Frequent search: Newt Gingrich sociopath? — fer shure, fer shure

For years I have heard and read that Newt Gingrich was a sociopath and I agreed intellectually.

I have mentioned him in this blog twice:

The sociopath will have a child’s emotional hypersensitivity corresponding to that age. Recall Clinton’s takedown of Newt Gingrich.


Also how can you blackmail someone who doesn’t understand cause and effect or is stuck in a four year old’s thinking patterns (Newt Gingrich says there is a four year old inside of him (paraphrasing) — ‘everyday I wake up and know that there is a cookie waiting for me somewhere, my job is to find it’).

Traits or actions of his consistent with sociopathy (in no particular order):

1)  Arrogance — I recall some of his advise/tips to his fellow Republican congressmen, at the end he would almost always say of course they wouldn’t be as good as it as he was.
2)  Pathological optimism.  This is part of the entire arrested development package.  Evolution has given young people biological optimism to help them confront the difficulties of life.
3)  His reported asking for a divorce at his soon-to-be ex’s cancer hospital bed — when consideration serves no purpose, there is utterly no consideration.  It’s a waste of acting effort.
4)  His support of extreme wealth distribution on the grounds that then more people could get jobs as servants.  Sociopaths, not being self-referential, don’t know they are doing well unless they see others doing badly.  Not only must they win, but everyone else must lose.
5)  His breathtaking hypocrisy of criticizing Clinton and calling for Clinton’s impeachment over Monica Lewinsky while carrying on an affair with a staffer.  Quoting his second wife, Marianne Gingrich:

He believes that what he says in public and how he lives don’t have to be connected

There you have it, a perfectly phrased description of the code of the sociopath, of the high level SAP (socially adept psychopath).  As I’ve written elsewhere criticizing a sociopath for hypocrisy is analogous to criticizing a fish for having fins, it is their primary life tool.

Despite all of this, I had never quite ‘felt sure in my gut’ that he was a sociopath, I had never gotten that ‘click’ of recognition — until watching some of his talks in 2010/2011.

Elsewhere I have discussed the need to ‘recognize’ sociopaths at the ‘soul level’.  My personal aim and wish for my readers is the attainment of that ‘sensing’ or ‘seeing’ sociopaths capability,

I understand that many people are uneasy over (or dismissive of ) this stated need.  I’m sorry, I don’t design reality, I merely try to understand it and then try to communicate my understanding.  If one is dealing with a ‘soul defect’, which sociopathy is, then naturally the soul plays a role in recognizing the condition.

I would describe the psychological soul as that part of the psyche that houses the deepest needs, wants and instincts; that dreams and never lies.  It is the part that comes to the fore while the conscious mind sleeps.

Over at the Lovefraud blog the devastated hearts (and I am not being sarcastic, they are truly devastated) are forever drawing up routines and tests of the mind to protect themselves from future romantic entanglements with sociopaths.  Unfortunately these tests can never work.  Advanced sociopaths will simply laugh at their puny defenses and real possibilities of love will have the door slammed in their faces.  It’s ‘soul level’ antenna that they need to work on.

Back to Newt Gingrich, my soul level recognition (which is really just opinion of course) took place while watching him discuss outlawing Sharia law in the U.S. in 2010 or 2011.  Now I realize it is not good advertising for myself that this took place some fifteen years after his arrival on the national stage.  However I could never stand to watch or listen to him for long, his smug arrogance simply puts me off.  However this reaction to sociopathic type arrogance is a flag of possible sociopathy itself.  I’m sure I could have reached this state earlier if I had forced myself to directly witness his words and behavior earlier.

A fear of imposition of Shariah Law in the United States is absolutely looney tunes.  Sociopathic groupthink will often veer off into such bizarre avenues, due to their arrested development childlike thinking.  Like children, nothing (and everything) makes sense to them.

I once watched a father and son sitting on a bench with a lifelike bronze statue of a man posed at the end.  The man was trying to get his son to sit inbetween himself and the statue.  But the boy was having none of it.  Wide eyed, he had no idea what to make of the statue.  Another example is the circus clown.  ‘Is that a person in a clown suit, OR . . . A CLOWN MONSTER!!!!!  AAAAAHH!!’  (If I have used this example more than once, which I don’t recall doing, my status as an ‘oldish’ person licenses me to repeat myself.)

This preoccupation with the threat of imposition of Shariah Law in the U.S. is such a childlike confusion.  I suggest paying attention to any groupthink beliefs that are so bizarre that they only make sense ‘if the believers had been locked in the echo chamber of a clown car on the planet Xatar’ — they are a flag of possible sociopathy.

The truth doesn’t matter at all to sociopathic demagogues, no more than it matters to sociopathic prosecutors.  The issue is simply what can they sell as the truth.  In times of social stress and disorientation, such as today, such demagogues are extremely dangerous.  Newt Gingrich should not be allowed to run for any public office.

Perhaps he could disprove these assertions by having a brain and DNA scan, and then submitting the results publicly.  I wish he would.

14 thoughts on “Frequent search: Newt Gingrich sociopath? — fer shure, fer shure

  1. Remember several years ago, when Gingrich suggested that poor, or welfare children, be taken away from their parents, and raised in state orphanages? He has also criticized unmarried teen mothers, even though his mother got pregnant with him, as a teen, and before she married his father. He started off as a poor professor, and has managed to sell his load of crap, and make millions from that, and also from his wheeling-dealing in Washington. He was teaching a class in “family values,” at Kennesaw State University, after he had ran out on his first wife, after she found out she had cancer. He has been quoted as saying that he always knew he was meant for something great.


