Kathy Krajco’s websites

As many of you know Kathy Krajco died in May of 2008 (of unknown causes).  Kathy Krajco and Cause of Death.

A couple years ago I looked for her sites both online and through the Wayback Machine but her blog had disappeared and the archived site seemed incomplete.  However the blog is again online (perhaps saved by friends and supporters) and her main site is available through the Wayback Machine (as is mine also).

Blog:  What Makes Narcissists Tick

Main site:  www.narcissism.operationdoubles.com

I don’t wish to get into an argument with her writings but I take her narcissists to be sociopaths.

PDF of her book, “What Makes Narcissists Tick”, http://www.escapeabuse.com/npd.pdf.

8 thoughts on “Kathy Krajco’s websites

  1. Sociopaths are legion, well respected and in the highest positions, think about the focus, dedication and ability to do what needs to be done to rise to such heights, most people with even the smallest conscience couldn’t do what needed to be done to rise there. Hell I have trouble firing someone….But I have worked for these sociopaths, and once they discover a particular vulnerability, they learn just as fast how to exploit it with skillful mastery.

    I think I have to agree, there’s a very thin fine line between these narcissists and sociopaths its almost indistlnguishable>


  2. Hello. I found you site quite some time ago when I was dealing with the aftermath of a narcissist. Your words validate everything I have experienced. I also went to Kathy Krajco’s site and felt likewise. I have learned to deal with the aftermath but don’t think healing completely is possible. Dealing with these individuals in an intimate relationship or in one that spans many years, even a lifetime, does damage so deep, possibly at the cellular level, that one is changed forever. I know I am not the same as I once was.
    However, that said, I am doing quite well and use humor as often as possible to replace the anguish and the unfathomable psychosis that is narcissism. It helps immensely and in all honesty, what else can one do? It was impossible for me to grapple with a non-human entity such as that. I don’t think people really know how destructive they are and also how prevalent in society they are. It’s terrifying really. Some time ago you had asked me for my url. I just found that message and am leaving it here now. Have a wonderful holiday Path Whisperer.


    • “I don’t think people really know how destructive they are and also how prevalent in society they are.” People really don’t know. In fact, sometimes I think that only individuals who have had experience with narcissists/sociopaths even believe they exist. It’s a place one can’t get to, just intellectually.

      Thanks for validating my blog’s purpose. My aim is to help provide tools for life.

      Happy Holidays.


  3. I am so grateful for who ever put it back up.

    I have had two narcissists and one psychopath (validated through psyche hospitalization records he left in my house) that we know of in my life at different times. When I began to read her blog today for the first time, I was in tears. I know its from my abuse as a child from a NMom…but her words were clear, unwavering and touched me as the one thing I always needed..TRUTH. I searched her name and saw she had passed soon after the last post and was so sad though I had JUST read her work…she touched something in me.

    I am in the midst of dealing with a NPD now who seriously is trying to destroy my life (legally, emotionally, socially) and she is viewed by those who don’t know her as this holy person (she is an ex nun, got run out of the convent within 7 years). So to have found someone who wrote with such strength and was unwavering in her honesty was relief. Validation.

    She has a book?


  4. I have been reading this lady’s book on NPD, wonderful! I find it so strange that not one word of her many accomplishments is in her obituary. Does anyone know why?


    • Well, that’s the million dollar question. The mainstream media acts (has always acted?) as though sociopaths exist only in the movies. It is even impossible to get letters to the editor published regarding sociopaths and sociopathic behavior. Why? Roger Canup, the coiner of the phrase, socially adept psychopath (SAP), suggests SAPs directly prevent this by their presence in editorial offices. But that would mean that their numbers would be legion. Another possibility is self censorship. There seems to be widespread brainwashing that interest in sociopathy is akin to an unhealthy interest in serial killers and thus the subject is taboo. There also may be subliminal fear of the existence of a dichotomous form of humanity. But all of these are guesses, I can’t answer why.

      Regarding Krajco’s situation, I see some speculation that a family member may have had a hand in her death. In that case perhaps that party also controlled the content of the obituary. If she had been murdered (by anyone) then obviously the message was the main target (her blog even disappeared, it should have just sat there unattended).

      From reading Cleckley (Mask of Sanity) or Mary Astor (The Incredible Charlie Carewe) it seems clear that they expected the subject to become common knowledge. But it is only now, with the advent of the internet, that this knowledge is spreading.


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