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Donald Rumsfeld passed away on June 29, 2021.

Rumsfeld: “The only things that are lasting are conflict, blackmail, and killing.” Psychopaths and blackmail, they go together like ham and eggs.

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Hmmm.  The recent sex abuse scandals/allegations call to mind my old stomping grounds, the heavily psychopathic UBS.  It is my opinion and my belief that the rumors were correct and that UBS’s Municipal Securities Group was run by a male sex club.

I have no interest in what consenting adults do in private, but a sex club in a workplace involving very high management and playing a role in hiring, firing and other decisions is both bad business practice and criminal.   I recall a managing director, about whom junior bankers often wondered, out loud, regarding his continued presence, as he hadn’t made any money for the firm in years.  I wasn’t surprised however, he was a frequent member of the male coterie, whose slacks all sported carefully tailored derrieres, that always accompanied a very high level psychopathic officer.  I don’t think the rules applied to him.

There is a fair amount of sexual abuse/harassment in offices.  At UBS, I ran the second shift Presentations Center (egads!  don’t call it a word processing center) in my division.  Unions need to help protect their members.

Guards are actually a big problem.  We had a male co-worker who told of a guard (who seemed to me to be psychopathic) trying to blackmail him into sexual favors after a camera caught him and a friend in a stairwell.  He just laughed and told the guard to ‘eff off’.

Later I saw the same guard talking to our cleaning woman in an obscure corner of the trading floor (i.e., out of reach of any cameras).  Subsequent to this, I would see, almost nightly for a bit, 4 to 5 guards seemingly hanging around and doing nothing.  However, our cleaning friend would be nowhere to be seen and the guards would seem to disappear and reappear one by one.  When I did see the cleaning lady she seemed unhappy and agitated.  So I went up the ladder and suggested that the situation be investigated for sexual harassment.  A few days later that contingent of guards disappeared and I never saw them again.  The cleaning woman went back to being much happier.

She had been in a real bind as she was married.  Perhaps the guards had seen her entertain a friend in a stairwell or elsewhere, as happened to our co-worker, and then blackmailed her.

At Salomon Brothers, where I was a Wang Computer Admin on the third shift, I was friends with another cleaning woman.  She was a single mother and often talked about how important health insurance through her job was, for her son.  Several times a week when her supervisor made his rounds, they would both disappear for twenty or so minutes.  Usually she would reappear chewing gum.  This was all late at night.  I once asked her how her boss was, she replied that he was great and very friendly.  OK.

In this case the union, 32BJ SEIU, could have been of help.  They should have, should still, put together a sexual harassment kit and/or procedure.  Back then, it was before cell phones, but there were still small tape recorders available.  Proof of sexual harassment should have been/should be like winning the lottery.  A close to automatic lawsuit win.

Obviously it is easy for the corrupt to take advantage of relative power positions.  Basically I think human nature is corrupt, I find most people are as self serving as they can get away with, and, on top of that, psychopaths are infinitely corrupt.


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It’s hard to comprehend how badly this could go.  I assume this was a search carried out by the father.  Good luck to him.

If it was the girlfriend, she should consider how deep her feelings are for the father.  If it’s just “one of those things” she might want to start running now.

Other recent searches:  “sociopath son blackmails mom”, “how to blackmail to get sex successfully”.

Sociopath world is a tough, tough place.  Sociopaths/psychopaths move though the world like sharks through the water.  Invisible sharks.  Somehow nobody can see them.  Naive prey syndrome, naive prey disorder, naive prey psychosis.

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I’m splitting this section off from Search:  “I’m being blackmailed by a sociopath, what can I do?”.  It was a mistake to include this discussion, to switch viewpoints, in a post visited by those distraught at being blackmailed.

[Switching viewpoints,]  if you are a victim of a psychopathic harassment, slander (or whispering) or bullying campaign then you must view any blackmailed (by the same psychopath) friend as an enemy. Psychopaths love to get others to commit their crimes or dirty work.

As an example but in a different situation, I recall a contract killing in which the psychopathic contractee convinced the eventual murderer (a paranoid with actual enemies) that the target of the contract was out to get him, so he acted first.  The psychopath:  ‘Chortle, chortle,’ as he collected the remaining money on the contract (none of which he had to share) — also, legally, his hands were clean, the law couldn’t touch him.

Looking at blackmail from the psychopath’s viewpoint, many psychopaths experience life as strangers in a strange land, as is often said.  They live surrounded by weirdos (us) doing things they can’t understand for reasons they can’t understand.  The need for security can become topmost.  Blackmail simply becomes a tool for that end.  It can become their main tool-for-life as education and hardwork are for the rest of us.

