Quinn Gray — psychopath, psychopath, psychopath

Quinn Gray

The happy couple

Wealthy Wife Fakes Kidnap to Scam Hubby

video:  http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/crime/2009/11/10/ng.wife.abduction.cnn
transcript:  http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0911/09/ng.01.html

Ponte Vedra Mom Held On $1 Million Bond

Investigators Unravel ‘Complex, Bizarre’ Case

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — A 10-day investigation into a reported abduction over the Labor Day weekend led detectives to sex tapes, discussions of fake kidnappings, ransom notes, money drops gone wrong and two arrests — including the woman who claims to be the victim.

Quinn Gray, the 37-year-old Ponte Vedra Beach woman who said she was kidnapped and released three days later, was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with extortion.

. . .

According to the arrest report, Jasmin Osmanovic delivered two letters to Gray’s home saying he was owed $50,000. He also told investigators that he had a sexual relationship with Gray and the couple spent that weekend together.


Husband Sticking By Wife’s Side


The victimized spouses of sociopaths/psychopaths often are the most ardent defenders of  the victimizing psychopath.  To do otherwise, to face the facts would be to see that every word, look, touch, backrub, sexual union was a fraud.  They were in a relationship/marriage with their own fantasy, which the psychopath “read” and played into — until the psychopathic partner wanted out.

Reid Gray is standing by his wife.

Appearing on the “Today” Show this morning, Quinn Gray’s husband admitted he’s hurt and confused, but he’s supporting Quinn’s defense against extortion charges.

“It’s because she’s mentally ill that I have to stick by her.  The minute you put the divorce hat on, the next second you put on this is a family member who has a mental illness, and I can’t abandon that person”.


Timeline and other details:  http://www.news4jax.com/news/21576839/detail.html#related

15 thoughts on “Quinn Gray — psychopath, psychopath, psychopath

  1. Bipolar disorder, for all real intents and purposes, IS sociopathology/pschopathy. The psychiatric industry knows psychopathy is an untreatable mental condition, so they just redefined it into something else that is treatable; PRESTO! new pharma sales! new for-profit treatments! Isn’t funny how that works?

    I am guessing also that psychopaths run the industry and they want to eliminate understanding of psychopathy altogether by redefining it as something else.


    • It seems all industries are allowed complete psychopathic freedom, so psychopaths do in fact rise to the top. Even where they don’t most industries/corporations are run out of a corrupting psychopathic modality.

      In agreement with your thesis I consider the whole DSM apparatus to be deeply corrupt and oriented to big pharma profits. The DSM authors should be required to prove to us that they are not psychopaths themselves.


  2. “Not Quinn who has never been arrested, is a bachelor degree registered nurse, and is the main caregiver to those two little girls. This man has destroyed her family and her life. All of it is lies and media manipulation.”

    Just about every female sociopath I have ever known claims to be either a nurse or care giver!

    Gimmie a break.


  3. You’ve got to be kidding me! Quinn Gray was taken from her home at gunpoint and then audio taped 4 days later because this goofy, dangerous Bosnian immigrant knew he was in big trouble! Quinn did nothing wrong. She is a victim and so is her family. Quinn has been married to Reid for over 10 years and he was broke when they met. Quinn didn’t need to extort money from herself. She didn’t need the money! The broke Bosnian and his livein girlfriend, Cali Bowers, needed the money and planned the whole thing. This is disgusting the way Quinn is being portrayed. She never knew the Bosnian, Osmanovic prior to being kidnapped. The media has released Osmanovic’s affidavit as fact, he is a liar, criminal, and a danger to society. Not Quinn who has never been arrested, is a bachelor degree registered nurse, and is the main caregiver to those two little girls. This man has destroyed her family and her life. All of it is lies and media manipulation.


  4. “I’ve sometimes seen sociopaths pursuing romance will use the “just friends” approach. All the while they are reading their target, adjusting their personality in the same way that a sniper will zero in on a target.”

    Perfectly stated. When you get away form it and look at the situation from a distance your blood literally runs cold at how completely devoted to manipulating you they were. Their lack of humanity in undertaking this defruading of your your psyche makes you realize that they could just as easily killed you in your sleep 15 minutes after the said “love you forever” and kissed you goodnight.

    I really feel for Quinn Gray’s husband as this guy is going to wake up from his spell months from now and have to not only come to terms with his sociopathic wife, but also how he humiliated himself on TV. I really feel for the man as when the penny drops he’ll be near suicidal. I hope his family give him the support he needs. All it takes is one asshole to see him on the street one day in months to come and smirk in his direction.


