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Hey folks, it’s a cookbook.

TWILIGHT ZONE : To Serve Man - The Original Ending

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By Donna Anderson:

“. . . Stout makes many important points related to sociopaths [used as a synonym for psychopaths]. Here are some that I highlighted:

1 . As a society, we are oblivious to the single most meaningful characteristic that divides the human race: the presence or absence of conscience.

2. What sociopaths want is to control others and win.

3. The difference between normal emotional functioning and sociopathy is almost too fantastic to grasp, so for the most part, we refuse to believe such a hollowness of emotion can exist.

4. The first sociopathic seduction technique is charm, and its power should not be underestimated.

5. Sociopaths study their targets, making it their business to learn how they can be manipulated.

6. Sociopaths have an uncanny sense of who will be vulnerable to sexual overtures.

7. People who do hideous things do not look like people who do hideous things. There is no “face of evil.”

8. The best clue of sociopathic behavior is the pity play, an appeal to your sympathy.

9. Sociopathy is the inability to process emotional experience, including love and caring.

10. Sociopathy is, at its very essence, ice-cold, like a dispassionate game of chess.

11. Sociopaths only feel the “primitive” emotions from immediate physical pain and pleasure, or from short-term frustrations and successes.

12. Narcissists can feel most emotions, but they are missing the ability to understand what other people are feeling.

13. Some theorists propose that North American culture, which values individualism, tends to foster the development of antisocial behavior.

14. When considering a new relationship of any kind, practice the Rule of Threes: Three lies means you’re dealing with a liar, and deceit is the linchpin of conscienceless behavior. Cut your losses and get out.

15. If you find yourself pitying someone who consistently hurts you, the chances are close to 100% that you are dealing with a sociopath.”  https://lovefraud.com/15-valuable-lessons-from-the-sociopath-next-door/

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I’m sorry, but I didn’t believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for a second.  I saw a psychopath hiding behind big glasses and hair bangs while she dealt out her pity play (probably professionally written by a novelist).  The glasses and bangs made it a little difficult.  One should look for ‘flashes’ of contempt and arrogance, moments of ‘stepping out of character’ to test the emotional effect, etc. — the glasses and bangs (psychopaths very often wear glasses to hide their machinations) made it almost impossible to notice these things.  However for me, her voice (‘I’m just a fragile flower, woe is me’) and emotions (delivered on cue and ceasing as quickly as they came on) didn’t ring true at all.

For grief, you want to see autonomous behaviors.  Watch vets discuss fallen comrades.  First they lose control of their bottom lip.  Then the voice.  Then the nose turns red and runs and/or tears flow.  This matched Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior, not Ford’s.  Now of course, one can always be wrong.  If I were a betting man I would bet 10,000 dollars on the above, but not a 100,000.  However I would bet that 100,000 on the psychopathic and/or psuedologic and/or seriously disturbed mental state of the other two claimants, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick.

Kavanaugh was lucky that for psychopaths, less is never more.  They can’t resist guilding the lily.  If one charge is good then a hundred over the top charges are even better.  Ms. Ramirez’s and Ms. Swetnick’s allegations actually weakened the attack on Kavanaugh’s character.

However the multiple charges were designed to enable Feinstein’s feigned incredulousness of “you mean you are calling all three liars?!!”  “Exactly!”  Dianne Feinstein is not a psychopath, but in my opinion, morally corrupt and bankrupt, distilled evil, 200 proof.  The corrupt always ally with the psychopaths – they form an eternal tag team.

We’ve seen this game played before, the 11th hour unprovable, undisprovable charges, against Roy Moore, The psychopathic gang stalking of Judge Roy Moore.   The Republican Party made a moral and strategic error in not going to the mat for the judge.  This later attack on Kavanaugh would never have happened.

In terms of the rallying cry of “Believe Survivors,” I can only say that I recall the similar cry of “Believe the Children”.  That campaign resulted in the personal destruction and imprisonment of numerous absolutely innocent of the charges adults affiliated with the McMartin Preschool facility.  Psychopathy played a role here also, with a psychopathic D.A.  (The McMartin Preschool hysteria.)  Lesson learned:  fantastic, fantabulous charges should always be accompanied by a request that the ones making the allegations prove they are not psychopaths.

