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“I bet people in your life questioned why you ended up with some psychopathic loon for a partner, and just how did you become so compliant? Where did your strength, your energy, your inner fight and determination go?  How did this person end up wielding SO much power and control over your life?

For some people, it was an easy target. The person was either sick, heartbroken, looking for someone or bereaved. The weak and the vulnerable are easy targets. But what about the other people? Those with good careers? Strong, independent people? Just how did you end up in a relationship with someone who held so much power and control over your life?

Shhhhh….. it is far more than seduction techniques

Let’s face it most people can see through a sleaze bag chat up person a mile off. Their fake smile, and cheesy lines say it all. The cracks start to appear almost from day one. But the Sociopath is different. They have mastered their craft. Being without the normal range of human emotions, they are not held back, and are free to take over another persons life.

This is more than the average seduction techniques. One that you might witness on a used car sales lot as the sleaze bag tries to convince you to buy a clapped out banger. Trying to convince you that it is the bargain of the century that you won’t get elsewhere.

The Sociopath is a master at their craft. Sociopaths need victims that they can own, possess and control. The initial stage is the assessment, where they appear very interested in you, your life, your history, your family and friends. You wouldn’t know that their stories about their life, are either wildly elaborate from the truth, or more likely, outrageous lies. The mirroring of their experiences with yours builds an initial sense of trust. You see, gaining your trust is of utmost importance to the Sociopath. Without trust, you are nothing to them. They need to gain trust, and then the real work can commence.

By asking you a set of questions, creating false scenarios, to see how you respond and react, observing how you interact with others, and how others interact with you, they can build an accurate picture of:

Your core soul wound

I do not think that it was an accident that my ex, when he took off onto internet dating sites (they can’t be alone) after we split, he used the name soul soother.

At interview/assessment stage the Sociopath will discover:

  • Who you are
  • Any weaknesses In your armour
  • Any unresolved hurt and pain from the past
  • Any issues from childhood
  • Who are your support network (who will stand in the way)
  • Ultimately, what your core soul wound is”

Trust – Taking Possession and Control – Sociopath Hypnosis Soothing Core Soul Wounds

Transsociopathica, when he was trying to sell his “demon theory” of psychopathy, had a commenter (probably himself actually, his blog was simultaneously a fraud and deep truth containing) write in that empaths ‘walk around practically screaming their deepest emotional needs, and that he [the commenter] could effortlessly become the person to answer those needs’ (paraphrasing from memory).  Their skills are that deep.

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Did you mean that ‘jackass laugh’?  (Tune into radio shockjock shows for examples.)

One year in Bill Hickey’s acting class we had a male student who was extremely crude, a complete boor, he even had that sociopathic jackass laugh.  But in his acting exercises and scenes he would put on incredibly emotionally nuanced, fine grained performances.  Even then I realized that that persona was his true self.  I now believe his father was a sociopath and that he had equated maleness with sociopathy.  It seems he had gone into acting to keep his soul alive.

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I read this quite a few years ago, recently looked it up again (http://generallythinking.com/research/mealey-1995-the-sociobiology-of-sociopathy/).  [Still available at http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/sociobiology%C2%AD_of_sociopathy.pdf.]

Sociopaths are “outstanding” members of society in two senses: politically, they command attention because of the inordinate amount of crime they commit, and psychologically, they elicit fascination because most of us cannot fathom the cold, detached way they repeatedly harm and manipulate others. Proximate explanations from behavior genetics, child development, personality theory, learning theory, and social psychology describe a complex interaction of genetic and physiological risk factors with demographic and micro-environmental variables that predispose a portion of the population to chronic antisocial behavior.

. . .

My basic premise is that sociopaths are designed for the successful execution of social deception and that they are the product of evolutionary pressures which, through a complex interaction of environmental and genetic factors, lead some individuals to pursue a life history strategy of manipulative and predatory social interactions. On the basis of game theoretic models this strategy is to be expected in the population at relatively low frequencies in a demographic pattern consistent with what we see in contemporary societies. It is also expected to appear preferentially under certain social, environmental, and developmental circumstances which I hope to delineate.

. . .

