PW’s 1st subterranean societal problem of vast proportion involving sociopaths — sociopaths as a pillar of the anti-abortion movement

I was going to name this Justifiable homicide — you sure this is a game you wanna play, Phil?, but the South Dakota bill was withdrawn (South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers, Murder of Abortion Docs as Justifiable Homicide).  I guess my rep preceded me, it seems he was intimidated by my street cred.  Now I don’t know if Rep. Phil Jensen is a sociopath/decepticon or not, but I have no doubt the bill has deep sociopathic support.  And I have a test.

Let’s talk justifiable homicide.  Or, let’s talk leaving that up to juries, juries sociopath-free due to brain scans.  So if someone kills a harassing sociopathic ex, stalker, bully or puppet master manipulator and can convince a jury of the reasonableness of that action, that person goes free.  It’s not a license to kill, like the S.D. bill, but some would no doubt chose to throw themselves on the mercy of a jury.

Or let’s talk mandated harsher sentences for sociopaths, say, death sentences for sociopathic murderers, rapists and child molesters, and longer sentences for all felonies carried out by sociopaths.

Hey Phil, how do you like them apples? My advice in any altercation with a sociopath, allow no free hits.  Anyway, the test is, would  my suggestions if widely known force them to back off?

There’s a very deep bond between sociopaths that I have witnessed but that I don’t understand.  I have come to believe that many anti-abortionists are in fact sociopathic and are terrified at the thought of going the way of Down Syndrome babies.  They certainly don’t need science to tell them they are the way nature intended, they know that already.

Erlyndon Lo