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  1. RE: Psychopaths and Narcissists. Where it is all about me, myself and I vs those who serve. Its interesting that the most cooperative groups are these sociopaths who band together to harm anyone that infringes upon any one of the sociopath groups. Its also interesting that they succeed in keeping their prey, i.e. non-sociopaths, you and I, isolated from others who would help them. The worst conclusion I have to offer today, is that the sociopaths must be a majority in number in order to accomplish this. Since this discussion began, I have traced it all to “the fall,” the 1st Illuminati and the 2nd Illuminati, the Reptilian connection, the covered up knowledge of extra-terrestrials, the East-India Company’s Black nobility oligarchy monarchy, the pole shift of 2012, the criminal federal reserve system, control over contamination of our spiritual, food and medical supply etc. I read that a spiritual war was won January 2014, in the depths of this earth for the good, assisted by outer space aliens.
    The “evil” ones who are self-serving, are supposed to leave to another planet and those of us who are not self-serving, who have suffered from this abuse, will stay. There is supposed to be a financial bank re-set, where currency will be backed by gold and the usual suspects have to leave this earth, during February, and March of 2014. Then this earth will be open to non-GMO farming again and “jobs” and “energy sources” will be solved by the ancient technologies which will provide for us as taught by the extra terrestrials. I hope this information proves to be true and does not turn out to be just a comforting distraction. All of the vocabulary in this post can be searched online for more details.


      • I understand “I dunno ” ……
        Its as soon as we figure any of this out, the psychopaths and narcissists expand further on their game. Shortly after I spilled this commentary, I got a reply about the hypnotic aspect w another discussion going on at twitter, of a famed one from the narcissist groups (Pres. O). A nurse informed that O is known to be an expert at NLP and I found this video that fit why Obamacare continues even though it has failed all over the place. Its because NLP causes a hypnotic effect even more when the hypnotic technique is racheted up by one who believes “there is no failure just feedback” as their reaction to failure. Here is that proof: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+NLP+Techniques&qs=n&form=QBVR&pq=youtube+nlp+techniques&sc=1-22&sp=-1&sk=#view=detail&mid=99F8E05EB2A5BD952B2699F8E05EB2A5BD952B26


        • Thank you. I appreciate what you said, the deceit is truly evil to deny the “tag team” part of what they do. For example, they can’t be honest even about weather reports…..Here it is 7 PM and I am going out to push the foot of light snow away that was supposed to be half as much, because they say rain and ice are on the way. We did have a pole shift, I think, and they want to blame US for our carbon footprint, call it global warming, making us feel we are at fault and its a pole shift. The outright lies, are really something else.
          I hope you watch that video. They are getting away with this. Hopefully, the “aliens,” who are emissaries of G-d, will be real and see us through this mess. I do know, that I will trying my best not to be reacting upset anymore. They sadistically “feed” from that because they need to make us react negatively. The entire thing is satanic – its a spiritual battle…..


  2. Though Phoebe’s family insists she was driven to suicide by the cruel treatment of the six classmates charged in her death, a report from Slate.com depicts the 15-year-old as depressed well before she entered South Hadley High School.


  3. This is a great blog. I’m glad I stumbled across this as I believe I may be able to add some worthwhile insight here.

    I grew up in a large family consisting of many sociopaths. My mom (but not my dad) was a sociopath. As such it is still hard to tell which of my seven siblings are sociopathic and which are simply still confused by our mother’s actions and tactics. She had us all convinced of her “perfect-ness” well into our adulthoods.

    I also had a sociopathic stalker who seemed to have an endless supply of sociopathic “friendlies”. It was like growing up in a shark-tank, with every single pain I suffered – whether small or large, whether brought about by them or just a normal growing pain – provided fodder for their delirious “feeding frenzies”.

    When I was in the first grade I tried to tell an adult that my mom and my stalker (who I referred to collectively as “they”) were trying to get me to commit suicide. Of course he didn’t believe me but he did talk to my mom and, after an initial “roughing-up” for having talked to an outsider, things did seem to get better for a while.

    I think if it hadn’t been for the kindness of strangers I would have thought the whole world was like them. My dad was also an ally, though he could never believe anything negative about her and remained totally enamored of her until the day he died.

    But I think what’s most important to note is the way “they” were able to engage others (non-sociopaths) in their cruel treatment of me. As an example, my stalker would walk into my first-grade classroom. I could feel every hair on my body stand straight up as he walked over to my teacher and whispered in her ear. I don’t know what he was saying but she always responded in a flirtatious way – batting eyes and exaggerated southern belle accent. But all the time he was talking to her he was giving me the evil eye, which she couldn’t see because he would be positioned behind her back as he bent over to whisper in her ear.

