I mean, you’ve got a lot to lose. Mums the word for people with secrets. Why are psychopaths so worried that not everyone is taking it?

Arnold Schwarzenegger to anti-maskers: “Screw your freedom … you’re a schmuck”

What a meshuganah.

Say, maybe you could resolve something for me. I’ve always wondered about your breakfast meeting with Gray Davis after you defeated him in the Calif gov election. Does something happen when you get within a few feet of each other? Vulcan mind meld? Borg unity orgasm? Wonder if Maria Shriver noticed anything.

Here’s another one, I understand that a day or two after Joe Scarborough’s intern, Lori Klausutis, was found dead with her skull bashed in, that Joe and her husband shared a plane ride side by side. Unfortunately I can’t indepently confirm this. My source is a citizen investigator at The Democratic Underground who collected every news item on the story he could find. Hmm.

Oh, Mika, you’re unhappy. Don’t worry ahead of time, hopefully he’ll still value you after the show is over. Say, your father was said to have received an earlier version of “Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes” by Andrew M. Lobaczewski (https://www.pilulerouge.com/product/pp/ ). Maybe you could check his effects?

Hey folks, it’s a cookbook.

TWILIGHT ZONE : To Serve Man - The Original Ending

Donald Rumsfeld passed away on June 29, 2021.

Rumsfeld: “The only things that are lasting are conflict, blackmail, and killing.” Psychopaths and blackmail, they go together like ham and eggs.


Ah, It’s good to see that my cyber and sometimes physical stalker NYPD Secret Psycho Officer Stealth Angel is in good form.  The latest death threat, yesterday (06/10/21).

[Pics to come (unfortunately this software was hacked and the add media button and other editing capabilities disabled).  Pics below added July 21, 2021.]  

These are death threats from a cop (plus Short Stuff’s signature riser boots).  They (hacked Adword ads) started years ago in response to my filing my first FOIL against the liars outfit, the NYPD (I’ve filed two).  The NYPD refuses to protect me from their psycho, so I’ll have to rely on self help to identify him, armed only with a camera.  Maybe the NYPD holds keepcopsnormal.wordpress.com against me (another blog of mine, tho no longer updated). In my opinion the NYPD is too unprofessional to do their job professionally, sad.

Meanwhile, on the home front, I was told that the NYPD has tapped into the live video feed inside my building.  It seems by my old harasser, TLC6Y87/DPL8171/DPAtheBONOBOKING.  I tested this out by taking a pic of the coop board membership list in front of a camera (also so I would have a record of legal responsibility if TLC/DPL/DPA was proven to be involved, lacking a warrant, acting privately, misusing police powers (as he has done for years, over 25 years), etc.).  They all freaked out and now I haven’t seen them for months.  I haven’t seen most of the psychopaths in the building (5 – 6) for months either, since I said I counted on them to silently back me up, or not, on my announcements on publicly known psychopaths (such as the psychopath Cuomo).  Do they all have the feed also?

Psychopathic gang stalking is very real (I should add that our new mailman is also a genetic psychopath in my opinion).  If they are cooking something up, I doubt it’s mac and cheese.  Psychopaths have a natural liars culture (though some don’t engage) and the NYPD has a cultural liars culture.  I’ve filed two FOILs against the NYPD.  In my opinion from both my experience and reading other cases, they don’t recognize it as the law and lie freely in response (the penalty for their lying is too slight).  Others have even sued them for lieing, but these claims have been defeated.  From what i’ve seen, most FOILs are denied, the local courts usually back them up, the only hope being in the higher appeals.  I’ve also gone to the NYPD’s Dept. of Internal Affairs, the Civilian Complaint Review Board and contacted the ADA Special Prosecutions (?) office.  All three contacts were extremely interesting.

Back to the home front, I should probably publicly identify my building’s psychopaths for my own protection.  However that’s against my instincts, is irrevocable, complicates things with spouses, etc.  I do want to say that I suspect an upstairs neighbor (the worst neighbor I have ever had) to be a likely psychopath.  Once, I called her up in the emergency situation of water pouring down from a leaking radiator valve.  Her response, she was sorry for my discomfort but why was I sharing my troubles with her.  HELLO, the problem was in my apt., the cause in hers.  But psychopaths live in a child’s magical world, cause and effect are beyond them.  Another time water was coming down in the bathroom.  I went upstairs to see the shower running hot water full blast against the shower/tub tile wall in order to convert the bathroom into a steam room. HELLO, there’s grout missing between your tiles.  Her response, as I recall, that the super told her that that was no problem.  Was that the first lie that came to mind?  I believe she’s on the board and also was a past board president.