I once had the rare opportunity to possibly bring blackmail charges as a third party.  However, the situation involved a woman who I considered a good friend.  I was also friends with her husband and sometimes gave her child gifts.  I didn’t want to harm her life or her family, so I didn’t follow up.

To paraphrase, an act of evil is like throwing a pebble into a pond, you never know where the ripples are going to reach.  One doesn’t want to be the cause of further misery.  But what course of action would actually lead to the least misery?  I now absolutely view a blackmailed victim as being complicit in a criminal compact.

The case follows, at one point my friend, A, a manager, fired individual, X.  However she was incapable of offering a reason for the firing to her superiors and was forced to rehire him.  The rumor was that it involved pictures.  From various hints and sources, the surmise is that A refused to believe her psychopathic lover, Z, would actually blackmail her, so Z showed his friend (and male lover) X the photos in front of A.  So in revenge and to assert some power A tried to fire X.

Around the same time A was repeatedly telling blackmail jokes that no one else laughed at.  For example, at an office party she and I had our picture taken together.  Later she repeatedly joked that I had had it altered to show a sex act and was using it to blackmail her.  I believe she was using these jokes, in effect, to tell us she was being blackmailed and to somehow deal with it emotionally.

The reader might wonder why I thought A and Z were involved in the first place.  The sequence went like this, first A spoke often about Z, often remarking on what troubles Z had (the psychopath was setting the pity play); second, they would go out for drinks more or less publicly; third A stopped talking about Z completely but one would often see them talking very quietly, standing very close to each other.  In addition one time another suspected lover/devotee [FN1] of the psychopath Z (a Don Juan or love thug, no doubt with hundreds, if not thousands, of lovers of both sexes [FN2]) started complaining to me (I don’t know why) that A needed to go home and spend more time with her husband and family.  It seemed clear that she was angry with the competition and wanted to express that anger.  I’m sure she didn’t think I would know what she was talking about.

Anyway, I suspect that X, the third party accessory, could have been the key to a prosecution of Z, the psychopath.  X would have needed to have been persuaded to testify to what he knew, or perhaps threatened with arrest himself as an accessory to felony blackmail.  He might have realized  his situation however, for not long after he moved across the country.  Perhaps he also have feared for his physical safety if his psychopathic lover, Z, ever recognized his, X’s, danger to Z.

The psychopath involved is of the “alien masquerading as a human” category who should be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, in my opinion.  It is clear that the public wants to be protected from sociopaths/psychopaths from the numerous sexual predator laws.  I believe mental hospitals should be reopened or be used more often to protect the public from incorrigible psychopathic transgressors.

This particular individual (Z) lives to destroy others, imo — it’s his source of emotionless enjoyment (if such is possible).  It would have been a good bargain for the world to have incarcerated him (or even try to prosecute him) even if it had destroyed my erstwhile friend’s marriage.  Loose, I’m sure he’s destroyed other couples and families, probably caused death(s) through heart attacks brought on by stress and emotional devastation, or perhaps outright murders (I have no doubt he  would be capable of them).

My advice to anyone who is a victim of a psychopathic harassment campaign to always make the self-interested defense choice.  One should never say that the situation is done and over.  A blackmailed friend can actually do you more harm than the blackmailing psychopath since no one will assume ulterior motives on your ex-friend’s part and the bad blood which might be known to exist between you and the psychopath won’t be considered.  You have to protect yourself and let the chips fall where they may.  The blackmailed party has made his or her choice.

FN1: It is worth noting that this individual was actually engaged to be married at the time.  She described her fiancee as someone “who would be a good father” — i.e., Mr. Boring.  It didn’t seem that either had any guilt about “stepping out” with the psychopath, Z.  Perhaps it was too close to comforting-a-child.  This may also explain why the women I have known who destroyed a marriage or primary relationship through an affair with a psychopath were so shocked and confused, seemingly they didn’t see it coming.  I’ve certainly known men who destroyed their primary relationships through such affairs, but I never knew them to be surprised.

FN2: Such individuals are often described as having unusually strong sex drives — I don’t see it that way.  Seduction and sex are lifetools for psychopathic Don Juans — they are seeking safety and security, they exercise dominance, they gain protectors or even livelihoods (they may be able to live off the willing loans of girlfriends (which is a crime)).  Further, since there is zero emotional involvement, boredom is a huge driving force.  If you and I could only have sex with blow-up dolls we would probably go in for variety ourselves.  They are not sex addicts, they are bored silly.

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These pretty much speak for themselves.  To ask the first one is essentially to answer it.  Plus the second one definitely answers the first.