To keep Brett Kavanaugh from being eternally damaged goods in the eyes of his opponents and much of America, the three accusers should be invited to prove just that.  This, they won’t do — so the argument should be made directly.  If any DNA is available it should be tested (though this area is a little murky).  If any committed provable perjury they and their attorneys should be pursued legally (it’s worth noting that psychopaths almost always have psychopathic attorneys).  For example there is a serious allegation that Dr. Ford is an expert on polygraph tests and has coached others on taking lie detector tests.  This should be pursued to see where the truth lies.

Psychopaths move through life like sharks through the water, but only because no one calls them on their behavior.  “Hello, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is . . .”, welcome to my blog.

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“The news website The Intercept said on Tuesday that a former reporter had fabricated quotations in some of his articles and impersonated other people by using email accounts in their names.

Betsy Reed, the news organization’s editor in chief, said that the first evidence appeared in late December and that the reporter, Juan Thompson, was fired on Jan. 4. In an online note to readers, she listed four articles that had been corrected and one that had been retracted.

Ms. Reed wrote that an internal investigation turned up instances in which Mr. Thompson quoted people who later said he had never interviewed them, could not remember speaking with him or whose identities could not be confirmed. She added that he had also quoted unnamed people he claimed to have met at public events whose words could not be verified and that he had used an email account in someone else’s name to impersonate a source.

The note also said he had created an account in her name.

. . . .

The retracted article was based on an interview with someone presented as Scott Roof, the cousin of Dylann Roof, who is accused of murdering nine people in a racially motivated attack in a church in Charleston, S.C., last June. In the article, Scott Roof is quoted saying that Dylann Roof’s hatred may have stemmed from a girl who chose to date a black man rather than him.

“After speaking with two members of Dylann Roof’s family, The Intercept can no longer stand by the premise of this story,” the retraction on top of the article says. “Both individuals said they do not know of a cousin named Scott Roof.”

. . . .

Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Thompson sent The New York Times an email addressed to Ms. Reed. In it he said he was undergoing radiation treatment for testicular cancer and had not had the time or energy to review his notes. He attributed the errors in his articles to poor reporting and the unwillingness of some of his subjects to go on the record, rather than to intentional prevarication.

. . . .

“This is a case of a troubled individual,” Ms. Reed wrote. “We have corrected the problems we found in his journalism in a transparent manner, and will continue to strive for the highest standards in our reporting.”” http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/03/business/media/the-intercept-says-reporter-falsified-quotations.html?_r=0

He’s probably also a pseudologue, he doesn’t seem to understand that there is an actual reality ‘out there’.

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It seems to be a natural human trait that victims’ accounts are often discounted — ‘there are two sides to every story’, ‘the victim must have an ax to grind’, etc.  Here everything was proven in court.  The is a tale of the incredible lengths some psychopaths will go for their own entertainment.  Lacking normal adult drives, they have to find other ways to occupy their time and their intelligence.

Looks human, but she's not

“A SCHEMING student who faked terminal cancer has been jailed for ruining her female lecturer’s life – costing the victim her marriage, home and job.

Devious Elisa Bianco, 22, spun a web of lies to manipulate Sally Rettallack “like a cuckoo in the nest”, a judge said.”  . . .

Judge Christopher Harvey Clark QC said: “It is a strange but very disturbing case.

“I can truthfully say it is the most extraordinary case I have had to deal with in a long time.

“You were like an uninvited cuckoo fledgling in the nest of a willow warbler – an unexpected offspring demanding to receive constant attention.””  http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/6817061/Scheming-student-faked-terminal-cancer-and-cost-her-college-tutor-her-marriage-home-and-job.html


““Four days later she arrived saying her mum was an alcoholic and had beaten her – it was completely untrue.

“I took her to Plymouth University on the first day of term – and felt glad she had reached that point and was out of my family to be honest.

“But the police told me she spent all of her grant partying and didn’t go to lectures.

“Instead, she arrived back at my door and upped the lies about health issues until it got to the point where she needed 24-hour care.

“I was showering Elisa and her hair was falling out in clumps as you’d expect with someone having chemotherapy.

