U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent — Sociopath, Bully, Criminal

U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent

Kent sentenced to 33 months behind bars

Congressional impeachment proceedings will likely begin today against U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent, who was sentenced to 33 months in prison Monday for lying to those investigating him for sexual misconduct.

[. . . . ]

I submit myself humbly to you,” Kent quietly told the Senior U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson in a chilly courtroom with more than 50 onlookers. “My sincere apologies to all concerned.”

Kent, who loudly proclaimed his innocence in court in the early days of this case, could not be fully heard in court Monday when he apologized for his crimes. He said he was “completely broken and in some ways a better person for it.”

[. . . . ]

The most emotional moments came when Kent’s two victims [. . . ] stood sometimes tearfully to ask Vinson that Kent be properly punished for using his power to manipulate and abuse them.

[. . . . ]

He said he hated bullies. How sad,” Wilkerson said. “He’s the biggest bully of them all.”

She said she believes Kent is “crazy” and she fears for her family’s safety.

[. . . . ]

His will, expressed or implied, was considered to be the equivalent of a decree,” [Judge] Vinson said of the perception of Kent in the Galveston federal courthouse.

Prosecutors said Kent, known for his wit and his willingness to berate attorneys and some criminal defendants, had created a “culture of fear” in Galveston, where he was the lone federal trial judge for about 17 years before being brought to Houston after a reprimand from the judicial council for sexual harassment.

Prosecutor Peter Ainsworth said this is an unusual case because of the repeated sexual assaults and devastating impact on the victims, and because of Kent’s repeated assaults on the justice system.

The Houston Chronicle: Kent sentenced to 33 months behind bars — Congressional impeachment proceedings likely to begin today

It is worth noting that an internal judiciary investigation of the same charges (in 2007) simply transferred him from Galveston, where he had been the sole federal judge for 17 years, to Houston.  There is a brief but friendly account of this investigation here, Will Judge Samuel Kent be Impeached?, in comment 4.  More to the culpable point: Fifth Circuit Covers Up Serious Judicial Misconduct

I would recommend investigating every member of that investigatory board — in my experience, sociopaths take care of their own.  I learned long ago, from sociopathic HR officers, that sociopaths have self knowledge and a group identity.

I wouldn’t describe this group feeling exactly as loyalty.  I would say that it’s more visceral than that, I believe sociopaths simply can’t stand to see one of their own brought down by a non-sociopath (similar to the proverbial “pain in the head”).

Further allegations of outrageous behavior:

Cathy McBroom, Kent’s former case manager, said he “bragged” about his ability to intimidate people. “He told me everyone was afraid of him.”

McBroom’s complaint began the case, which expanded when allegations from the judge’s secretary Donna Wilkerson were added.

McBroom said making the complaint had been “incredibly stressful” and led to the breakup of her marriage and the loss of her home. She said it forced her to give up what she considered her dream job and put her entire life under a public and legal microscope.

One would think I was the criminal,” said McBroom, 50.

[. . . .]

Kent, speaking softly as he stood before Vinson, described himself as “completely broken” and “in some ways a better person for that.”

The San
Francisco Chronicle: Federal judge in sex case gets nearly 3 years

Notice the transition from arrogant bullying and braggadocio, displayed not only during his judgeship in Galveston but also at the beginning of the trial, to abject begging.  In my experience, sociopaths are both shameless and prideless — whatever works is their credo.  Prideless begging is simply the manipulation he thinks the situation calls for (while bullying was the manipulation called for in other situations) — Kent is communicating nothing about his inner state or acceptance of blame.

Earlier post on Federal Judge Kent:

Items of interest, some recent,some not so, some that suggest possible sociopathy, some that scream it

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13 thoughts on “U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent — Sociopath, Bully, Criminal

  1. I had the unfortunate opportunity to meet this Former judge in 2005, ironically during the time he was sexually assaulting women in the courtroom and being drunk on the bench while ruling on court cases such as million dollar insurance claims from person injury civil cases from injured workers in Louisiana filed in Galveston, Texas. Let me tell you… the way he talked to his assistants and to anyone in that courtroom I knew he was evil.


    • Sociopaths who behave totally differently when at the top of the food chain betray their true self to the world.

      Sociopathic judges siding with sociopathic parties before them is another of the subterranean-societal-problems-of-vast-proportion-involving-sociopaths that society seems blind to.


  2. I strongly disagree that psychopaths are self aware and have group identity. If they do, it’s subconscious. A typical SAP psychopath doesn’t believe he has any problems so how could he consciously identify with a group?


    • I’ve drawn that conclusion from the following. I’ve seen sociopathic HR reps and managers, over the years, protect sociopathic underlings from their responsibility for malfeasance, at some risk to the rep or manager. I’ve also listened to conversations between sociopaths. When I first became interested in the subject, only a few individuals were interested in discussing the subject — and the majority of them, I realized later, were sociopathic themselves. They seemed to show that knowledge.


      • I suppose it’s possible. As I’ve said before, I’ve been drawn to the work of other psychopaths, like Robert Crumb, but to identify with a group is really stretching. For one thing, your average SAP would be appalled at the suggestion that he’s any different from anybody else. The psychopath thinks completely different from others but, for the most part, HE DOESN’T KNOW THAT!

        You might be reading too much into the HR person’s comment. “Of course sociopaths work here” could also be the reasonable acknowledgement that a corporation has sociopathic behavior directly attributed to the sociopaths running it. To me, that would be a more reasonable conclusion.


  3. Sociopaths usually engage in a lifetime of crime and from my personal experience with him all the attorneys in Texas are aware that all of his “judicial decisions” were the result of cronyism or outright bribery. The way the attorneys referred to it was that he “lacked judicial tempermant.” What an incredible understatement. It shows how corrupt or incompetent our government has become when it is unable or unwilling to bring additional charges against him. I know they received the proof of his other crimes, but as you said the other sociopaths must have decided to let him off the hook. 33 months?? He deserves 3000 years.

    For those who believe he had wit, I would suggest that their idea of wit is someone who enjoys watching someone lie. Judge Kent simply used the technique advocated by Joesph Goebells. If you tell a lie in a decsion you are rendering, make sure it’s a big one. People will believe a piece of it and so people won’t look too closely at your decisions. In Kent’s case, the only way to avoid the truth is to not read one of his decisions.

    I believe the reason the legal community gave Judge Kent so much slack is because they all know they were complicit.


  4. I am glad Samuel Kent got the boot on my aunt’s birthday. Ironically, Kent has the same last name as my aunt’s friend’s maiden name, but unfortunately, she is no longer living.


  5. Hey PW, great post.

    Sociopaths say whatever – there is no emotional content whatsoever – you point out the perp is not accepting responsibility at all.

    “. . .that sociopaths have self knowledge and a group identity”

    Yow, so that’s what it is.


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