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Gerald Loughner obviously belonged in a mental hospital as a dangerous psychotic.  This post however will focus on the hate mongers and the destabilizing effort to destroy the American economy by our own elite (which is destabilizing psychologically, emotionally and economically).  It is my strong belief that the public should insist that those running for office submit brain scans to prove they are not sociopathic.  “Journalists” of course don’t have to.

Paradoxically, one of the reasons for the incivility of the Tea Party/Fox News (otherwise known as the Republican propaganda channel that went to court to establish its right to lie) is too much civility on our part.  Sociopaths and the corrupt have taken advantage of our good nature.

Where we should have/should still draw[n] the line against sociopathy/sociopathic modality:

  • No, pathologically lying sociopath Ronald Reagan (i.e., a sufferer of pseudologia fantastica syndrome) is not fit for the presidency.  I am aware that he has his sincere admirers.  However there is no shame in being conned, but there is in not waking up.  His con was to present a folksy front for the destruction of the American way of life — the average person being middle class.  A garbage picker class was created specifically as economic terrorism, to terrorize Americans into working more hours for less pay.
  • No, we will not accept NAFTA which cratered American manufacturing and destroyed Mexican farmers (by the millions).  There is no need to repeal NAFTA, the president could simply declare it null and void.  Its passage was absolutely unconstitutional, it never received the two thirds vote treaties require.  Through sociopathic lawyerese it was simply termed an agreement, requiring only a majority vote.
  • No, Clinton, China will not be given most favored nation status. Through this and other means globalism was foisted on the world, before the U.S. and world realized what was happening, let alone voting on it.  China was to be the factory of the world and Americans the consumers of the world (hello . . . how can we be consumers without jobs?  ‘Government is the problem, markets are natural geniuses’ — Greenspan (or something like that).)
  • No, there is no such thing as a service economy, where I work at McDonald’s and you work at Walmarts, there is no such thing as a FIRE economy (finance, insurance, real estate), and today, in a growing number of places, there is no such thing as garage sale or thrift shop economyAn economy requires that value be created.
  • No, Wall Street, we will tell you what “financial products” (hah) you can sell.  Do they further the interest of the greater economy?  And, by the way, Glass-Steagall will stay.
  • No, Greenspan and Bernanke, you will not allow runaway economic bubbles. To those to say, ‘Well gee, how do we know when we’re in a bubble” (and many of them have Ph.D.s), I say ‘Shut up and grow up’.
  • No, Wall Street, there is no such thing as riskless capitalisim –– selling worthless mortgages, distributing the risk through bundling (mortgage backed securities).  And then conning the world to buy them (and derivatives).  Capitalism 101:  those going for the profit, take the risk. Tell that to bankers.  Mortgage originators faced almost no risk.
  • No, Bush, Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, Paulson, too big to fail means just that.  Going forward banks (and other companies) will no longer be so large that their failure would damage the entire economy. Instead, the exact opposite has happened, Wall Streets firms have become even bigger and more concentrated.  But don’t worry, Obama will retire from  the presidency wealthy just like Clinton (whose foundation is worth hundreds of millions).  Become president of the United States and become rich.  (To support these economic points please see Financial crisis of 2008 avoidable, says US inquiry.)
  • No, you will not carry firearms to political rallies and town hall meetings. This is despite the fact that the entire Bill of Rights consists of restraints on government power and the recognition of individual (not collective) rights.  There are still common sense, comparable to no shouting fire falsely in crowded theaters, restrictions.  Threatening deadly force (in the absence of imminent danger) is a crime.
  • No, Tea Party candidates and Fox hate-spewing-mouths, you will not incite violence. I don’t know where the line is, between free speech and the first amendment but it seems to me that Sharron Angle’s “second amendment remedies” is very close to inciting violence and the equivalent of needlessly shouting fire in a crowded theater (which is legally actionable).  But as individuals, we are certainly free to respond verbally how we wish, regardless of any possible criminality.
  • Michele Bachmann, you are insane.  Glenn Beck, with his bizarre diagrams and his fake crying jags, seems insane also, but it’s not on the public dime.

