What’s the explanation of James Comey’s bad judgement?

Easy, his arrested development is approximately at the 9 year old level.  Also look at his facial expressions.  I’ve never seen him walk, but it might be worth paying attention to.  I believe he’s a psychopath.

Now, some readers may be saying, ‘wait a minute, how could all these fine upstanding individuals in fine upstanding jobs be psychopaths?”  Why not?  They aren’t rare.  There are more SAPs (socially acceptable psychopaths) than failed ones.  They aren’t wearing sandwich boards announcing what they are.  Ted Bundy would probably have appeared to be a fine upstanding judge if his plans had come to fruition.

This is a good time to drain the swamp at the FBI.  Test every FBI agent for psychopathy.

The FBI has been a criminal organization for a long time.  They tried to murder by suicide Martin Luther King Jr. by sending him a blackmail tape of a sexual encounter accompanied by a letter suggesting he protect his reputation.  Serious felony.  No FBI individual was ever arrested or even fired for this crime.  They successfully murdered by suicide the actress Jean Seberg.  They compromised or blackmailed or threatened (perhaps to take away her children) an ex-girlfriend of Washington Mayor Marion Barry into setting him up in a cocaine sting.  This is what the FBI does.

Here, The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings – the FBI found itself blameless.  That’s a shocker.

“The F.B.I. takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents, and as such we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally,” a bureau spokesman said.

But if such internal investigations are time-tested, their outcomes are also predictable: from 1993 to early 2011, F.B.I. agents fatally shot about 70 “subjects” and wounded about 80 others — and every one of those episodes was deemed justified, according to interviews and internal F.B.I. records obtained by The New York Times through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The last two years have followed the same pattern: an F.B.I. spokesman said that since 2011, there had been no findings of improper intentional shootings.

How arrested in development of them.  An adult knows that perfection is unobtainable.  A child thinks perfection is better than imperfection.

On top of everything else, now the FBI is part of the NSA/FBI/Fusion Center apparatus, a greater danger to human freedom than communist East Germany’s STASI ever was.

More:  Creating terrorists: The FBI’s dark history of provoking violent attacks.   AMERICAN GANGSTER.

Sean Shaynak

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Doesn’t know right from wrong, doesn’t understand what he did wrong, pansexual, developmentally arrested, consequences schmonsequences, psychopath.

High school should have known about ‘sex predator’ teacher

In the eyes of the law, an individual is innocent until proven guilty of course.  Here the public, and I’ve joined in, is judging him guilty.  I believe there is enough believable and uncoordinated first person testimony on the public record.  Unsupported statements from the police, prosecutors etc. should be considered hearsay until proven in court.  We’ll see.

Currently Sanford Rubenstein faces serious charges.  I urge no rush to judgment.  The charges absolutely deserve to be investigated, but so does the background of the accuser for ties to law enforcement of the Cointelpro type.  I’m not saying he’s not guilty, I’m not saying he’s guilty, we don’t have enough evidence in the public record to know.  Moving to Occupy, they should have investigated (when they had money) the individuals accused of and accusing others of criminal acts.  There is a long record of U.S. law enforcement engaging in character assassinations.

Dov Charney, fired CEO of American Apparel

Open message to FTI Consulting, I am offering my services, for $50,000, to create a dossier on Dov Charney’s psychopathic behaviors and consistencies, supporting the proposition that he is in fact a psychopath.

Psychopaths have no need of privacy, like little children playing with their privates in front of the guests.  This trait, primitive, undeveloped sexuality with privacy unnecessary, is simply an aspect of the devastating arrested development of psychopaths, the primary psychopathic throughline.

For more info:  http://gawker.com/heres-ex-american-apparel-ceo-dov-charney-dancing-with-1593500201.

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Psychopaths have a lot of difficulty having that second thought, so does Rep. Grimm

Psychopaths are in such devastated arrested development, that it is very difficult for them to reconsider impulses, to put the brakes on.  An individual psychopath’s position on this continuum is one of the great deciding factors between failed and successful (passing) psychopaths.