“I only found out later she was cutting her hair at the roots so it would fall out as I combed it.

“She told me she was spending eight hours a day at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro – I would deliver her to the door in front of the renal unit in her pyjamas.

“She had her own locker at the hospital and staff gave her free food at three restaurants.

“Every day for five months, she would get changed into jeans and go on a jolly for the day.

“I was unaware she was getting money from her family to buy medical supplies so she could be covered in dressings and bandages when I arrived to bring her home at the end of the day.

“I would push her through the hospital in a wheelchair in her pyjamas and the cafe staff would say what a lovely girl she was – she duped everybody.

“She was incredibly clever and had no normal sense of conscience – it’s very scary.

“Me and my husband became estranged because of the pressure.

“He found solace in another woman and left and then five months later he wanted to come back.

“But the second we talked, Elisa would have a medical emergency. She managed to get between me and my four children and isolate me.

“She forged NHS medical records using the correct logos and signatures.

“She used two lap-tops and five mobile phones to pretend to be different people including a renal consultant.”

The court heard Elisa claimed to be so ill she began climbing into the lecturer’s bed for round-the-clock care.

The pair did not have a sexual relationship.

Sally told how Bianco created ‘John’, in an attempt to create an online romance.

Sally said: “She did try to push me towards a relationship of that nature with John – but he didn’t exist.

“It got to the point where she wanted me to send John intimate photos but I refused.

“She had a voice-changing device on her phone and used it to pretend to be John.

“John told me the reason his voice was quite high pitched was because he’d had throat cancer.

“But when I took a fancy to him and wanted to meet – she killed him off.

“We only found out everything was a charade because she made one fatal mistake.

“One day Elisa went to hospital and left a mobile phone at home. My husband Ralph phoned her dad who had no idea she was ill.

“Ralph said: ‘I’m sorry to tell you she is dying’ and her dad jumped in his car and drove to the hospital.

“Elisa phoned me screaming down the phone that her dad had abused her and we must not let him near her.

“I rushed to the hospital cardiology unit where she said she was having treatment – but when I went into the ward they knew nothing about her.

“I then went to the renal unit and they knew nothing – even though she was supposedly dying.

“She put on an amazing, terrifying act.

“Elisa had lost two stone in weight – presumably because of the pressure of juggling so many balls in the air.

“Nobody doubted the tumour on her kidney was killing her.

“She even used a little plastic bottle hidden under her clothes to make a noise like cracked ribs.

“She would use the trick in front of you and writhe in agony. Elisa even made a bloody bucket list.

“She was very interested in penguins. We went to London Zoo where we had a private viewing of the penguins – she had fluffy penguins everywhere.

“Then we went to visit her sister who was six months pregnant – and devastated when Elisa told her she was dying.

“I organised a 21st birthday party for her where all her friends were in tears because they thought it was her last.

“She wore some repulsive fairy wings and a tiara and said she was going to heaven.

“About 25 people turned up for the party and because Bianca said she couldn’t walk she sat on a sofa in the garden because she wanted to be a princess like Elsa from Frozen.

“It’s just sick, sick, sick.

“I got compassionate leave from work to look after her but I didn’t go back afterwards because I was not capable of it.

“When I looked at that girl in the dock I still couldn’t comprehend it was all a pack of lies.

“But all the tests on her mental condition came back negative.

“I’m now just a completely different person. I’m divorced from my husband and this has totally finished my life as I know it.

“I was a well paid lecturer for ten years but now I’ve lost my career.

“I spent thousands on Bianca and treated her like a daughter. My children are far more angry and hurt than I am.”

In a victim impact statement given to court, she added: “To discover this entire and person and relationship to be a fraud, just a young girl playing, was devastating and embarrassing to a level I find so hard to put into words.”

Sally has sold her home and moved to the South of France.”  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/dad-lying-student-jailed-wrecking-7055103

Before I was aware of interacting with psychopaths I did notice individuals who were abnormally successful in making others feel sorry for them.  I didn’t know what it meant, I didn’t even know the phrase ‘pity play’.  Other possible psychopathic traits that I (and others) noticed were astronomical arrogance, off the charts self satisfaction (both of these I now believe are biological), particular odd eyes/appearances, seeming complete lack of morality, and high manipulative ability (extreme Machiavellianism).  Sometimes friends and I would discuss individuals with these traits, we just didn’t know what it meant.  Sally had enough clues, she just couldn’t put it all together — I doubt if the word psychopath ever crossed her mind.

