UBS musings

The UBS musings are notes I wrote during spare time while working at UBS.


Some people find the subject of sociopathy upsetting, linking it I believe with violent criminal behavior.  However I am much more interested in those sociopaths who pass successfully in the general population. The ability to do so, I believe, depends upon two factors:  the ability to rein in one’s wants and the ability to recognize predictable outcomes.  Sociopaths basically feel entitled to everything and want everything they see.  A low level sociopath will simply start helping himself and quickly end up in legal trouble — a problem with both factors.  Many years ago I worked at another investment bank, whose CEO I considered a likely sociopath.  With many of his senior hirings he essentially created a community of sociopaths.  The problem was that after a while only lies went up the chain of command.  So he lost managerial oversight, and, on top of that, members of his staff simply could not keep their fingers out of the cookie jar.  He was fine on both factors above, personally, but his staff was not — they destroyed the company, which went out of business.  The televangelist Jim Bakker could resist simple felonies, yet failed to recognize predictable future outcomes.  Not content with doing fabulously well economically, he sold more time shares than remotely possible (not to mention the crime of getting a church secretary drunk, sharing her with a friend and then delighting in his cleverness — he paid Jessica Hahn hush money for years).  Bakker’s probable sociopathy received little, if any traction, in the media.  The male staff shower room orgies did however.

Sociopaths essentially are pansexual.  Since friction orgasms are all they know or can know, the more variety the better.  All cats are gray in the dark.  The sociopathic architect Stanford White (of “Red Velvet Swing” notoriety) had numerous affairs (one led to his murder by a rival), molested his own daughters and hosted male group sex parties at his architectural firm (no doubt some of the participants were heterosexual life style males who developed a taste for such behavior by being incested by their own sociopathic fathers).  Imagine such a group sex party network in an investment bank.  If it involved individuals throughout the hierarchy and played a role in hiring, firing and promotion decisions this would expose such a bank to extreme liability, it would no longer be a private matter at all.  It might also explain the hiring and preferential promotions of non-profit-producing individuals.

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