These are very dangerous times.  Whenever there is a crime and tragedy, such as the the one Loughner carried out, it is important to ask exactly where the pathology lays — in the action, or in both the action and the motivation (i.e., was it the pathological expression of a common or understandable stress or the expression of an internal psychotic stress). In Loughner’s case it seems both are true, both his action and motivation were pathological (psychotic) but at the same time based on shared societal stressors.

Reopening the mental hospitals would do multiple things.  Paranoid schizophrenics would be taken care of , and the public protected.  “Over the edge” sociopaths would also be confined.  Sociopaths respond only to outside constraints.  I can’t prove this, but it is my firm belief that the very existence of mental hospitals was and could again be a great restraining factor regarding sociopaths.

The hospitals were closed through the confluence of the extreme end of Republicanism, the sociopathic greed and selfishness of the ‘whatever is for me is the good, and screw everybody else’ philosophy, and the narcissistic end of the Democratic party, ‘Lincoln freed the slaves, we’ll free the mental patients.’ The conservatives wanted to save money and the liberals pushed the model of community based treatment (that didn’t exist when mental patients started being dropped off at street corners).  After the recent tragedy, Tucson’s Sheriff Clarence Dupnik stated that the best mental health facility in the area is his county jail.  I think it’s clear which side won, the side anchored in sociopathic greed and selfishness, liberal narcissists once again played the part of useful fools.  But still too many liberals can’t see this, too many can’t see the mentally ill as being exploited prey on the streets, being too busy admiring their goodness in the mirror.

But back to politicians, Ronald Reagan seems to have opened the door to the weirdosIs Michele Bachmann a pseudologue?  Does she know that reality actually really is real?  She doesn’t seem to. See Founding fathers ‘worked tirelessly’ to end slavery, or PolitiFact’s Truth-o-meter, All statements involving Michele Bachmann, though I see she’s come up to “Half True” finally.

Chris Mathews has asked her, and other Tea Party leaders (such as Sal Russo) if they’re acting under hypnosis for their behavior during interviews.  They seem to just nod and smile and then, to any question, simply repeat the point they have to say.  It’s almost as though, on their home planet, Zatar, they had a conference on how to communicate with Earthlings and came up with this plan.  Oh, oh — to newbies, bizarre sociopathic groupthink is one of my suggested flags of possible sociopathy.  Sociopaths are permanent children, strangers in a strange land — they are always trying to figure out the behavior of the adult normal world.  In an echo chamber of a sociopaths only coffee klatch (I was going to say clown car but . . .) they can come up with some really bizarre ideas and interpretations.   For one of the interviews, see YouTube – Chris Matthews Rips Tea Party Express Co-Founder Sal Russo!.

A problem with attacking a movement’s leaders is that their followers usually feel they are attacked also.  This needs to be prevented.  Tea Party citizens are certainly fearful and anxious, as are probably most Americans.  The reasons for this are logical and understandable.  The America we have known is being destroyed in front of our eyes, as we are being reduced economically to third world conditions. Above I have expressed my own interpretation of recent history.

In closing let me urge again that all those running for public office be asked to submit brain scans proving they are not sociopathic, starting with those with runaway-bride eyes.  See Adrian Raine’s work: Abnormal Brain Region Characterizes Those With Psychopathy, Habitual Liar Brains Look Different On Scans.

It turns out I’m echoing Futurepundit on the brainscans (from link immediately above):

“Modest proposal:  Require politicians running for office to get brain scans and publish their gray matter to white matter ratio. If the public really wants more honest politicians (and I’m not entirely convinced that is the case) then the public could vote for candidates that have higher gray to white matter. Also, politicians should have to include any indications that they have brains shaped for psychopathy.”

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What a relief for him, he won’t have to go back to Pakistan and face murder charges.  Talk about incentives.

I visited the court for a day during the trial.  Shahed is certainly a psychopath, imo.  In addition, there were one or two jury members who made me very suspicious.  I would like to have been there during their voir dire.  I suspect the defense lost the case during jury selection.  Justice and truth are completely meaningless to sociopaths.  9 out of 10 times, they will side with power.  99 times out of 100, they will side with a fellow sociopath.

