Weaver-of-reality level sociopath duped moms

Officials: Man persuaded moms to abuse kids

He allegedly convinced the parents to send him images of the sexual attacks

A Michigan man posed as a psychologist and persuaded mothers across the country to sexually assault their children as a form of therapy, then send him the images of the attacks, authorities said Monday.


Another article:

Man pleads guilty to duping moms into abusing kids

In real life, Steven Demink didn’t have children, a college degree or a lasting career. Online, prosecutors say, he presented himself as Dalton St. Clair, an attractive single father and psychologist — a fantasy image authorities say the Michigan man used to persuade mothers across the country to commit unspeakable acts on their children.

Demink, 41, of Redford Township, preyed on single mothers for more than a year, prosecutors say, convincing them to sexually assault their children as a form of therapy. After pleading guilty Monday to six charges related to the sexual exploitation of children, Demink faces 15 years to life in prison when he is sentenced in June.


The discussions in the forums where I found this story were very hard on the mothers involved, quite a few of whom have been sentenced themselves.  I don’t wish to get into that conversation other than to say that they were up against an alien level of manipulative ability and quite possibly an alien level of intelligence.

It’s a disappointment that neither article mentioned sociopathy or psychopathy, this seems to be the bizarre norm for the media.  Steven Demink should be isolated for the remainder of this life.  Unfortunately he will probably be paroled well before serving his whole sentence.

In a responsible world he would be transferred from the jail to a mental hospital at the end of his sentence.  At this level of sociopathy, he is only human in form and in the biology of his structure.  His attorney is quoted as saying, “It’s a shame he couldn’t ask for help.”  That fantasy is a profound and common misunderstanding of the reality of sociopathy.

5 thoughts on “Weaver-of-reality level sociopath duped moms

  1. This was a highly successful application of the Milgram Experiment, obligatory wiki link if you’ve never heard of it (which I’m sure you have).

    65% or so of the subjects in that study placed their faith in the “experts” and blindly did as they were told. 35% became increasingly skeptical and eventually misbehaved.

    With this case, I think we should question people who so blindly believe what others, who identify themselves as “psychologists,” say. And if Joe Public doesn’t take the personal responsibility to figure out what’s right or wrong, then he does need to be held responsible for his actions. In this garden called life, there are a lot of crafty snakes. It’s the individual’s duty to watch out for them and take the necessary precautions.

    As for Big Boy there, he might be institutionalized after parole as a child predator, but the single diagnosis of sociopathy, or Anti-Social Personality Disorder on Axis I, I think the shrinks say, has no bearing on possible future commitment. Indeed, there’s a court case where a criminal with serious charges was declared incompetent to stand trial and then let out of the whack shack six months later a free man because that was his only diagnosis.


    • In your case in which the perpetrator was released in six months from a mental hospital, I would like to know a lot more about the judge, the prosecutor and the psychiatrists/psychologists involved. I would bet money that co-sociopaths were involved.


      • You made me look it up! It’s the Foucha case I was referring to. It had been such a long time since I had read it I got some of the facts wrong. But it still holds that solely ASPD/psychopathy is not grounds for continued criminal commitment. The actual ruling is linked in the wiki article.

        And of course, the Hendricks case set the standard that pedophiles/serial sex offenders could be indefinitely detained on civil commitment. The Hendricks case has had some modifications in recent years and from what I read, states are tiring of having to deal with these people because it takes away funds from people who actually want help.


  2. ““It’s a shame he couldn’t ask for help.” That fantasy is a profound and common misunderstanding of the reality of sociopathy”.

    Don’t get carried away. I just recently figured out I’m a stone cold psychopath. Although I occasionally get a little confused being psycho whilst talking about psychos, it’s certainly not impossible to improve ones own behavior. Actually, I don’t know if I am capable of improving my behavior but I think maybe I can. At 55 years old, my new self image as an impaired psychopath will take some getting use to. Incidentally, my mother, father and four siblings are all psychopaths too (or so I believe).

    At this point, I’m unable to sort out whether psychos are responsible for their behavior. I’ve read all the arguments and they all seem to say that they are responsible but I mentally jump track every time I stop to consider it. Psychopaths will ever really understand morality… that’s just a part of the impairment. However, every psychopath definitely knows what is and what is not legal. On the other hand, lack of self control is also a hallmark. Like I said, I’m really confused but hopefully I’ll eventually come to a conclusion.


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