Two things, first, a parent needs to assess how “full dose” (genetic dose), how “alien” their child is.  Second, trust his or her instincts — when dealing with psychopaths one must be willing to follow “paranoid trains of thought” because they may not be paranoid at all.  My favorite example of the second is the man who doubted his wife so much he slept with a revolver.  He wasn’t paranoid enough by half, she killed him by shooting him in the stomach, claiming he rolled over the gun and shot himself.

[This post seemed to bother my cyber minder.  He/she cut the internet connection twice.]

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Training Day of course is the movie starring Denzel Washington as a psychopathic police detective (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0139654/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1).

What prompts this post is that some pics disappeared from my cellphone, pics of the screw in the tread at the time of my near collision on the Jersey Turnpike.  There’s now a gap in the picture numbers.  I did not delete them.  This is a follow up to posts,  To the de Blasio administration, I hereby volunteer to identify NYPD whiteshirt psychopaths, gratis, and For the record / anomalies.

The sequence of events follows:

1.  I filed papers with the CCRB that identified the psychopathic captain/detective by license plate numbers (I do not know his name or title), described in the first of the two posts above, that I knew from harassment episodes (or that I believed to be so) (the NYPD legal department also has this info) .

2.  The next day when I moved the car I noticed gum wrappers under my car that hadn’t been there before.

3.  The same day, I was nearly slammed into the divider approaching the 14C tollbooths on the NJ Turnpike by a faster and much larger car that had paced and moved aggressively towards me.   His driving seemed purposeful, but it’s hard to be sure.

4.  I later saw by the indicator caps that the driver’s side rear tire was running on the sidewalls.  The air pressure was 10 psi.  If I had put a lateral load on that tire in the accident evasion it probably would have peeled off the rim with a very dangerous situation developing.

5.  Just the other day I found the pics of the flat with the screw in the tread to be missing.

Now, I could be wrong about the purposefulness of the other driver, the surprising coincidences could be just that, the driver could be totally independent of others mentioned.  However I didn’t delete the pics.

The other driver could be identified by EZPass info and lane cameras.  The late model black Toyota Sienna went through the far left westbound EZPass lane at 14C of the NJTP within 5 minutes either way of 1:30 pm on 6/4/14.

The handmaidens of psychopathy are lying, framing and blackmail (https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2011/08/12/revenge-with-that-sociopathic-flavor/).  We’ll see what happens next.

The whole reason I started this series of posts is to get to the bottom of a character assassination campaign.  If the near accident was related that puts a lie to it, why not just tell me and I’d slink away presumably.  If it were true no need to go to these lengths.

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The NSA must go, or America is gone.  All psychopathic modality organizations/doctrines attract actual psychopaths like flies to honey.  The potential power inherent in the NSA’s mission and capabilities is far too great for ordinary human beings to control — human nature is too corrupt.  Psychopaths would take it even further to world enslavement.

Psychopaths would be delighted to farm the masses of humanity.  No one should ever think they wouldn’t.  Factory farming of animals is psychopathic, a psychopathic NSA would seek to factory farm humans.

Perhaps we now know the cause of so many inexplicable judicial rulings, jury verdicts (e.g., Aafia Siddiqui, Governor Don Siegelman, the Newburgh Four (https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/psychopath-earns-his-keep-shahed-hussain-cons-jury-as-well-as-newburgh-mugs/), Lynne Stewart, etc.), U.S. Attorneys’ success rates, and legislative votes — NSA blackmail.  The NSA renders almost all civil institutions suspect.  A capability of power will always be translated into real power, that’s human nature and, even more, psychopathic nature.  Function always follows form, ALWAYS.  I had been wondering if somehow they had been packing the juries with psychopaths — that would be a junior partner to NSA blackmail of key individuals (including jury members (anyone who thinks they are too small for the NSA’s attention is foolish)) in bending verdicts.

One Achilles heel, is that while psychopaths, individuals with ‘authoritarian personality disorder’ and worms-who-side-with-power are all natural allies, the alliance would fall apart if the latter two became aware of the presence of actual psychopaths.  The last thing they would want would to be associated with ‘psychos’.  Something to keep in mind.

If interested, here are my other ‘antfarm world’ postshttps://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/tag/antfarm-world/.

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My blog was found by this search.  I’ve never heard of this situation before, but it’s not really surprising.  The early phase of puberty takes place before the internalization of incest taboos.  Psychopaths live there, at that phase.

Blackmail is simply a huge problem.  Psychopaths love it, if it’s successful it’s a crime without consequence for the perp, the victim is drawn into the crime.  The victim by protecting themselves also protects the blackmailer.