I found the jury’s behavior very odd. It took them almost two weeks to come to a conclusion that most such persuaded juries would have come to in a day or two.  Often the only overt sign of a sociopath/psychopath (the words are used as synonyms, I use “psychopath” when I want a pejorative punch) is the unlikelihood of an outcome.  For example, a young couple who invites (thinking it’s their idea) a sociopath to join them in bed and then spends the next month vomiting and crying over their choice which no longer makes any sense and which destroyed their relationship.  Or, a haberdashery clerk who comes up with the idea of giving a customer a blank check since the customer has mislaid his wallet.  Or, a cop who holds the ladder for a second story man who “lost his key”.  Sociopaths can be very good at what they do.  They’re that good because their brains are different.

I would suggest that the videotapes of Hussain be studied in psychology and criminal science classes — the ins and outs, the subterfuges, the slipperiness, the arrogance, the subtlety of the psychopathic mind.

Even the judge seemed to see through him:

Yes or no!” yelled U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon as informant Shahed Hussain began to unspool yet another long-winded answer to a direct question.”Mr. Hussain, I’m tired of you playing games with the questions.”   No games, judge tells informant in Newburgh 4 trial

The defense even rattled him and drew out the most amazing claims.  Informer in Bomb Plot Describes His Two Lives including his self-described friendship with and gifts from Benazir Bhutto.

[D]efense lawyer Susanne Brody asked him, “Would you agree that remaining in the United States is worth more than all the money you have been paid for your work as an informant?”

“Yes,” Hussain responded.  Defense Lawyers In Bronx Synagogue Terror Case Call FBI Informant a Lifelong Liar.

It’s hard to imagine a more obvious case of entrapment.  The four suspects on trial had never shown any predisposition for this kind of crime, were involved in no group activity that might have led to any terrorist-like crime.  It seems their only predisposing traits were that they were Black Muslims, poor and also angry.  So they were selected to be seduced into a crime by a psychopath.  They were all essentially random victims chosen by fate to have their lives destroyed. Further their selection was governed simply by a psychopath’s sensing of vulnerabilities — probably the key psychopathic ability.  Is this a reason to destroy four lives?

Ah, but you say, they didn’t know the weapons weren’t real.  Apparently not.  So give them five years or so.  It is a near universal trait of the victims of sociopathic manipulators that they cooperate in their own downfall.  Of course they do.  That’s why the victimizers are called con artists — they are artists at inspiring confidence.

I imagine the psychopath[s] on the jury could have said the same thing, perhaps playing the soul of reasonableness:  ‘But the Newburgh four didn’t know the weapons weren’t real, that makes it attempted murder.’  Yes, but . . .

If you want to count the poor and angry as dangerous, you’ll spend the rest of your days counting.  Newburgh is one of those towns discarded by the forces of de-industrialization and globalization.  Our sociopaths-gone-wild economy with no check on the sociopaths, with no regard for the nation, with no guiding mind assuring that the “economic machine” acts in the interest of the nation’s citizens, with a fierce hatred of a middle class (working people living lives of dignity is an affront to sociopathic superiority, it hurts them) threw Newburgh by the wayside years ago.

Fools who think, ‘well I’m not black and homeless,’ are the biggest suckers of all.  Mass black homelessness was the first salvo against the middle class, engineered by the evil psychopath and pathological liar (pseudologue)  Ronald Reagan.  The conman, the flim flam man wanted you to feel safe.  How safe do you feel now?  But I digress . . .

Perhaps this small anecdote will give a flavor of Newburgh.  Newburgh’s Main Street is very wide with diagonal parking on both sides.  Driving through I always think of small towns in Kansas and the midwest.  The street is now lined with empty store fronts, consignment and self-styled antique shops.  It has been taken over by the “flea market economy.”