    Of course I now doubt whether he was saying anything at all about me when he did that, but probably mentioned me much more casually and non-challantly at other times. By the end of first grade I had a reputation for being a liar and a thief and had zero friends. I came to understand that there are many ways in which a psychopath “rewards” his underlings for doing his dirty work. My teacher thought he “liked” her. She would have had no idea that his only interest in her was her particular position as MY teacher because he was so adept at hiding his true intentions.

    Since coming to that understanding – and a few others – I have been trying to engage in a sort of figure-it-out-for-myself technique, whereby I try to envision exactly what he could’ve, would’ve, must’ve said in order to enlist her help in sabotaging me. In that particular case, I can’t even begin to imagine. She later (third grade) accused me of “ruining her life”, though she instantly recanted and even claimed not to have said it at all, after she saw how upset it made me.

    However, in other cases I have had some success with this technique and I would like to try to further develop it, but the problem I’m having is that, having lived this all my life, I have serious deficits in my knowledge of what other “normal” people do, how they are persuaded and what makes them tick. Enlisting the help of others is also out of the question since they would quickly become targets themselves.

    I think the only hope at this point is to educate people about sociopaths, and the “checklists” do help. That way, if people are able to recognize a sociopath as such, perhaps they will not fall prey to the stalking campaigns so easily. In the meantime, I should stress that we are all judged by our actions and it is not necessarily necessary to hate those we suspect are sociopaths. It’s not even necessary to hate sociopaths. When we catch them we can punish them, when we don’t catch them we can follow our own protocol of “do unto others…” Maybe if we’re not always on the “losing” end, more normal people will be less likely to go along with sociopathic hate campaigns in order to gain a little ground.



    • Wow, what a heavy trip for an elementary school child to go through. Obviously your 1st/3rd grade teacher was thoroughly played — much more probably went on than you are aware of. She could very well have ended up feeling the entire experience ruined or blighted her life. It’s truly incredible the persuasive power of sociopaths at enlisting others in their campaigns.


      • It’s only recently that I’m beginning to hear people talking about that aspect of sociopathic behavior. People often thought I was paranoid when I tried to explain about all the people who seemed to be “out to get” me.

        I’ve been through many “heavy trips” but that particular experience pretty well came and went before I really noticed. Aside from one little girl who told me she wasn’t “allowed” to play with me, I didn’t really think anybody didn’t like me, if you know what I mean. I can look back now and see that I was targeted and harassed but – and I can remember being scared stiff whenever that man came in the room, just seeing him – but at the time I was just a little kid. Trouble was bad when I was in it, but the rest of the time I didn’t really think about it and if nobody played with me I just played by myself.

        My teacher was obviously “played”, but my only question is what he could have said to her to convince her to target a little kid for minor harassment – and it was minor, if somewhat blown out of proportion by the adults and in such a way that the other children, my classmates, must have looked on in dismay. But my point is to use these examples to gain a better understanding of such situations as sociopaths using others to help do their dirty work. And with the hope that it will help people see through such mistakes before they make them.

        Maybe it’s just me, because of my experiences growing up the way I did, but to me it’s a terrible thing to “target” a little kid, even in a small way, or even to discourage a little kid or make them feel bad in any way for no good reason. And I’m thinking it’s one of those times when a sociopath was able to convince someone to do something they wouldn’t normally otherwise do. And that’s just one small example I use because it’s not as inflammatory as some other examples I could use.

        It’s important to note that I’m not a little kid any more. I don’t need pity, I don’t need a therapist. I’m 51 years old and I have purposely desensitized myself to be able to look at these examples, talk about them, and study them, objectively, for the purpose of gaining a better understanding – knowledge that can be passed along to future generations. Because from what I have seen, we have an astronomical problem, in our school systems and probably all of our “systems”. I’m sure I can’t be the only victim of this type of targeting, and especially knowing how difficult it is to explain. And believe me, it gets a lot worse.

        I’ve been raped, sodomized, strangled, and even buried alive. I have seen little kids brutally murdered – and a policeman. There have been attempts made on my life and also attempts to frame me, which was something that stuck out to me when I read your blog because it’s not uncommon for a sociopath to attempt to “frame” another person and often it seems to be the only reason they commit the crime in the first place (like a lady I worked with who went behind my back and messed up my work to make it seem like I hadn’t done it). I’ve seen few others mention that aspect but I would have replied to your blog anyways. I tend to jump at any opportunity to get in on this subject because I sense it needs me as much as I need it. And personally, I’m tired of being beaten by it.



