My greatest psychopathy teacher


She gave me psychopathy’s family jewels — that psychopaths have self knowledge and a group identity (this is assuming that I am correct in my opinion of her being a psychopath).  Even more importantly, that they backed each other up versus the empath world.  And finally, that their self control is actually very difficult, appearing normal is an effort.

I was called into Lehman HR by this SVP, Kyle Maldiner, and a manager (I believed this manager to be a male lover of the blackmailing psychopathic Don Juan/Dress Grey rapist whom they were seeking to protect — in my experience, gays routinely protect pansexual psychopaths).  They stated that my assignment at the firm was being canceled due to my handing out to friends 8-10 cut and paste sheets from Cleckley’s Mask of Sanity and Hare’s Without Conscience.  She kept saying they were sexually inappropriate. ‘But I deleted all sexual behaviors and crimes, that’s why they are cut and pastes, not straight copies,’ I said.  She just repeated the same thing again.  Her superiors wouldn’t look over her shoulder, that’s the corporate chain of command. The truth didn’t matter and there is no appeal or promise of fair play or due process in corporations.  Then when I said, against her protestations that she didn’t need to know, that I was giving them out due to the presence of a psychopathic co-worker (mentioned above), she started screaming, “WE HAVE 150,000 EMPLOYEES, OF COURSE LEHMAN HAS PSYCHOPATHIC EMPLOYEES!!”  Then she immediately and visibly calmed herself down and regained her self composure.

After leaving friends told me of rumors following my exit.  It was practically a novella. Made up out of whole cloth, not even based/exaggerated on/from something real. The only truthful elements were getting my name and a few other co-workers’ names right.  These were co-workers whom I had never interacted with off-premises.  But the novella had all kinds of goings on and involvement of outside players.

She denied any knowledge of the source of these rumors.  But I imagine the source was the Lehman HR department, from my experience with psychopathic HR departments in various Wall St. firms.  Destroying exited co-workers’ reputations is something they all do all the time, this was just more extreme.  At HR conventions, they must sit around bragging about their lies, comparing notes and refining strategies, just as psychopaths and con artists do.

I couldn’t find a lawyer who thought we could trace down the vaguely sourced campaign of lies or win an appreciable amount of money.  I should have filed a John Doe case pro se, at least as a record if I couldn’t build a case.  I settled for sending a truthful accounting to my personal friends and all the co-workers listed in the company address book.

The novella was incredibly detailed.  Perhaps that’s a standard psychopathic character assassination campaign strategy. Normal people probably just can’t imagine that such a detailed account could be a lie.  Of course, this is because they couldn’t imagine doing it themselves.  That’s part of the naive prey response syndrome, people still try to understand psychopaths from their own viewpoint, not understanding that they need to step out of their own world to understand psychopaths’ motives and to recognize them.  Finally, most of us are not only naive prey to psychopaths, but naive prey to evil.

Note the almost identical expression in the two photographs (over the decades).  Many psychopaths, particularly female, chose an acceptable ‘mask of sanity’ and then wear it forever.


4 thoughts on “My greatest psychopathy teacher

    • A male who rapes other males, usually straight males or closeted gays who wouldn’t want the publicity of a trial. The victims also have to be less physically imposing than the rapist. The term comes from the movie of the same name.

      Psychopaths simply love crimes with no consequence to the perp, such as this or blackmail. It feeds their superiority complex.


  1. It would certainly be great if you could expose the psychopath who makes your job life hell and be happy at work for a change, but look on the bright side – at least she can’t make your life miserable any more.

    Although I often grow weary of the short quips of facebook “wisdom”, I think this one may apply here: The best revenge is to put it behind you and just happily move on.

    – buster


    • But you can’t. Psychopathic gang stalking/tagteaming is very effective. People assume where there’s smoke there’s fire. Claims can be so serious that they rise to “guilty until proven innocent” status. The gang stalkers will synchronize their lies but to third parties their stories will appear uncoordinated and independent. Incited ‘refusal to associate’ is irreversible. More: From Country of Liars: Character Assassination, Psychopathic character assassination and murder-by-suicide as depicted in Orwell’s Burmese Days.

      August 10, 2015: I am simply stunned that no one has ever communicated the character assassination allegations against myself — there is a much stronger allegation than the one referred to here, though perhaps it is included/related. I once offered a woman who, from one day to the next, turned her head to the wall rather than say hello to me (and we had been workplace friends for years – this pattern happened repeatedly but slowly over the years, the psychopathic perp couldn’t risk my inner circle telling me), a hundred dollars if she (or her husband if she preferred) would tell me the whyfor. Plenty of people who know me read this blog. Comments can be totally anonymous. There is no need to fill out any identifying field. Further to protect their IP address, if desired, anyone can simply go to a copy center or internet cafe. Comments are moderated so it is a private communication. If preferred there are also many free and anonymous email account providers. I just don’t get it. Where’s the downside? I would help and have helped others in similar situations.


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