Tea Party candidates — giving sociopaths a bad name

Get this man OFF THE BALLOT!  Rick Perry is mentally unfit for the presidency.

Sociopathic aspects (or sociopathic modality aspects) of the above:

1.  Rick Perry childishly thinks a commercial break equates to being off camera.  This very shallow, not all possibilities entertained, thinking is very typical of sociopaths and children.

2.  This is intended as a physical threat.  He invades Ron Paul’s space, bullying him off the podium.  The grabbing of Paul’s wrist is a type of assault, his intention is that Paul realize this, imo.  Sociopaths are very elemental – might makes right.  Power is everything.  Civility and civilized behavior is only window dressing that can be dropped at a moment.

3.  A sociopath would realize that Paul is in a position that prevents him from complaining.  Paul cannot say “Oh look, he’s bullying me” because he is running for president and complaining would compound his appearing weak.  Perry knows this.  Simply between Perry and Paul this is an affront without consequence, a sociopathic specialty (graduating up to crimes without consequence).  Thank goodness for the small detail of the rolling cameras.

All the Tea Party candidates should be asked to voluntarily submit bran scans to prove they are not sociopaths.  Sarah Palin’s only qualification for the office of the presidency is arrogance.  Michele Bachmann’s facts seem to come straight from planet pseudologia fantastica.

2 thoughts on “Tea Party candidates — giving sociopaths a bad name

  1. What do you make of the fact that people on the net are saying that Pres. Obama is a sociopath?

    I enjoy your blog very much. It has been very helpful and interesting to me.

    • I see him more as a type of narcissist. But he’s definitely short on empathy, considering all the wars and killing carried on by his administration. Many, many politicians are very callous.

      I’m glad you like the blog, thanks. I wish I had time to write more, I have a backlog of material I may never get to.

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