Anyway, one time I parked and started walking across Main Street to a high quality chocolate store still in business (Commodore Chocolates, the interior takes you back to the glory days of Newburgh).  Just as I was about to step into the lanes of traffic, this apparently homeless man approached me and asked if I could help him out.  He was somewhere in his thirties, dark skinned but with a reddish tint, as though he had a permanent suntan.  Wearing a fur lined dark brown leather vest with a fur collar, once very expensive but now ineligible even for Newburgh’s consignment stores, he cut a classy figure, even if it was trash-classy.  Obviously that was who he was in his own mind, a man of class and good taste.

Anyway, I turned away to get out my wallet to give him something.  Oh, oh, Citylife 101:  never take out your wallet to give to the homeless, you are inviting a snatch-and-run or a mugging — and he was taller, younger and maybe stronger than I (however, they do tell me there’s a lot of muscle under that fat).  But I couldn’t very well rewind my efforts without appearing a fool — so I decided to “tough it out” and figured I was probably being paranoid anyway (which probably was the case).  When I turned back towards him with a few bucks and the words, “Good luck, pal,” our eyes locked momentarily in a mutually steel-eyed stare.  I don’t know what he was thinking, but perhaps, sensing my sudden wariness, “This bozo is worried, in the middle of Main Street?!”; or perhaps “He has a billfold of money and he gives me three bucks?”; or, but probably not, “I should have snatched and run, that fat man would never have caught me.”  A proud man, forced to beg.

The point of this anecdote is that you can’t get away from the poverty in downtown Newburgh.  There’s often a vibe of suppressed violence.  Even the police seem jittery.  Fortunately the drug trade keeps liquidity in the local economy — I’m being sarcastic, it’s a horrible, but quite common, economic situation.  These were the waters Shahed Hussain was directed to troll for “home grown terrorists”!!?? There’s no terrorism in Newburgh, the poor are too busy surviving scavenger times.

To those who say all that matters is that the four thought the weapons were real, I ask who was responsible for the Heaven’s Gate suicides?  The individuals who did in fact commit suicide or the psychopathic cult leader, Do?

This case is a national disgrace.  And so was the jury.

A recent documentary on destroying lives and families to protect us from terror:   Entrapment or Foiling Terror? FBI’s Reliance on Paid Informants Raises Questions about Validity of Terrorism Cases.

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UBS Admits To Massive Tax Evasion Scheme

Banking giant UBS has agreed to pay $780 million and turn over once-secret Swiss banking records to settle allegations it conspired to defraud the U.S. government of taxes owed by big clients.

. . .  UBS executives helped U.S. taxpayers open new accounts in the names of sham entities.

Prosecutors contend that UBS executives used encrypted software and other counter-surveillance techniques to prevent anyone from detecting that they were actively marketing such Swiss bank secrecy — and tax evasion — to American taxpayers.

The clients, in turn, filed false tax returns that omitted the income they earned in their Swiss accounts, according to the court papers.

Federal officials said they had pulled aside a veil of secrecy that hid a corrupt international banking practice.

“This was not a mere compliance oversight, but rather a knowing crime motivated by greed and disrespect for the law,” said Alexander Acosta, U.S. attorney for southern Florida.


In 2006 and 2007 UBS was having everyone brush up on their “‘know your customer’ (KYC) skills and the identification of new trends in suspicious behavior” — even operations staff (on the computer side in my case).  We had to “undertake regular training courses, [. . .] in the form of on-line training” or compliance modules as they were called.  These had absolutely zero to do with our jobs, we never dealt with clients, let alone their money, so we used to call in banker friends to help us with the online tests.  (Above quotes from “Contributing to society, Preventing money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing,” http://www.ubs.com/1/e/about/corporate_responsibility/society/fighting_money_laundering.html.  OOPSIE, that page has been deleted!  OK, here’s another one:  http://www.ubs.com/1/e/polandcareers/ourcultureandvalues/corporate_responsibility/society/fighting_money_laundering.html.  Note that this page is under the heading, Our Culture and Values — one trait of the truly advanced, truly high ranking sociopathic mind is the depth and breadth of its hypocrisy.  Criticizing a sociopath for being hypocritical is like criticizing a fish for swimming — it’s simply their nature.)