I don’t think this situation will end well.  Dads aren’t slow, males are geared towards recognizing female infidelity and a partner’s lover — if they all live in the same home . . .

I certainly hope she doesn’t consider justifiable homicide, heck no, nosireebob, that would be a crime, not to mention wrong, just wrong.

Sex at point of blackmail is really rape.  We’re not talking jerks, we’re talking guys who’d rape their mothers.

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Well, now that the summer has ended emotionally speaking (Labor Day weekend), it’s time for PW to get back to work and give my fans what they come here for . . . .  What’s that?  Excuse me? . . .  Uh, . . .  OK, it’s time for PW to give my fan what he or she comes for.  So starting with recent searches, in no particular order:

what is reverse blackmail

Blackmail always presents the opportunity of reverse blackmail, namely, ‘if you do what you threaten, then I’ll have you jailed for blackmail, your choice.’  It’s an ‘out cooling’ strategy.  You can’t pull it off if you are playing however.  You need to really believe you can do it, so practice etc.  Otherwise a sociopath will see right through the attempt.

does blackmail lead to further blackmail

Absolutely, often a lifetime of blackmail.  Sometimes it seems someone will accede to a blackmail demand as a way to preserve their world and their life as they know it — but then the blackmailer will essentially move in and take over their life.  No sociopath will ever be bound by a promise of ‘do this and then you’re free.’  That’s why it is worth fighting the initial blackmail attempt tooth and nail (reverse blackmail, building a harassment case, getting a concealed carry permit, etc.).

i loaned a sociopath money. what do i do?

First stop loaning them more money.  You will never get your original money back unless you are in a position of power over them.  Most people simply have to wave goodbye to the loaned money.  Since sociopaths are geniuses at inciting pity, probably 95%+ have loaned money to one at some point, I certainly have.

are sociopaths immature

Absolutely and in every way.  Sociopathy is an arrested development syndrome.

why narcissist’s false self is so rigid

The need to forever keep at bay the wolf at the door — self hate and self loathing.  (I assume the searcher is asking about actual narcissists, not using the term as a synonym for sociopathy/psychopathy.)

can a sociopath love his parents?

That’s an interesting question.  It seems to depend on the ‘dose’ of sociopathy.  Male sociopaths seem to relate to their fathers.

can tsa recognize a psychopath

Not unless the TSA agent is a psychopath or the rare normal who ‘can see’ psychopaths.

do sociopaths know they are evil

Not all are.  Those who are know they are, in my opinion.

how does a sociopath chose his victims

It doesn’t necessarily make sense anywhere outside of that particular sociopath’s mind.  Third parties usually assume there is a reason, a history and two sides to a story — none of which are necessarily true in these situations.  Sometimes though they will seek to protect a fellow sociopath by targeting that sociopath’s target or cause of trouble.  This opens up the subject of sociopathic gang stalking which is a huge problem.

do sociopaths run together

Absolutely.  Sociopaths vary in their ability to manage in the normal world (the phrase often used it that they are as strangers in a strange land).  They will cluster around those more able.

was gaetan dugas a sociopath

Yes, the hundreds (thousands?) of lovers, the lack of concern about spreading the mysterious disease.  Flight steward/attendant is a great job for sociopaths — seeing the world, meeting many people, going to bed with them, avoiding boredom.

Why the AIDS epidemic hasn’t educated the public to the presence of sociopaths I will never understand.

how sociopath gets you to question your sanity

It’s called gaslighting.  They will spend enormous time and effort in these pursuits, it makes them feel superior.  More to the point of the question, sensing vulnerabilities and entry points to an individual’s psyche is a trait of sociopaths (inborn, imo).

why does hr always support the sociopath?

Before bashing HR let’s consider more innocuous explanations.  Most people assume every story has two sides and a rational explanation — assuming these things will always protect a sociopath.  Gays, including gay HR reps, will almost always give the benefit of the doubt to sociopaths as co-alternate sexuality community members (with the exception of those who have experienced sociopathic betrayal).  Moving on — many people join HR for the pleasure of lying and manipulating others — so there is a high percentage of actual sociopaths, children of sociopaths, and those who admire sociopathic techniques (such as Machiavellian strategies) in the field.

can you blackmail a sociopath

I assume the searcher means can you blackmail a sociopath about being a sociopath.  If you can you are probably doing so already, no need to spell it out.  It depends on many things such as where the individual sociopath is on the arrogance/I never lose/consequences-schmonsequences/i’m a Mutant-X superman/why-oh-why are people born so stupid continuums.  Also how can you blackmail someone who doesn’t understand cause and effect or is stuck in a four year old’s thinking patterns (Newt Gingrich says there is a four year old inside of him — ‘everyday he wakes up and knows that there is a cookie waiting for him somewhere, his job is to find it’).