        • It sounds like your mother and her friend were actually trying to murder you by suicide. Which is incredible. They must have been/are full blown emotionless sociopaths. They must have resented your “lifeforce” — dead things themselves (emotionally), they hated the live and lively.


          • Yes, they actually were – and orchestrated between them. That’s the thing that blows you away and that was like 1968. You know it’s only going to be worse these days and yet you never hear about this sort of thing happening (because they’re getting away with it?) Scary thought.

            Thanks for the comments.



          • P.S.

            As for them resenting my life force – I figure my mom must have had a policy on me. But as for that man I just don’t know. The only theories I’ve come up with so far have been “lacking” at best.



      • I am beginning to see that sociopaths are born into and are trained by power elites from many centuries of experience and all organizations, businesses, and governments are filled with these controlling people who have been using these techniques and add to them, and hone them down to stay in power and control over innocents.


        • Here’s another example, more recent and not as freaky as the manipulation of children but perhaps as instructive.

          A couple of years ago I worked with “Susan”, a sociopath. One day I vented to “Kathy”, a rather obtrusive character in her sixties with short spiked hair and purple glitter eye-shadow. I told Kathy, Susan is a sociopath. She seemed surprised but quickly admitted to me that she too is “antisocial”. But I said, no you’re not. I told Kathy, you are a “pretend sociopath” – you try to act cold and hard to cover your soft heart. You do it to protect yourself.

          As she considered the possibility I went on. I said, I can tell by the way you raise your voice and its like you have to force the words out whenever you feel the need to resist the urge to feel compassion. Then I asked her, if you asked anyone in our department who is the nicest employee here what would they say? She said, “Susan”. I nodded and I said, “She’s a fake”.

          I can’t say she exactly believed me but I could tell she was enlightened. Then she told me about a time she had conspired with Susan to do something and then Susan had left her holding the proverbial smoking gun, and she said, well, I can tell you this much, Susan won’t back you up.

          Now you would think that would be enough to make Kathy aware of Susan’s sociopathy, but when it’s someone so seemingly nice it makes it too hard to believe. I wouldn’t have believed it myself except that I saw Susan with my own two eyes, going behind my back and messing up the work I did and I had to compensate by doing my work double, every day, to stay on top of her in order to keep my job.



          • Isn’t that from the “Time Machine” movie? I’ve heard people say that, not necessarily about sociopaths but it’s the same thing isn’t it?

            My last example, about “Susan the sociopath”, didn’t turn out very good. I kept getting interrupted by the phone and visitors. Plus, I thought it would be shorter but it really takes a lot more words to include all the aspects of what shows someone to be a sociopath and to also show how it effects those around them.

            I’m going to try it again as a new comment because I think if I can get my point across better, it might make for a good example that many people can relate to.



          • Yes, the terms are from the “Time Machine.” I agree with your second sentence.

            I don’t think you need worry about your “Susan” post. It’s almost impossible to persuade sociopathy-blind individuals of another’s sociopathy. It seems to me that about all one can do is plant a seed, so that when it happens to them they’ll suddenly understand.


          • You give up too easily. I thought you wanted more comments. Oh well, I tried retyping it anyways but it’s too long. I guess I will have to write my own book about my experiences with sociopaths.

            In the meantime, I can still find much to comment about on this blog.



          • One thing that rubbed me the wrong way about “Susan the sociopath” was the way she talked about “Lisa”, a young, attractive employee who worked in our department. But it wasn’t just that she insinuated, always in front of customers, that Lisa wasn’t doing her job (which wasn’t true), but also that it seemed to be contagious among the other ladies in our department. This included “Kathy” who I mentioned earlier, as well as others in our department, and even our store manager.

            I could have easily gone along with it and I’m sure I would have fit in nicely among the other employees. My boss was already considering moving me to full-time status which would have come with a significant raise and I really wanted it and was very happy with my job there, but I refused to be party to it, eventually deciding to go back to college to finish my degree.

            I guess you could say that the “seed” has been planted, but surely there has to be a way to get through to people. I’m convinced that all people really need to do is use their heads. Like when Susan told me that Lisa had once borrowed 30 dollars from her, saying she needed it for her electric bill, I immediately suspected that was a lie, even though it was hard to imagine such a “nice little old lady” making up and spreading lies about people. What made that lie particularly “vicious” was that, everybody knows that 30 dollars is the price of an oxy30 pill which is the drug of choice of many young addicts in our region. So not only was she implying that Lisa “stole” 30 dollars from her, but also she was expecting me to “assume” that Lisa was using drugs.