Quoting myself,

Elsewhere I have suggested it might be possible to pin down a sociopath’s approximate age level (somewhere in the latency period) but their development is a very odd amalgam with certain almost infantile traits.  The above is one, another is their inability to differentiate between the self and the self’s emotional desires (to them these are not two things).  Being emotionally thwarted is taken to be an attack on the self. [Emotionally/psychologically it “hurts” them.] Source.

Rep. Grimm’s presuming the camera is off with the interview being over is also consistent with psychopathy.  This very shallow, not all possibilities entertained, thinking is very typical of psychopaths and children.

We’ve got to keep psychopaths from having power over kids — the Kiera Wilmot story

Dr. John Stewart, Superintendent

Ron Pritchard, Principal

Tammy Glotfelty, Assistant State Attorney , Florida.

Kiera Wilmot’s, who was expelled and is being prosecuted for a science experiment that blew the cap off a soda bottle, only mistake was failing to realize that the adult world has gone insane and, in this case, is controlled by looney tune nutcases.  I’m not saying that all 3 of the above people are psychopaths, but they are certainly operating in psychopathy modality — absolutely heartlessly.  If they were/are not acting knowingly maliciously, then they are displaying a complete lack of adult judgment, which is a trait of psychopathic arrested development.

Ron Pritchard:  “She made a bad choice. Honestly, I don’t think she meant to ever hurt anyone. She wanted to see what would happen [when the chemicals mixed] and was shocked by what it did.'” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2318258/A-science-project-gone-bad-16-year-old-good-girl-arrested-expelled-accidental-explosion-experiment.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490  So why expel her and refer the case to law enforcement?

Florida School Responds to Criticism for Expelling Student Over Science Project: “There Are Consequences to Actions” http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2013/05/florida_school_responds_to_cri.php.  Psychopathic thinking to a ‘t’.

One sees this over and over again.  I was talking to a friend about his grand jury service here in NY, it was evident that the psychopathic members of the grand jury were just throwing the book at defendants without any mercy.  They couldn’t/can’t care less about destroying lives.  In NYC, young people get jail sentences for having pocketknives one can buy in any Lowes or Home Depot if they get picked up in a ‘stop and frisk.’

For more info:  http://raniakhalek.com/2013/05/01/kiera-wilmot-16-arrested-expelled-and-charged-with-felonies-for-bad-science-experiment/, http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2013/04/florida_teen_girl_charged_with.php.

All the authorities involved in the decision to expel and prosecute Kiera Wilmot should be fired.  They should also be tested for psychopathic brain structures to keep them from ever having such jobs again.  http://www.polk-fl.net/districtinfo/superintendent.htm, http://www.bartowhighschool.com/faculty.htm

Here’s an interesting discussion of this zero tolerance insanity:  https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/whats-behind-the-punishment-for-fake-guns-in-schools/.

Hopefully Kiera Wilmot’s response will be one of anger, not bewildered defeat.

Kiera Wilmot

To those who claim psychopath is simply a term of denigration for jerks, read this search: son blackmailing mom into sex

My blog was found by this search.  I’ve never heard of this situation before, but it’s not really surprising.  The early phase of puberty takes place before the internalization of incest taboos.  Psychopaths live there, at that phase.

Blackmail is simply a huge problem.  Psychopaths love it, if it’s successful it’s a crime without consequence for the perp, the victim is drawn into the crime.  The victim by protecting themselves also protects the blackmailer.

I don’t think this situation will end well.  Dads aren’t slow, males are geared towards recognizing female infidelity and a partner’s lover — if they all live in the same home . . .

I certainly hope she doesn’t consider justifiable homicide, heck no, nosireebob, that would be a crime, not to mention wrong, just wrong.

Sex at point of blackmail is really rape.  We’re not talking jerks, we’re talking guys who’d rape their mothers.