  5. Another thing which is very telling of a sociopath is how they tend to look very different for various social situations. They have this “cameleon” aspect to them. Not just hair and make-up, they literally become another person within themselves.

    You know the way dogs after a long time start to look like their owners? Well sociopaths can do this at will from situation to situation depending on the “requirements” of their prey.

    For instance. My last former Fem Soc Ex showed me her old driving licience – from about 3 years before we met. I did not regcognise her! Only the name on the ID told me it was her. She had the same hair colour and even the same hairstyle – yet it was not her. Recently I saw some new photos of her again and she is not the woman who told me she would “love me forever” continously for 6 years and then after going missing for 24 hours wrote me a quick email saying “bye, we’re through, send me an email now and again if you get the chance…”

    Not human.

    To get back on subject. Look at every photo of Quinn Gray you can find and you see this sociopathic facial shape shifting.


    • Ah yes, Quinn Gray, the gift that keeps on giving. It seems to me that when females are full expression sociopaths, they are really, really extreme.

      I recall a discussion (which I should find, I’m relying on my memory here) that suggested that sociopathy was a sex-limited trait that flowered most easily in the male hormonal environment. This would be why there are more male sociopaths than females. It takes a higher “genetic dosage” of sociopathy to overcome the female hormonal environment. But this also means that female sociopaths in full flower, are truly, truly “out-there” sociopaths.

      Women should be very aware of this shape-shifting which includes not only facial shape-shifting but also character, personality, humor shifting and more. I’ve sometimes seen sociopaths pursuing romance will use the “just friends” approach. All the while they are reading their target, adjusting their personality in the same way that a sniper will zero in on a target.


  6. Jil, I’ll offend you one step further and tell you I can tell 100% she is a sociopath just from the two photos. Why? Because I have photos of me with my ex Fem Soc and she always had the same dead inside smirk being passed off as a smile.

    The high testosterone level is a dead giveaway too.



    • “Dead inside smirk being passed off as a smile” — wow, great phrase. Once you start seeing these things, it’s like realizing you were deaf, dumb and blind before.

      “Element of her husband being emotionally humiliated in order to excite the sociopath and provide it with a “energy” rush” — sounds right. I’ve heard women complain of past paramours who left them feeling molested — part of the power trip of a sociopath. I guaranty that essentially 100% of women who have spent significant time in “the affair life” have had affairs with sociopaths (for men, I’d say probably a majority). I once knew a talkative sociopathic Don Juan who bragged of his exploits. Once he was pursuing one of a pair of sisters. Then the other sister started talking as though she would be interested. Shortly thereafter he came into work, chuckling to himself, saying repeatedly “I’m such a dog.” I never heard details, but I would bet any amount of money that he not only bedded both of them, but arranged for them to realize their humiliation simultaneously.


  7. This is such a sad state of affairs but tragically very typical.

    Having been in a similar position myself the “spell” these demons posses over you is really what holds you and not the desire to protect a delusion of a fake love. That part comes later.

    There is also an element of her husband being emotionally humilated in order to excite the sociopath and provide it with a “energy” rush. This story comes up again and again on Transsociopathica.



  8. She, her lawyer, family, husband all say she has bipolar disorder. You say she’s psychopathic. Simply saying that doesn’t make it true.


    • You’re absolutely correct. However I’m not looking for the response, “Well, the Path Whisperer has spoken, so now we know what’s what.” I could list every aspect that I consider an indicator of probable sociopathy for each news story, but I don’t believe that would be convincing either. There is simply no 4-step coldly intellectual sociopath recognition method. What I seek to do with these news items is to present the “flavor” of sociopathy, with the hope the reader will internalize an awareness of sociopathic traits, that such knowledge will “sink into the bones” of the reader.

      With time I hope the reader will develop the ability to spot sociopaths in their own life (and no, sociopathy is not rare). The goal is to someday “see sociopaths”, not merely make educated diagnostic guesses. This would take a very deep level knowledge, my posts are offered as stepping stones. It has to be stressed that the journey to that point is also emotional and psychological, not simply intellectual.

      In this case I am as sure as that the sky is blue that Quinn Gray is a sociopath (or psychopath, it’s the same thing, I use the term psychopath occasionally for pejorative effect) — but I can’t expect that my certainty should necessarily mean anything to anyone else.


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