To those who claim psychopath is simply a term of denigration for jerks, read this search: son blackmailing mom into sex

My blog was found by this search.  I’ve never heard of this situation before, but it’s not really surprising.  The early phase of puberty takes place before the internalization of incest taboos.  Psychopaths live there, at that phase.

Blackmail is simply a huge problem.  Psychopaths love it, if it’s successful it’s a crime without consequence for the perp, the victim is drawn into the crime.  The victim by protecting themselves also protects the blackmailer.

I don’t think this situation will end well.  Dads aren’t slow, males are geared towards recognizing female infidelity and a partner’s lover — if they all live in the same home . . .

I certainly hope she doesn’t consider justifiable homicide, heck no, nosireebob, that would be a crime, not to mention wrong, just wrong.

Sex at point of blackmail is really rape.  We’re not talking jerks, we’re talking guys who’d rape their mothers.

7 thoughts on “To those who claim psychopath is simply a term of denigration for jerks, read this search: son blackmailing mom into sex

  1. So much all on this site makes me shudder. I am currently in the aftermath of a relation s hip with one of these awful things. I also have children with him and this is the part that scares me most. 6months ago, he was arrested for felony domestic violence. I hope I am not let down by the state in this case. I have other incriminating evidence against him. I’ve often wondered if it’s better I expose it or if it would only put me in danger. Sometimes I think he expects me to not expose it knowing that most of us do not like to cause anyone trouble. Other times I t think I should expose it because I am sure he is planning some horrifying defense over his actions and if I hold back, I will play into whatever story he will try to create. Any opinions?


    • My instincts say expose it all. However they often plan on their exploits not being believed by third parties (a gaslighting harassment is only the beginning of this strategy), so truthful accusations can come across as self-impeaching. Do you have a concealed carry permit? Does the situation rise to that necessity? Would you be in more danger releasing the info or not releasing the info — once the info is released you are no longer a danger of possibility releasing info, but you may have to deal with anger. However we can’t let them win. I’m afraid I’m not much help, just offering more questions.


      • You know, my instincts say to expose it as well. Ignorantly, because of his recent arrest and the no contact order from it, I thought maybe he knew it would be stupid to mess with me. However, I believe the quiet (hasn’t tried family court moves) is only him setting his stage as I learned and now know, he had done so well behind my back, for no reason at all. So I believe if I hold onto it, and wait until he drops a bomb, I play into whatever lies he is creating. I do not have a gun. However, I moved states away , bought a new car and took as many measures as I could to stay hidden. I do not pretend to tell myself he doesn’t know where I am (family) if he wanted to. But I feel somewhat safer, for now, with the space between us. I know whatever ways he’s planning to punish me, will involve court. So my instincts tell me to expose all I can verifiable prove BEFORE he takes a shot at me through court. The things I do have on him will, or should (don’t know how he could get out of it but…I know enough to not assume he can’t the way the rest of us couldn’t) cause him to lose his business. Which will push him over….yet maybe I just assume that will. Do they really ever think they can’t just start over? However, he is very image protective and his business is a huge part of that. I’m trying to just do my best to not roll over for him and to protect my kids.


    • I don’t know what you are talking about.

      I would be very curious to know how this mother views “her own son,” specifically whether that is the way she still views him.

      A poster at wrote these words:

      “I understand the pain of realizing (finally) that your child, the child you planned for, gave birth to, nursed and loved is a monster beyond redemption. I understand the emotional and yes, PHYSICAL PAIN, of turning your back on that child (even though they are now an adult) and emotionally burying that child in your heart, as if they were dead, to at least preserve the memories you had of when the child was an infant, a toddler, and a young child that was the shining light of your life. I sort of feel like my child died and his organs were donated, but the MAN who has his organs is a monster, and not my son, any more than it would be if his kidneys or his eyes had been donated instead of his whole body.

      The memories of the “morphiing” years when he quit being the shining child and became the monsterous adolsescent, then murdering man, those were the most difficult years of my life and I held on to toxic hope for 20 years after I should have “let go”—but I guess I thought the letting go was so painful I couldn’t handle it, but I know that the NOT LETTING GO was MORE PAINFUL and became so painful it was LET GO OR DIE. I chose, finally, to let go and live. It was so hard, harder than anything I have ever done. . . . my “child” is already dead, and the “man” with his organs isn’t my son, but a monster . . .”


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