Search: “pseudologia fantastica do they know they are lying?”

This is a question I’ve pondered considerably.  My provisional answer is yes they do.  However I think they think everyone else is lying also.  For them this includes surgeons, pilots, tattoo artists and other highly trained specialists.  But this would mean that there is no hard reality to them, reality isn’t really real — it’s plastic and responsive to emotional wish.  From the research (A. Raine’s comes to mind) it seems their brains are radically different.

They are one of the few psychopathic subsets that I consider mentally ill and deserving of confinement in mental hospitals — not to cure them, which can’t be done, but to protect society.

2 thoughts on “Search: “pseudologia fantastica do they know they are lying?”

  1. I have an ex-dau.-in-law, Susie, who got away with lying to police and eventually causing my son to take a plea bargain. In the police reports there were numerous discrepancies between what the mother and the daughter said, and between what her set-up witnesses said. The now ex-cop completely failed to investigate – she only reported exactly what Susie said, and now Son is a registered sex offender!


    • Particularly when allegations are extreme, those making them are believed, almost automatically. But it is exactly those who should be evaluated for possible sociopathy or pathological lying. What was Satan’s greatest accomplishment? Convincing us he doesn’t exist. Most people simply do not believe that there are extreme and devious liars living shoulder to shoulder with us.


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