In October, 2020, I witnessed a get together between her and a Janet Malcolm lookalike on a park bench.  Then when this lookalike left she seemed to walk two blocks out of her way, passing within 20 feet of us.  This individual was very thin, so thin that it brought out her heart shaped facial skeletal features, 95 -105 lbs, slightly over 5 ft., dark shortish wavy hair.  Anyone know Malcolm’s physical characteristics?


Meanwhile, during the pandemic, the group therapy cult of the mentally ill evil resurfaced (read People of the Lie, Scott Peck (whom I consider a psychopathy truth martyr)).  During a facetime call to relatives that we decided to make outdoors in a park, a member I recognized suddenly showed up and sat down on the next bench.  The same occurred in a physical get together with other relatives in the same park (though a different cult member showed up).  The latest contact was with a big moose of a man named Mack.  My instant reading of him was that he was extremely troubled, soul wounded, guilt ridden and violent (and he’s a big guy, 6′ 3″, 275 or so). The last time I saw him he was carrying a heavy tree branch on his shoulder like a baseball bat.  If he is a member of the therapy group in question, then there are real problems.

Then in the last few days I’ve been repeatedly running into unmarked police cars cruising by (yesterday there were both my upstairs neighbor and parked, occupied unmarked cars out in the park during my dogwalk).  Presumably nothing to do with me, there’s certainly no reason for it to be.  Unless the liars are lying again.

Turned on a microwave detector . . .

It lit up, pulsing, under incoming microwaves.  You tell me what was happening.

This individual (or his wife or both, they are a psychopathic couple) have shown up multiple times (15-20??), within 20 feet of me, within hours of serious arrhythmia episodes.  This was later in the same day.  No further comment.

I just found this web page. I am presenting it as a standalone item of interest and value.  I know nothing about the owner, Lawrence Turner, or the website.  I neither endorse nor disendorse either.  I’m not interested in searching for authors or sites to trust.  If someone says that he and his site are just terrible, I don’t care,  I’m only presenting this post.  I hope you find it of interest, I agree with probably 80 – 85% of it. http://www.unique-design.net/library/myth/social/psycho.html

Cannabis Use Linked to Better Social Skills in Psychosis

Systematic review of the antipsychotic properties of cannabidiol

When attempting to understand current cultural conditions knowledge of past economic, social and political process is mandatory.
Understanding political forces that lead a nation towards fascism,communism or toward a socially liberal democractic republic is essential.
Individual motive or intent (agency) is typically airbrushed from the political narrative because human action is deemed to have been shaped by the dead weight of history or forces beyond individual human control.

Psychopaths in leadership positions may seem to lead a cultural astray.

Why would a sane culture elevate psychopaths into positions of power?

Identifying Psychopaths

Defense Against the Psychopath

Psychopaths Rule The World

Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Evil

Rise of the Second-String Psychopaths

6 Reasons We Can’t Spot a Psychopath in Our Midst

Therapeutic Potential of Cannabinoids in Psychosis

psychopaths vs humanity

Link Between Sleep Deprivation
& Mental Illnesses (Psychosis)

Yupik Eskimos apply the word Kunlangeta to a man who repeatedly lies, cheats, steals, takes sexual advantage of many women.

Kunlangeta do not pay attention to reprimands.

How do the Yupik deal with Kunlangeta ?

Somebody would have pushed him off the ice when nobody was looking.”

Inuit Cartography

The Book of Wisdom for Eskimo

Indigenous Perspective on Mind and Morality

Psychopathy is difficult to discern in the individual that studies human behavior and mimics it.

As all social behavior is learned through mimesis only careful observation reveals the difference between the psychopathic individual that observes human emotion and mimics it and the revelation of true emotion.

In a Gesellschaft community emotion must be masked unless one wants to become a target of the psychopathic predators.

300 BC Theophrastus defines the basic characteristics of psychopathy in his study The Characters.

1800 AD This fearless condition came to be referred to as manie sans délire (“insanity without delirium“), a term that evolved into moral insanity, the key symptom of which is a “defective conscience.”

1941 Dr. Hervey M. Cleckley of the Medical College of Georgia systematically defines a psychopath:

A person without a conscience who feels no empathy, remorse or guilt and who lacks the ability to experience a wide range of human emotions.

Emotions are confined to a narrow range of primitive proto-emotions such as anger, frustration and rage.