It’s apparent now what the strategy was — window dressing.  UBS was putting on a big show of complying with anti-money laundering laws by having all firm personnel be trained in recognizing it — all the while carrying out that very thing through encrypted software and other counter-surveillance techniques (according to the U.S. DOJ).

Now what kind of mind would think a transparent ruse like this would accomplish anything?  Perhaps an arrogant, childish sociopathic mind.  Obviously not every crook is a sociopath.  However, in my opinion, sociopathy is the wind in the sails of evil and corruption.  The normally corrupt are forever fighting their consciences, following the conscienceless, the sociopaths, is a relief to them.

Unfortunately it seems UBS is still the same bank that accepted holocaust gold and sought to deprive the heirs of concentration camp victims their rightful funds.  As late as 1997 bank management thought they could order underlings to destroy Nazi-era banking records.  Fortunately, Christopher Meili, a security guard, turned them in.  (For more information:  “‘Nazi gold’ settlement mixed intangibles with money,” http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/views/y/1998/08/hirsch.nazigold.aug21/; Swiss Banks and World War II, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banking_in_Switzerland.)

Suggesting to a sociopathic banker that accepting gold collected from the teeth of concentration camp victims was wrong or the same to an athlete gaining the top of the podium through fraud would only convince the sociopath that the questioner was the one with the problem.  Their code:  you call it cheating, I call it winning.   If the point was to amass gold, the source, to a sociopath, would be utterly of no concern.

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No problem for a sociopath.  Consequences, cause and effect are far beyond the developmental stage of most sociopaths. Joe Jett of Kidder Peabody never thought the parade would end either.

Look at that “little boy lost” look.

Robert Kegan in “The Child Behind the Mask: Sociopathy as Developmental Delay.” In W. H. Reid, J.W. Bonner III, D. Dorr, and J.I. Walker (Eds.) Unmasking the Psychopath. (New York: W.W. Norton), 1986. (1986), p.  68:

The sociopath can sit still, inhibit immediate aims, defer gratification.  Indeed, if he did not have these abilities (which most latency-age children also have), people would not confuse him with an adult even with his adult-looking body (which most latency-age children do not have, and which has more to do with why latency-age children are not confused with adults than people realize).  [Kegan is saying I believe that it is the sociopath’s adult looking body that gets him into the door of adult life which he is actually unsuited for and absolutely untrustworthy in.]

A list of Kegan’s publications:  http://www.gse.harvard.edu/faculty_research/profiles/publications.shtml?vperson_id=318

In Jackass World sociopaths are given free rein. “The government is the problem, not the solution” — Ronald Reagan, airhead bubblehead and in my opinion a likely pseudologic sociopath (title of memoirs: “Where’s the Rest of Me”).

Earlier posts:

Bernie Madoff, probable sociopath, following in the footsteps of Charles Ponzi, definite sociopath

More Madoff — for sociopaths there is no such thing as an ingroup

Welcome to our sociopaths-gone-wild-economy

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After a short hiatus I’m back in business.  Greetings, a belated Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.  There are a couple internal blog matters to cover.

Donations of any size are gratefully accepted.  If there are any deep pocketed individuals or organizations that would like to sponsor my work that would of course be great (this must be the eternal plaint of independent bloggers).  I currently simply don’t have the time to do more indepth studies.  At some point I’d like to do a study of Ronald Reagan concentrating on his autobiography, “Where’s the Rest of Me,” and his “I filmed Buchenwald” lie – was our president a sociopathic pathological liar (a pseudologue),  a longer piece on Adolf Eichmann’s sociopathy (as I see it) along with an attempt to understand Hannah Arendt’s error, a reading of Orwell’s Burmese Days as a blueprint for sociopathic murder by suicide, and I’d like to have the time to spend in the Paley Museum of Television and Radio tracking down documentaries of interest.  All this would take time which equates to money.

Concerning the comments, they often go straight into the spam folder.  Unfortunately some spam seems to be deleted immediately, though it is not supposed to be that way.  I’ve never not published a non-spam comment.  If a comment does not show up, feel free to email me the comment at pathwhisperer@yahoo.com if you wish.

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