Is there a ‘Training Day’ crew in the NYPD and are they targetting me?

Training Day of course is the movie starring Denzel Washington as a psychopathic police detective (

What prompts this post is that some pics disappeared from my cellphone, pics of the screw in the tread at the time of my near collision on the Jersey Turnpike.  There’s now a gap in the picture numbers.  I did not delete them.  This is a follow up to posts,  To the de Blasio administration, I hereby volunteer to identify NYPD whiteshirt psychopaths, gratis, and For the record / anomalies.

The sequence of events follows:

1.  I filed papers with the CCRB that identified the psychopathic captain/detective by license plate numbers (I do not know his name or title), described in the first of the two posts above, that I knew from harassment episodes (or that I believed to be so) (the NYPD legal department also has this info) .

2.  The next day when I moved the car I noticed gum wrappers under my car that hadn’t been there before.

3.  The same day, I was nearly slammed into the divider approaching the 14C tollbooths on the NJ Turnpike by a faster and much larger car that had paced and moved aggressively towards me.   His driving seemed purposeful, but it’s hard to be sure.

4.  I later saw by the indicator caps that the driver’s side rear tire was running on the sidewalls.  The air pressure was 10 psi.  If I had put a lateral load on that tire in the accident evasion it probably would have peeled off the rim with a very dangerous situation developing.

5.  Just the other day I found the pics of the flat with the screw in the tread to be missing.

Now, I could be wrong about the purposefulness of the other driver, the surprising coincidences could be just that, the driver could be totally independent of others mentioned.  However I didn’t delete the pics.

The other driver could be identified by EZPass info and lane cameras.  The late model black Toyota Sienna went through the far left westbound EZPass lane at 14C of the NJTP within 5 minutes either way of 1:30 pm on 6/4/14.

The handmaidens of psychopathy are lying, framing and blackmail (  We’ll see what happens next.

The whole reason I started this series of posts is to get to the bottom of a character assassination campaign.  If the near accident was related that puts a lie to it, why not just tell me and I’d slink away presumably.  If it were true no need to go to these lengths.

One thought on “Is there a ‘Training Day’ crew in the NYPD and are they targetting me?

  1. I still use an old flip-phone – not really familiar with how the new smart-phones work. How would someone go about deleting pics from you phone? Can it be done remotely as with a pc or laptop or would they need physical access to your phone? If done remotely, would they need to hack your password?

    A few years back I studied a bit about several reported cases of “multiple stalkers” targeting individuals, only one of which was ever proven. (Coincidentally, the case that was proven seemed the most “iffy” to me while some of the other cases seemed most likely for real – just a personal observation.) One thing I remember that some of the cases had in common was the presence of an unusual amount of out-of-state license plates surrounding the victims while driving. Victims were continuously being “cut off” in traffic, and “boxed in”, that sort of thing. They weren’t usually forced into actual accidents but were often “freaked out” – placed in scary situations – while driving. Off the road, victims were subjected to various forms of “character assassination” – at work, at school, and even places they didn’t frequent regularly, like a library or museum.
    They also reported an unusual amount of “hang-up calls”, wrong numbers and/or obscene calls.

    That’s just a few things I remember. You might try Googling multiple stalker-type situations to see if any of it sounds familiar. Saving pictures and other documentation is definitely important but you don’t want to limit your reports to authorities to only the worst or most dangerous situations. You can report every little thing and even if it doesn’t amount to anything by itself, the little things can add up – plus I would ask whoever you speak to when making reports to be sure to make a note (file a report), for the purpose of “legal” documentation.

    – buster


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