Psychopathscharming, charismatic, popular and admiredpathological liars and expert manipulators victimizing family, friends and strangers.

Sleep Disorders in Early Psychosis:
Incidence and Association With Clinical Symptoms

Sleep deprivation leads to symptoms of schizophrenia

Polygraph tests register physiological stress responses to the anxiety of lying.

Psychopaths lies register no different than baseline emotion.

Psychopaths, not mentally ill nor delusional, are rationally dissociated and intelligent, but lack the emotions that befuddle normal people.

Psycopaths have no fear of consequences and enjoy risk as they need novelty, stimulation and living on the edge to compensate for their emotional vacuity.

Psychopaths, prone to grandiosity, engage in moral reasoning that is glib and superficial and blame others for the consequences of their actions.

Psychopaths, like empaths, are able to accurately read emotion and gauge weak points with fine precision as they have no emotion to cloud judgement.

A focused predatory rational consciousness can identify characteristics not entirely survival driven and use those characteristics to manipulate victims.

Psychopaths, extremely convincing, pass polygraph tests with ease.

Psycho Killer

What can we learn about emotion by studying psychopathy?

Increased testosterone-to-cortisol ratio in psychopathy

Economic decision-making in psychopathy:
a comparison with ventromedial prefrontal lesion patients

Psychopathy and lifetime experiences of depression

“How to spot a psychopath”. Lay theories of psychopathy

Psychopathy, traumatic exposure, and lifetime posttraumatic stress

“All Psychopaths are Narcissists,
but not all Narcissists are Psychopaths”

Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists

20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists,
Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You

only the apathetic survive

In the presence of a psychopath empaths frequently report that the air seems to crackle with electricity as their hearts began racing and they move to the edge of their chair ready to flee or fight.

This may be an ancient intraspecies predator-response system in which the empath recognizes the psychopath as a Soulless One.

Skull & Crossbones claims psychopathology isn’t a “cognitive disorder” at all, but is more accurately considered an adaptive, evolutionary trait.

In societies where most people are inhibited by a conscience, a finely tuned, camouflaged predator can find an adaptive niche.

Successful evolutionary adaptation hinges on sexually active Reptilians being more promiscuous than non-psychopathic Mammalians.

The frequency of Reptilian sexual transactions, uninhibited use of coercion,tendency to shuffle Mammalian partners allows them considerably better than average advantage of passing along cold blue blood genes.

A culture with psychopathic tendencies may cause people to respond in a psychopathic manner who might otherwise be restrained from doing so.

Permanent war requires Reptilian leaders as most soldiers that embrace psychopathic action are tormented by profound feelings of guilt and remorse.

Street and motorcycle gangs, organized international Reptilian families andcorporate boards of directors all hail from psychopathic anticultures.

Modern Psychopaths: Positions Of Power

Why Some Psychopaths Are in Leadership Positions

Paul Babiak and Robert Hare note in their book “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work” that psychopathy and sociopathy overlap.

Note the following patterns of behavior:




anti-social behavior;

superficial charm;

sense of entitlement;

avoidance of responsibility;

lack of empathy and remorse;

impulsivity and a parasitic lifestyle;

an inability to manifest a normal range of human emotions;

adept at manipulation, schmoozing, networking and conning.

Burning Down the House

Core psychopathic personality traits seem attractive in job applicants:


apparent emotionally stablity;

ability to appear genuine when faking sincerity and honesty;

ability to quickly assess vulnerabilities of people and manipulate them.

The changing nature and structures of corporations favor psychopaths as corporations become less hierarchical, lean, more complex and flat.

Superficial notions of effective management focus on pyramidal hierarchyand exercise of top-down decision-making but avoidance of accountability plays right into the hands of a play-by-the-rule-book psychopath.

The devolution of accountability to “lower” management levels is attractive to Reptillians who want power but not proportionate accountability.

Reptillians, adept at keeping low profiles and scapegoating others, take the spotlight and credit for the work of others when positive outcomes occur.

Ruthless and devoid of empathy they believe that “respect” and “trust” can be bought and sold through “favors granted”.

Reptillians avoid daylight and transparency and fear close scrutiny.

They are willing to ignore ethical practices in management, legalities which they find cumbersome and constraining.

Engaging in preemptive attacks when the opportunity presents itself whilehiding in plain sight in fast-paced and ultra-competitive organizationsReptillians resent, envy and try to extinguish, those traits and capabilities they do not possess whether intellectual or emotional.