Sadly no one else in this story ever used the word psychopath either, not the judge, the journalists, or even the commenters.

Back to the possible psychopathic traits that the unknowing do notice.  There are many, many of them.  All the way to individuals who refuse to flush toilets — this is part of their arrested development, the contents are precious parts of themselves, or to traits that should only be considered if there are other possible psychopathic traits present — males who cook, for example.  There are many normal men who like to cook, but it seems to me that close to a 100% of psychopathic males do.   Few, if any, of these traits are sufficient or necessary for a determination (I don’t like the word diagnosis).  They are more like alerts.

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From http://180rule.com/psychopaths-are-opportunists/ (bolding added):

“The psychopath’s [defect] may seem a disadvantage, but in a 180 degree maneuver, he uses it as part of a pity ploy, asking people to make exceptions for his disability –and nice people doThey expect gratitude but they will get the opposite.  He will use this favor, that you did for him, to slide into your circle of trust. From there he might offer to work on your aircraft or car to show his appreciation.  He’ll make you feel safe.  Then he’ll sabotage you.   Ted Bundy used a fake cast, but this psychopath uses his real disabilities.  It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake, since they both work equally well, in the pity ploy.

I’ve noticed that psychopaths rarely have just one goal.  They layer their goalsThe first step is always to gather minions who will do their bidding.  Whether the psychopath wants sex, money, power or just needs drama, he will bring his players together like a conductor at a symphony.

They usually also plan an exit strategy, but it’s not very well planned because they don’t think they will lose.”

Related:  https://kyoung4.wordpress.com/2015/07/22/tests-of-loyalty-the-psychopaths-chisel/.

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Below is the comment I posted at Donna Anderson’s above titled Huffingtonpost article (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/26/marriage-fraud_n_3991732.html):

Everyone should know about the possibility of sociopathic romantic partners from age 15 on. The failure of “experts” to warn of this possibility is outrageous. She said she saw the signs but didn’t know what they meant. Nobody had ever taught her. Similarly every reader of this has known sociopaths (how many groups of twenty have you known?) and has even noticed the signs (conning ability, complete lack of morals, pity plays, arrogance, sometimes oddities, etc.) but didn’t know their meaning. Concerning some of the criticisms below, I’m sure that she knows full well that sociopathy is not a charge of convenience for an unhappy relationship and that she would agree that there is “no one easier to deceive, than one who wants to believe.” The latter is the coin of the realm for sociopaths. She and Lovefraud are trying to teach others to take care of themselves. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/pathwhisperer/marriage-fraud_n_3991732_288452584.html

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This is the first time I’ve ever seen this search.  All I can say, the most extreme female sociopath I’ve ever known said cats and dogs hated her.  Was this just something unique to her or do dogs and cats have some innate sense of fairplay?  Did they recognize her as a rapacious, reptilian-minded predator?  I don’t know.  [More in the comments below.]

Other searches

Pseudologia fantastica in real person: Yep, it’s real alright.  Actually if one is not immediately caught up and swept away by the pseudologue’s “pity play” then they are more obvious than regular sociopaths — their stories are so extreme and fantastical.

How to get a workplace sociopath to leave: Good luck.

How to let go of a sociopath: This will happen when your soul (not your mind) realizes there is no soul in the other person.  If this doesn’t happen, perhaps the other person is not a sociopath or perhaps you are actually fighting a realization that one of your parents is sociopathic ($50 please).