am i safe if i am a target of a sister who is a psychopath

Personally I would put as much physical distance between myself and her as possible.  Do not maintain a relationship for ‘the sake of the family.’  Try to educate your loved ones about psychopathy (which can be very hard to do).

what do sociopaths want

Hmmm.  Proof that their defect is a sign of superiority?  Outside support of their innate arrogance?  Revenge on the emotionally alive?

psychopaths fake cry

Watch their crying sequence, they get it all wrong.  Watch a vet mourn for fallen comrades, usually the chin starts trembling, they lose control of their voice, they turn away, they cry.  Psychopathic fake crying comes across like a badly programmed robot’s efforts.  Also, there is often a feeling that the psychopath is watching through their fingers to judge the effect and/or is contemptuous of onlookers (pay attention to all emotional responses when dealing with possible psychopaths).

My instincts tell me there’s something terribly wrong here with the Petit story.  Of course, my instincts could be wrong.  However, I’ve also seen a few videos backing the swiftest possible execution of the perps found guilty (who by all accounts are total monsters) of murdering the Petit family.  The individuals speaking in these videos also raised my suspicions as possible sociopaths — the question is, why do these third parties care so much about disposing of these found guilty perps?

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This post is one of my most often visited posts, yet has relatively few comments.  Any other real world experiences to share?

First of all blackmail is always a contest of wills.  Often reverse blackmail is possible — ‘carry out your threat and I’ll have you arrested’ or “you think you couldn’t be identified in that picture?”  To have the  blackmailer on tape would be very useful, use a cellphone or a discreet tape recorder.  I am not a lawyer, but I believe a tape of even a “your secret is safe with me” or a joking (but not really) threat would still carry weight in court.  Implied threats would be more problematical but worth noting.

Could a blackmail threat be subliminal?  Subliminal extortion is certainly possible.  If one loans too much money to a sociopath, there is a stress to keep loaning money lest the earlier amounts never be paid back.  (But of course, they almost never will be – one has to wake up and stop throwing good money after bad.)

But back to blackmail.  I don’t know what this searcher’s situation is, my experience involved what I assumed to be sexual blackmail taking place in a workplace.

Blackmail of course relies on the cooperation of the victim who is counted on to have as much interest in not going to the police as the blackmailer does.  For the sociopath this makes it almost a perfect crime, a crime without consequence to the perp.  Further if the sociopath can blackmail others into doing his dirty work, slander or murder etc., he’s protected on these additional crimes.   The victim needs to understand that blackmail is rarely a onetime thing, the victim is really entering into a criminal compact with the blackmailer that can last for years.

You do not want to be blackmailed. You may start by feeling ‘this is insane.’  But as the years go by the insanity becomes a way of life.  If it’s in a job situation, leave, asap — the situation is not manageable.

Depending on how tough of a strategy you wish to use, you might want to file harassment or even stalking charges against the blackmailer.  You might also want to check your local laws and get a concealed carry permit (but don’t threaten the sociopathic blackmailer directly, just let the word out).  Regarding a concealed carry I would suggest never threatening a sociopath with a gun.  The sociopath will sense, before you know yourself, whether you have the will and intent to use it.  That’s their prime ability, reading others’ emotional states.

Let me add a couple searches here.

what is reverse blackmail?

Blackmail always presents the opportunity of reverse blackmail, namely, ‘if you do what you threaten, then I’ll have you jailed for blackmail, your choice.’  It’s an ‘out cooling’ strategy.  You can’t pull it off if you are playing however.  You need to really believe you can do it, so practice etc.  Otherwise a sociopath will see right through the attempt.  The reverse blackmail has to be true to your personality, you might chose humor and joking.

does blackmail lead to further blackmail?

Absolutely, often a lifetime of blackmail.  Sometimes it seems someone will accede to a blackmail demand as a way to preserve their world and their life as they know it — but then the blackmailer will essentially move in and take over their life.  No sociopath will ever be bound by a promise of ‘do this and then you’re free.’  That’s why it is worth fighting the initial blackmail attempt tooth and nail (reverse blackmail, building a harassment case, getting a concealed carry permit, etc.).

will a sociopath carry out a blackmail threat?

I think they would be extremely cautious about doing so.  The whole advantage of a successful blackmail is that the perpetrator is not exposed to any danger, the victim in effect becomes his accomplice.


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