  2. With sociopaths in charge, we could very well see the Milgram experiment reenacted on a national scale. In the experiment, you may recall, researchers asked members of the public to torture subjects (who, unbeknownst to the people being recruited, were paid actors) with electric shocks, all the way up to what they believed were lethal doses. Most of them did as asked, after being assured that it was “alright” and “necessary” by men in authority. The men in authority today are mostly sociopaths.


      • Yes, they speak truth. The Milgram experiment was either repeated at Stanford University by Philip Zimbardo, or they are one and the same. Zimbardo’s are sometimes referred to as the Stanford Prison Experiments. They prove that (ignoble) human nature is to assign an inordinately high number of negative characteristics to targets (victims) as a mental tool to shift blame to the target. This enables people to rationalize why they do not enact the difficult work of swooping in to protect and help the target. Instead, they de facto walk in lock step with the perpetrators.


  3. Why am I so certain of that? It’s not because these people have low IQs and can’t understand the arguments. It’s because most of the people at high levels of government are sociopaths. They’re susceptible to reasoned argument against a police state to about the same degree that a cat can be convinced he shouldn’t torment a mouse before killing it. People like Obama, Hillary or Cheney – which is to say most people with real power in Washington and every other government – do what they do because it’s their nature. They’re as cold, unemotional and predatory as reptiles, even though they look like people.


  4. Re: Gingrich: In debates, he’s used another textbook marker – the pity ploy, which is designed by socio/psychopaths to pull on normals’ empathy strings, in order to manipulate us.

    Specifically, he shed some crocodile tears as he reminisced about his dear mother, which ties in another of their textbook markers – their inordinate tie to their mothers, who are often the first domino in their (the mothers) need to continue an emotionally incestuous relationship with their sons.

    Makes perfect sense that an arrested-in-his-emotional-development man (Gingrich) would love his mom most (second to himself, of course), for he’s a puer eternis. (Forever boy.)


    • Interesting. Reports said that the first thing Capt. Schettino did after deserting his ship was to call his mother.


      • It would be good to note how many of them* put their moms in the de facto emotional wife role.

        * male socio/psychopaths…I realize there’s female socio/psychopaths too…btw, each and every female socio/psychopath has high testosterone levels compared to the norm.

        The fact that they put their mothers’ needs above their own wives and children’s needs makes it impossible for them to both grow up and also bond properly in a family situation.

        Their bonding with sexual partners (even ones they’re married to for decades, and have children with), is not a bonding at all. They use women’s bodies almost like they’re blow up dolls. They’re good lovers in the initial “I want to win you” phase, and then, they’re the worst lovers on the earth after that. More like rapists….which makes sense, since they’re such predators.

        Bit of a tangent, above. Just another dot to connect for those who’re interested in increasing knowledge about t he markers and manipulation methods of malignant narcissists / socio/psychopaths. (Whose behaviors are all the same – it’s only the way their brains came to have the holes in their empathy centers, the problems in the cingulus gyrus, and the other brain anomalies, that differ.)


        • It seems one hears that male s/p’s either are great lovers or leave their partners feeling molested — which is in line with your comment.

          I agree, they don’t bond with lovers at all. Their thinking may be along the lines of ‘strange, I scratch this woman behind her elbow and suddenly she’s emotionally attached to me.’ Sex means no more to them than scratching someone’s elbow would mean to us.


  5. I’ve thought Newt Gingrich was a sociopath ever since I heard about them a few years ago. On Fox News he always seemed like a smug, arrogant person. He only seemed to care about selling some new fear-mongering book he wrote.


  6. Hi PW,

    I must thank you for putting yourself on the line with this blog. In spite of having a number of (too close) relatives with this modality or variants of it, in spite of having endured numerous job situations working with people who have had same, and in spite of a growing awareness that our society was operating on principles quite different from those stated, I had not fully accepted that sociopathy is as widespread and as influential as it really is until I read through your blog and recognized that my suspicions were not simply the reflection of any personal problem.

    I think one key to achieving soul recognition of sociopathy for what it really is is to re-embrace the childlike respect for one’s own instincts in the face of outside attempts to reframe one’s perceptions. In the American film version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” one of the villains says that victims will sacrifice their own safety in order not to offend. This extends to psychological safety as well, and putting a target into the position of having to risk offence or ridicule is one of the more frequent maneuvers used. (Read the book, if you haven’t – Larsson had a firm grasp of sociopathic thought patterns – and take a look at both the Swedish and American film versions if you can.)

    Sociopathy in its infinite arrogance craves power for its own sake, whether that power is over a child, a mate or a nation. We accept the trappings of authority and look no deeper as we struggle to make a living and preserve the appearance of success and respectability in our own lives. Meanwhile, the rot spreads through the woodwork.


    • Hi DS,

      De nada, it’s my lot in life . . . and my mission . . . and my offering. My intent is not small, I am not at all a modest person.

      I agree with your comment on reconnecting with the child’s sense of trusting their own instincts. I believe we all are the sum of all the psychological life-stages we go through, and they are still with us as parts of our psyches. Most ‘adults’ push them out, but true adults reintegrate them in the full adult personality.

      Once psychopaths realized that ‘we accept the trappings of authority’ they really went to town. Madoff once ran the NASDAQ, even (and he’s actually a very small time player).

      I’ll check out the movie, thanks.


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