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They are both subject to incredibly vicious psychopathic gang stalking.  Which is fascinating.

That psychopaths in the media and the legal field have piled on Depp, implies that Amber Heard is almost certainly a psychopath.  She certainly has quite a few consistencies with being one.  However I realized that it would take a novella length study to come to any conclusion.

Amber Heard denies Johnny Depp’s claim she married him for money, fame: ‘I hadn’t seen his movies’ (https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/amber-heard-denies-johnny-depp-married-money-fame-173836032.html) — oh, OK.

Some individuals when faced with a lie onslaught as Depp claims to be (and I am certainly leaning his way) choose to let the lies hide any truths.  But not our boy, Johnny.  He wants to prove his slander claim.  It has turned out to be one nasty fight.  Good luck to you, son.

Now on to President Trump, why do 99.9% of the psychopathic community view him as their personal kryptonite?  It seems they are banking their personal safety on globalism.

My relatives all think globalism would be the lions laying down with the sheep and peace would rule throughout the land for all time.  I don’t think so.  I see a world of favelas surrounding oases of unimaginable wealth and power of the elite and their sycophants (including their psychopathic pets and servants).

Is CNN fake humanoids delivering the fake news? Could be.

Of course, this isn’t fake news.  Trump did call the FBI, “scum”.  Personally I consider them psycho scum, a pod person humanoid outfit, 40 – 60% psychopathic.

That’s why they had to refuse to criminally refer Abagnale of Catch Me, If You Can fame (https://screenrant.com/catch-me-if-you-can-steven-spielberg-leonardo-dicaprio-facts-true-story-creative-liberties/) — they had to obey the psychopath’s Prime Directive, ‘fellow psychopaths must be protected from the normy world at all cost’.

The FBI’s crimes against the constitution (and Pres. Trump) have been recently detailed.  They should be dismantled and rebuilt around the non-psychopaths.  Northcom could, constitutionally and legally, even take them over.

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Sometimes I get searches asking “Is sociopathy real?” Sometimes friends say, “You have the strangest interests.”  And sometimes I criticize scientists who I feel have emotionally straitjacketed themselves in the pursuit of their vision of science.  Also, I believe strongly that any individual is “allowed” to draw conclusions from their own experiences and life.  However, for those who believe only what comes with an “official imprimatur”, please check this out:

Research in the real world

Research in the real world

Psychopathy and the Law Symposium http://www.psychopathysociety.org/forms/sssp_law.pdf

Mind you, I’m not ceding that their approach is superior to mine.  I claim to understand sociopaths from an acting “motivation of the soul” level, which I believe is the deepest level of understanding.  However I’m delighted with any high profile, public forays into sociopathy.

It’s interesting to note that non-sociopathic actors can indeed play sociopaths, but sociopathic actors cannot play characters of any real psychological depth.  I recently caught portions of two sociopath movies, Catch Me If You Can and Training Day. Catch Me left me thinking that the writer had no real understanding of sociopathy, unless he was intentionally glorifying it.  The main character wasn’t written as a sociopath but more as a nice guy with strange talents.  Then I found out (just now) that it was written as an apparently autobiographical sketch by the main character (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0264464/).  Wow!

I thought Denzel Washington did a good job playing the corrupt cop, Alonzo (though a sociopath of that caliber would most likely have really “dead eyes” in my opinion — I don’t know if that would be playable).  Training Day is a true sociopathic study (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0139654/).  Note that it features multiple socipathic characters, they do in fact run together, they are not all egotistical loners.  I should study both of these movies in depth.

It turns out that the Psychopathy and the Law Symposium, above, is simply a warm-up, a pre-conference workshop, for the following:
3rd Biannual Conference of The Society for Scientific Study of Psychopathy, April 16-18, http://www.psychopathysociety.org/forms/sssp_conference_2009.pdf


Over at Lovefraud Blog Liane Leedom, M.D.,  has three posts covering the above conference:

Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy, meeting highlights: At-risk children

SSSP meeting highlights: The psychopath’s inability to love

SSSP meeting highlights: Psychopathy in women

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