Although Reptillians typically make up about 3% of most populations, they are disproportionately represented in the capstones of management, politics, media, academia and religion.

psychopaths rule

The Insanity Defense

Psychopaths not wired for empathy

USC Study Finds Faulty Wiring In Psychopaths

Which professions do psychopaths most often gravitate towards?

Brain Response to Empathy-Eliciting Scenarios Involving Pain in Incarcerated Individuals With Psychopathy

“The supporting “social capital”, or institutions and relationships of capitalism, in order to generate new markets, effective and profitable demand, celebrate narcissism, conspicuous consumption, ultra-individualism,living-in-the-moment myopia, wanting it all and wanting it now, “fake it till you make it“, “dress for success“, networking, style over substance, shallow affect, rat-race competition; all of which are values and behaviors not only typical of psychopaths and sociopaths, but also, what they feed and nurture on.

This leads to some cross-cultural and comparative systems issues that would be interesting to explore: whether the typical 3% of total populations that are sociopaths and psychopaths in many cultures and systems, are more or less represented in more communal and less individualistic and less competitive systems and subcultures.” – James M. Craven

“Each person, withdrawn into himself, behaves as
though he is a stranger to the destiny of all the others.”

Alexis de Tocqueville

unique library index

This web site is not a commercial web site and is presented for educational purposes only.


This website defines a new perspective with which to engage reality to which its author adheres. The author feels that the falsification of reality outside personal experience has forged a populace unable to discern propaganda from reality and that this has been done purposefully by an international corporate cartel through their agents who wish to foist a corrupt version of reality on the human race. Religious intolerance occurs when any group refuses to tolerate religious practices, religious beliefs or persons due to their religious ideology. This web site marks the founding of a system of philosophy named The Truth of the Way of the Lumière Infinie – a rational gnostic mystery religion based on reason which requires no leap of faith, accepts no tithes, has no supreme leader, no church buildings and in which each and every individual is encouraged to develop a personal relation with the Creator and Sustainer through the pursuit of the knowledge of reality in the hope of curing the spiritual corruption that has enveloped the human spirit. The tenets of The Truth of the Way of the Lumière Infinie are spelled out in detail on this web site by the author. Violent acts against individuals due to their religious beliefs in America is considered a “hate crime.”

This web site in no way condones violence. To the contrary the intent here is to reduce the violence that is already occurring due to the international corporate cartels desire to control the human race. The international corporate cartel already controls the world economic system, corporate media worldwide, the global industrial military entertainment complex and is responsible for the collapse of morals, the elevation of self-centered behavior and the destruction of global ecosystems. Civilization is based on coöperation. Coöperation does not occur at the point of a gun.

American social mores and values have declined precipitously over the last century as the corrupt international cartel has garnered more and more power. This power rests in the ability to deceive the populace in general through corporate media by pressing emotional buttons which have been preprogrammed into the population through prior corporate media psychological operations. The results have been the destruction of the family and the destruction of social structures that do not adhere to the corrupt international elites vision of a perfect world. Through distraction and coercion the direction of thought of the bulk of the population has been directed toward solutions proposed by the corrupt international elite that further consolidates their power and which further their purposes.

All views and opinions presented on this web site are the views and opinions of individual human men and women that, through their writings, showed the capacity for intelligent, reasonable, rational, insightful and unpopular thought. All factual information presented on this web site is believed to be true and accurate and is presented as originally presented in print media which may or may not have originally presented the facts truthfully. Opinion and thoughts have been adapted, edited, corrected, redacted, combined, added to, re-edited and re-corrected as nearly all opinion and thought has been throughout time but has been done so in the spirit of the original writer with the intent of making his or her thoughts and opinions clearer and relevant to the reader in the present time.


Go Fund Me

We share this world with genetic psychopaths.  1 in 20/25 of us are psychopaths.  We need a way to recognize them, besides my saying, ‘well, in my opinion . . .’

$10,000 would allow me two months or so to dedicate to searching the literature for the genetics and thus a DNA test for psychopathy.  The information in the graphic below would be my starting point.

$60,000 would free me for a year to both produce posts every week and do constant literature searches.


I believe the DNA information is ‘out there’, waiting to be found in the tall grass.  Many, many of the researchers are themselves psychopathic and they don’t necessarily advertise what they know.  This is one of the paradoxes of the field.  Psychopathy is considered by some to be not quite a healthy field of interest.  However intelligent, self aware psychopaths are very interested in what makes themselves tick.  I believe that if I had time ‘to beat the rushes’, I could find the information we need to protect ourselves.