2.1.3  Sex differences and the “two-threshold” model Cloninger put forth a “two threshold” polygenic model to account for both the sex difference in sociopathy and its spectral nature (Cloninger, Reich & Guze 1975; Cloninger, Christiansen, Reich & Gottesman 1978). According to the model, sociopaths are individuals on the extreme end of a normal distribution whose genetic component is (1) polygenic and (2) to a large degree, sexlimited.  [Sex- limited genes, not to be confused with sex-linked genes, are those which are located on the autosomes of both sexes but which are triggered into expression only within the chemical/ hormonal microenvironment of one sex or the other. Common examples include beard and mustache growth in men, and breast and hip development in women.] If a large number of the many genes underlying sociopathy are triggered by testosterone or some other androgen, many more men than women will pass the threshold of the required number of active genes necessary for its outward expression.  According to the two-threshold model, those females who do express the trait must have a greater overall “dose” or “genetic load” (i.e, they are further out in the extreme of the normal distribution of genotypes) than most of the males who express the trait. This proposition has been supported by data showing that in addition to the greater overall risk for males as opposed to females, there is a also greater risk for the offspring (and other relatives) of female sociopaths as compared to the offspring (and other relatives) of male sociopaths. This phenomenon cannot be accounted for either by sex-linkage or by the differential experiences of the sexes.  Besides providing a proximate explanation for the greater incidence of male sociopathy and crime, the two-threshold model also explains on a proximate level the finding that males are more susceptible to environmental influences than females. Somewhat paradoxically, while a male will express sociopathy at a lower “genetic dose” than is required for expression in a female, the heritability of the trait is greater for females, meaning that the environmental component of the variance is greater for males (8).  The two-threshold model thus explains in a proximate sense what sociobiologists would predict from a more ultimate perspective. The fact that males are more susceptible than females to the environmental conditions of their early years fits well with sociobiological theory, in that the greater variance in male reproductive capacity makes their “choice” of life strategy somewhat more risky and therefore more subject to selective pressures (Symons 1979, Buss 1988, Mealey & Segal 1993). Sociobiological reasoning thus leads to the postulate that males should be more sensitive to environmental cues that (1) trigger environmentally-contingent or developmentally-canalized life history strategies or (2) are stimuli for which genetically based individual differences in response thresholds have evolved. (Recall mechanisms 3, 4 & 5 for the maintenance of mixed-strategy ESSs in a population.)


So that’s why female sociopaths tend to be so spectacular — that full genetic dosage, for example, Stacy Castor (https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/ah-those-spectacular-female-psychopaths-stacey-castor-the-black-widow/).  I recall a documentary on one woman who convinced her new husband that she had cancer, disappeared for a while, came back and told her husband that his wife had died and that she was her own twin sister, took up a conjugal living arrangement with her own husband, the neighbors weren’t fooled however and called the authorities, who discovered she had murdered her earlier family (a quick search did not find this, but I believe it was from a Kurtis Productions documentary (American Justice or Justice Files) — they have an excellent series of documentaries on sociopathy).  Imagine the nerve of that female Lehman Brothers HR SVP canceling my freelance assignment for giving friends some eight pages on how to recognize sociopaths, never imagining she would/could be recognized.

Transsociopathica always said that the sociopathic women he knew were all high in testosterone.  It turns out that’s true. (I no longer believe Transsociopathica was who he seemed to be (before I realized this I totally freaked out when his blog disappeared, which was immediately after I had discovered that Linda Mealey and Kathy Krajco had died prematurely), but he still spoke many truths.)

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Quoting Liberty from Lies quoting Kathy Krajco:

Facing Facts

One reason why the victims don’t face facts about a narcissist is because we don’t want to face the fact that we mean nothing to them. The ego doesn’t want to know that. For, being valued by another at absolute zero is a degrading value judgement.

When this is someone in your family, that fact is traumatic. We think about how much we have loved them, how often we have stuck up for them, how many times in the past we sacrificed for them. And here all along they cared NOTHING for us in return!

They just fed off us like a parasite, taking us for a sap.

This is why denial is so dangerous. Facing facts, no matter how unpleasant, is better. Because when you do address the issue in your mind, you see who is degraded by the narcissist’s refusal to relate humanly to human beings.

Not the human beings, that’s for sure.

Knowing that makes you able to accept the truth about them. And when you accept the truth about them, you break the cycle of abuse.

Kathy Krajco [who passed away unexpectedly and suddenly]


What Kathy termed narcissists I would term sociopaths (or psychopaths).

From transsociopathica:

For a normal human being at the end of a relationship with a Demonic Sociopath Entity, one of the most startling aspects/horrors of them ending a relationship with you is how they can literally switch you off as if you never existed.


One of the reasons that narcissists are often confused with/considered sociopaths is that they can do the above also.  Without going into it here, I think narcissism is a deep psychological choice but sociopathy is an alternate genetic arrangement.

I often feel I should be spending more time posting, but as you can see there is a lot out there.

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