            It’s not rocket science to figure out that most drug addicts would find it difficult to hold down a job for any length of time, much less show up on time every day, clean and nicely dressed and do a good job. But also, it occurred to me that if Lisa needed to borrow money she would have asked Kathy or Stephanie, who she was closest to and who she knew made more money as department heads and also had husbands who made good money, and not “poor Susan” who was working two jobs to care for her disabled husband and an adult daughter who, according to Susan, never offered to help with bills or household chores (does every sociopath have such a child at home or what?).

            So I asked Stephanie if Lisa had ever asked her to borrow money. Stephanie said no, but she told me the same story Susan had told me but with one difference, she said it was “Janie” (a widow) who got duped for thirty dollars. So I asked, “did Janie tell you that?”, she said no but she couldn’t remember who told her. So I asked her, “was it Susan?” She said no. So I told her I had heard the same story but I’d heard it was Susan who loaned her the money. She shook her head, it wasn’t Susan, she was pretty sure it was Janie. So she asked me who told me it was Susan. I could tell she was surprised when I told her Susan had told me that.

            I guess people are just so caught up in their own thoughts that they really just don’t concentrate very hard on anything outside of their own little “box”, if you know what I mean. So even though I was able to show people, multiple times, that Susan wasn’t quite on the same level with the rest of us, nothing really came of it, and before long Lisa was out of a job.



  4. Here is my contribution to your comments. I have learned much from reading your blog. The piece I am adding here is a email I sent to folks on my email list and it includes crediting your blog for inspiring that email. I would donate, only the so called gay marriage entourage that I have opposed for decades has impoverished me to not be able to donate. Here is the body of that email:

    Dear all those who care about stopping same-sex marriage which can not ever be a marriage.
    A marriage is about raising children born from a man and a woman.

    To covet the so-called advantages of traditional marriage is not only wrong it is psychopathic behavior.

    To those of you who agree with same-sex marriage:
    You are Blackmailing the rest of society; emotionally, financially, educationally, and religiously. Just because you can not accept how to discern what
    is right from wrong does not mean you can extort all of the rewards others have, which you do not deserve because of restraints you do not accept or observe, from others who have earned such advantages, while you force others to pay you back without you complying to the same requirements, and claim simple tolerance is not enough.
    That you insist to be treated as others who are normal when you are not and you force everyone to have no recourse about you is not only crazy its insanity. You are behaving as a psychopath.
    You are forcing everyone who leads a normal life into the misery of having no way to defend themselves against your psychopathic behavior which can only result in forcing society to fall completely, including yourselves.

    I arrived at these “new old-thoughts” on same-sex marriage, as a result of reading from a blog called: “The Path Whisperer,” which is by someone who recovered from and continues
    to educate people about psychopathic behavior. I began this subscription way back when I was having difficulties with certain “board members” in my park that I identified
    with this behavior that spans many areas. The news from this blog relates sometimes and other times it doesn’t to what I am interested in, however,
    the accumulated knowledge has helped to understand this.

    That being said, a recent item read at this blog, not related to same-sex marriage, caused me to add in what I have observed and think this way:
    One of the difficulties in opposing same-sex marriage, is due to the fact that normal people find discussion of what same-sex couples do appalling.
    Normal folks do not want to talk about such perversions and this results in no communications to stop this behavior. In fact, as an activist, trying to educate people as to the legal advantages actively being sought by same-sex couples and trying to explain these effects, particularly upon children at large, this same stand prevails: I do not want to talk about this,
    it is too gross, and as a result – nothing much happens to stop the same-sex agenda. This happens even if you are not mentioning the “details” of same-sex behavior, are careful about that and you
    are just discussing the results of their latest legislative feats, which will imply those details because the details are implied with this territory even if you do not allude to them. No normal person,
    wants that territory brought up – its horrible to contemplate and avoidance is in order.

    I am beginning to see that same-sex people are taking advantage of this. They used this same advantage to remove themselves from the psychiatric lists. They were deemed to be
    psychologically wrong before and now they are not being included as being psychologically wrong and we all know they are. Why is this? I think its because too many normal people,
    do not want to talk about their psychologically problems and want to block the realities of “what these people do” out of their minds and the easiest
    way to avoid this truth, is to allow it to happen, and think it does not bother or affect themselves if they stay separated from that. The truth is, this behavior is being taught to all children,
    where same-sex marriage is allowed. No normal person should allow this indoctrination to continue that continues in secretive ways violating our rights. The fact that parents are not
    allowed to know what their children are being taught is further evidence of same-sex behaviors being psychopathic.