Paypal and Bitcoin choices to upper right.


The ‘surface’ of a psychopath is so smooth.  Strangers on a Train.


An astute observer will have noticed in Psychopathic Archetypes that many of the archetypes are Ashkenazis.  This result was never the intent, my intent was to find obvious at a glance individuals.

In my book, every grouping is responsible for their own psychopaths and protecting the world from them.

“Since psychopaths are pathological liars and their every interaction with others is self-serving and strategic, even seasoned investigators and forensic psychologists have great difficulty dealing with them. Basically, they’re always faced with the liar’s paradox yet still need to get useful and true information from them.

Katherine Ramsland (from trutv.com) wrote an excellent article about how investigators deal with the inevitable obstacles and difficulties they encounter when attempting to retrieve true information from psychopaths about their crimes. I’m pasting part of her article below:

“It’s not easy to know when to trust someone who has already exploited trust as a route to torture, rape and murder. Psychopathic killers view their victims as objects, useful only as pawns in their own personal game, and they thus have this advantage: they feel no remorse. They’re callous, manipulative and resistant to therapy, and when they choose to communicate, they have their own agendas, formed in self-interest and calculation. What we may accept as a “confession,” they may view as bait. Their motives take shape within a framework that has no equivalent in the normal world. That’s why we can’t just accept what they say at face value.

. . .  While psychopaths appear to use the same language as normal individuals, they have their own inner logic. They calculate the world around them in terms of self-gain. They are society’s vampires. They may be intoxicated rather than repulsed by the idea of targeting humans and picking them off, because it makes them feel powerful. Their agendas have no analogues in the normal world.“”  https://psychopathyawareness.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/investigating-psychopaths/

From “Damaged” by Malcolm Gladwell:

[Dorothy Otnow Lewis]:  “The day before [Ted Bundy] was executed, he asked me to turn off the tape recorder. He said he wanted to tell me things that he didn’t want recorded, so I didn’t record them. It was very confidential.” To this day, Lewis has never told anyone what Bundy said. There is something almost admirable about this. But there is also something strange about extending the physician-patient privilege to a killer like Bundy-about turning the murderer so completely into a patient.  . . .  It was at the end of that final conversation that Bundy reached down and kissed Lewis on the cheek. But that was not all that happened. Lewis then reached up, put her arms around him, and kissed him back.  http://gladwell.com/damaged/

Again, “To this day, Lewis has never told anyone what Bundy said.”  This is just downright bizarre.  She doesn’t know that she was being played?  She thinks Ted Bundy was capable of a ‘soul communication”, that deep inside his psyche was a tortured soul wishing to reach out to others?  “Bundy thought I was the only person who didn’t want something from him,” Lewis says.   Really? 

I do quote her approvingly elsewhere on dissociation (https://pathwhisperer.info/2014/03/19/to-the-de-blasio-administration-i-hereby-volunteer-to-identify-nypd-whiteshirt-psychopaths-gratis/).  I felt she had a deep knowledge of the psyche of human beings.  I don’t understand her blindness here, unless it’s simply the special relationship between females and the male psychopath.  Female therapists are just as susceptible as other women.  It’s not that women are born to be fooled by psychopaths, but that male psychopaths are born (have evolved) to fool women (I mean this literally).

She had no idea whatsoever of what was sitting across the table, in her discussions with Mr. Bundy.  Namely, a biological mechanism that could read/sense her emotions, vanities and vulnerabilities, instantaneously calculate a normal human response to his readings that would also cater to his manipulative ends, and then mime it.  Actually, in acting terms, psychopathic reactions are always a beat off, the readings do take time.  This momentary pause can and should be noted.

Psychopaths use words as tools, strategically.  The manipulative use of language is their main lifetool, as fins are to a fish.  Valuable communication is nonverbal.  Borrowing Ramsland’s phrase:  there is no analogue in the normal world to their use of language.  However their strategies are understandable and their communications should be interpreted through that understanding.  It is also important to figure out “how old” the target psychopath is.  That is, how far did they get in their arrested development path (somewhere in latency – 6/7 to puberty, though there are also very, very young traits — none of them for example get the ‘sharing thing’, though many can mime the behavior).  How self referential is the target?  What’s the need to brag?  How arrrogant?  What are the individual’s triggers?  What level of self control?  The more one knows about the individual’s personality the better.  All of this goes into the mix in teasing the truth out of a pathological liar’s communications.


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