Or in the emotional immediacy of transsociopathica‘s words:

A few months after you have recovered you will wonder what you ever saw in these things. They will rapidly seem cold, ugly, empty, pathetic, distorted and almost deformed to you. That’s because this is what they are, always were, and you are finally perceiving them in their real unmasked state. This ‘broken beast’ is all that’s left and the only memory you’ll have of them going into the future. It’s all they deserve, because it is all they are.  http://transsociopathica.blogspot.com/2009/10/farewell-my-sociopath-hello-real-love.html

Sociopath at parties: Due to few inhibitions and no shame they can be real lives of the party.  Read “The Incredible Charlie Carewe” (http://www.amazon.com/incredible-Charlie-Carewe-Mary-Astor/dp/B00005W69S). Some are also very, very skillful at party crashing. (https://kat.cr/the-incredible-charlie-carewe-mary-astor-mobi-t7972573.html, https://openlibrary.org/books/OL5798604M/The_incredible_Charlie_Carewe).

Sociopath and blackmailing: Goes together like ham and eggs.  They love crimes without consequence.

Pictures of  Thomas Capano: Hmmm.  This is a repeat search.  He’s the only one of my blog’s possible sociopaths (more than possible in his case) whose picture people seem particularly interested in.  I don’t know why.

I was with a sociopath for 8 years…why? For one thing, since no one is ever informed of this possibility as they are growing up or upon reaching romantic age, it often takes years for someone to realize their situation.  Also, as the sociopath often cons relatives of the non-sociopath, individuals in your position are really on their own.  Addressing this is one of the main missions of my blog.

You have a lot of company.  Ann Landers was married for thirty years to the sociopath, in my opinion of course, Jules Lederer (who she described as the best salesman in the world).  They met while she was shopping for a wedding dress for her upcoming marriage to another person.  Just the kind of challenge that might appeal to a “super” sociopath.  Also, as I recall, her sister, Dear Abby, criticized her after the divorce for not understanding her husband.

Are sociopaths giving to neighbors and friends? I have witnessed such behavior, but it was only used to engender goodwill to set up later depredations.  Like a “pity play” (all sociopaths excel at inducing people to feel sorry for them) it brings people to their side emotionally.  Often, it seems, they want a reservoir of protectors before they commit their antisocial depredations (such as date/friend rape, “dress gray” rape, tricking a teen neighbor into prostitution, outright thievery, “murder by suicide” bullying (this is no exaggeration), blackmail, etc.).  They want the accuser to be met with angry disbelief (anger that such a nice person would be accused).  Not only do they wish to protect themselves through “plausible lies,” they want to place their victims in the position of having to claim “implausible truths.”

Can God change a sociopath? The short answer is no.  That would be akin to changing a stone into a block of wood, or lead to gold.  If the question is actually can sociopaths be lead to see the error of their ways and cease being sociopaths, unfortunately the answer is absolutely not.  Sociopaths have their own nature, they are the way they are born to be.  “Socially acceptable psychopaths” (SAPs) who, by definition are capable as passing in normal society, can choose whether or not to follow society’s norms and laws but they can’t feel them.  Justice and empathy are just empty words, even to them.  This searcher might be interested in the post,  More structural brain abnormalities seen in psychopaths.  I think its clear that most sociopaths are born with these brain structures.  Related posts on psychopathy/sociopathy brain structures:  https://pathwhisperer.info/2014/12/09/psychopathy-marker-neurodevelopmental-marker-for-limbic-maldevelopment-in-antisocial-personality-disorder-and-psychopathy/https://pathwhisperer.info/2011/11/29/criminal-minds-will-testing-the-brain-even-before-birth-separate-the-good-seeds-from-the-bad/https://pathwhisperer.info/2015/02/01/psychopaths-brains-dont-grasp-punishment-scans-reveal/https://pathwhisperer.info/2014/02/03/post-redux-what-the-heck-are-these-brain-structures-meaningful-or-not/https://pathwhisperer.info/2015/09/18/test-all-presidential-candidates/.

Drifter & sociopath: The drifters and rolling stones of life are in fact often sociopaths, driven by boredom and lack of emotional bonds.  Boredom is simply one of their prime driving forces.  Thus the backwaters, catch basins and outposts of empires or large nations have a much higher sociopathic percentage — for example, California, Australia and New Zealand.

Will my baby be born a sociopath?: Here’s a heart breaker.  From the little I know, it seems the genetics of sociopathy is very complex.  I’ll try to look into this further.  If this searcher was attracted to a sociopath because one of her parents was sociopathic the odds aren’t good.

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