that throw red flags for normal people, other psychopaths tend to overlook. It’s not a conspiracy; it’s something we just naturally do because psychopaths think along similar lines. The wonderfully psychopathic underground comix book artist, Robert Crumb, did a piece in a Zap comix book where a whole family has incest with one another. I thought it was great but the people I showed it to were uniformly abhorred.

        Coddington is currently on California death row for raping two adolescent girls and sadistically strangling their two elderly chaperones in 1987. His teeth imprints also match a bite mark on an 8 year old girl whom was raped and strangled in the Nevada desert back in 1981. Nevada never tried him for it.


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