    It is time to pull the emergency cards out and say the truth. Same-sex couples engage in non-acceptable behaviors, including teaching their behaviors to children without notification to
    parents and that is evidence they are psychopathic. Calling normal people homophobes is psychopathic. To impose this behavior as acceptable to entire society is psycopathic as well. This is emotional blackmail what they are doing to normal people. Let’s learn to identify this emotional blackmail as psychopathic.

    It is at the point now, that normal people will be guilty of wrongful behavior if they so much as complain, oppose, or make any effort to stop this same-sex behavior when it is foisted upon them personally, or upon anyone’s children. To not have access to prevention of these abnormal behaviors is criminal to normal people who do not want this behavior accepted as normal when it is not.

    If same-sex marriage continues, our entire society will not be able to stop them from their psychopathic behaviors which are revealed as worse than we know of at present. The psychopathic same-sex behaviors will open the floodgates of even worse behaviors. This direction will end civilized humanity. Human Beings will cease being civilized, there will not be any recourse for any normal human
    being to defend themselves against this psychopathic onslaught. Therefore, in conclusion, I think that just because it genuinely is impossible to have normal people discuss the details of how rotten the behavior is that is done in the same-sex protected private lives, it does not follow that normal folks have to surrender to this. That is a form of blackmail.

    What needs to be done, is to complain correctly, and righteously about how this acceptance of the unmentionable behavior they have is blackmail and therefore, they are Psychopaths. Lets focus on what their psychopathic demands are doing to normal folks and children and not on the details of their disgusting behaviors. Lets expose them as the true psychopaths that they really are by blackmailing us.


    • Same-sex marriage, pro or con, is not really a subject of this blog, so I won’t engage your arguments. However I did ask for comments, so thank you.

      In any case, I would like to add an item to this discussion. Though I rarely discuss the gay community, I have noticed over the years that they are the sea psychopaths swim in — there, their pansexualism is accepted as normal. I have no doubt that the percentage of psychopathy in the gay community is much, much higher than in the population at large. It is essential that adoption social workers, placement agents (I don’t know what they are called) should be educated to recognize arrested development and other psychopathic traits. Psychopaths should not be entrusted with adoptees.

      This film of a psychopath within the gay community, written by, directed by, and starred in by the psychopath Cyril Collard, Savage Nights http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105032/, might be of interest.


  5. Well then I think we are all doomed to the earth becoming overwhelmed by psychopaths, just as in the horrific sci-fi futuristic films where everyone is out for themselves. People, authorities in particular should wake up to the reality before it is too late!!!!


  6. Don’t know what you want Path.
    I was married to a psychopath for 10 years. Of course, I didn’t know what was wrong, I just thought I was going mad, as he kept telling me. Anyway, we had a son, who is normal but has disowned his father and a daughter who is what I have discovered through my research is a narcissist. I am wondering if this is partly my fault as I think I spoilt her when she was younger as her father was too busy chasing women to bother with her.
    I helped her buy her house, cars, always there for babysitting.
    The upshot is, whether it is my fault or whatever, I am now ostracized from my darling granddaughter who I have looked after all of her life as her mother was too busy living hers. (Like father, like daughter).
    Every time my daughter fell out with me she got back in touch with her father who has steadily destroyed my relationship with her and has now made my daughter believe I am a witch in mothers clothing.
    We have been to court several times. My ex always turned up with my daughter, (The only thing they have EVER done together) and the courts, the social workers, the guardians, school staff, believed everything that they told them without interviewing anyone else who could have told them the truth.
    I understand how they have been duped, I was, for years! But surely now everyone knows about psychopaths and narcissists!! Why has no one invented tests or something to discover what they are? Well, I know they exist but why aren’t they used in cases such as this? I feel so helpless. They get away with everything, without caring who they hurt, even their own children. But, I am still fighting, I will until my granddaughter is old enough to come looking for me as I know she will.


    • “But surely now everyone knows about psychopaths and narcissists!! Why has no one invented tests or something to discover what they are? Well, I know they exist but why aren’t they used in cases such as this?” That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Even though there is absolute, biophysical proof that psychopaths are out there (not that you and I need this confirmation of what we already know) people don’t incorporate this knowledge in their own lives, let alone seek to apply this recognition technology (personally I find it hard to believe that the genetic determinants or psychopathy aren’t thoroughly known by now, but people don’t ask for this either). Beliefs aren’t rooted in facts but in emotions and desires. People want to live in a world where we are all born of mothers, breathe air and are brothers and sisters under the skin. But the last is not true.


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