Ah, those spectacular female psychopaths — Stacey Castor, the Black Widow Murderer

One thing I’ve noticed about female psychopaths is their complete and total lack of self doubt, they never seem to imagine the possibility of losing, of being seen through.  It’s uncanny — an utter and complete belief in their alternate reality.  One doesn’t usually think of psychopaths as being insane, but female psychopaths of this caliber and pseudologues certainly qualify.

Stacey Castor — nonhuman human, to stop the collapse of her defense against having killed her husband with antifreeze, she poisoned her daughter, framing her with a fake suicide note confessing to the father’s murder.

Black Widow Murderer , Stacey Castor

She was charged with intentionally poisoning her husband David Castor with antifreeze in 2005 and attempting to poison her daughter Ashley Wallace with a toxic cocktail made of crushed pills , vodka , orange juice and sprite. In addition she is suspected of murdering her first husband Michael Wallace


8 thoughts on “Ah, those spectacular female psychopaths — Stacey Castor, the Black Widow Murderer

  1. Have yet to find where any child has used poison to kill there parents. Usually guns or knives. If anything if the daughter was jealous of the attention little sis got she would have went after little sis much easier prey and would eliminate the competition.


    • That’s right. Plus, a child who is seeking the attention of a parent is not going to kill that parent – you can’t get attention from a dead person. As a possible scenario, it’s illogical on every level.

      Just think if she had gotten away with pinning the murder on her daughter – I can just picture the phony sad expressions and hear the tone of voice and words of “dismissal” that seem designed to keep past horrors from intruding on present joys and comforts. It’s like a mention-it-once to show how upset I am about it, then get over it, get past it, and get on with good times.

      That’s the sort of attitude I see all the time out of psychopaths/sociopaths, and it irks me to my core.



  2. psychopaths cannot empathise with others. They only think about themselves and their own perceived suffering(s). I know of a case where a 34 year old woman murdered a female doctor, stabbing her over 126 times (turned the body over at least 2ce to do that, then beat her brains out with a metal bar. Due to a lack of evidence she was found not gulilty. She is 72 years old now and told me, ” after 38 years, who really cares who killed this lady.” The case was blown by the police department who failed to take fingerprints, thinking the case would be a “slam dunk”. Well, it wasnt and this woman walked away free. By the was, the house was also lit on fire to destroy the body and evidence but fire fighters were able to put the blaze out. The case has always haunted me. I knew the victim and her fiance…..


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a terrifyingly dead, inhuman face as the top picture here. Ordinarily I’d just chalk it up to a bad picture, but all her pictures are the same. I found one picture of her smiling with her husband, but it’s a lifeless smile, forced. Remember this quote from “Jaws”? It fits.

    “And, you know, the thing about a shark… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes.”


  4. thank god her daughter survived, and to think this woman almost got away with it. it’s awful enough what she did to her husbands, but the fact that she tried to pin it on her daughter to save her own skin is just about the most abhorrent thing i’ve ever heard in my life. hope she rots


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