Jodi Arias — human in outward form only

“”I think I’m more focused on your posture and your tone and your anger so it’s hard to process the questions,” Arias told Martinez.”

Of course, psychopaths turn to words last in reading any communication.  For them words are just tools to be used in lying and manipulating, they don’t expect them to be truly meaningful.

The times I’ve watched her court, she appears very calm.  I’m sure that is not true.  I believe she’s running septuple/octuple time in her own head.  We can sometimes run double or triple time, but psychopaths have different brains and can far outpace us.  She knows full well that she is on trial for her life and she needs to win over at least one jury member.  Thus her little schoolgirl appearance and manner — it’s truly masterful.

Reminds me of a couple of my ex’s:   ‘Protect me, big man.  I’m so weak and fragile, I need your protection.’  Somehow I’d miss the fine print, ‘Of course I get to suck your blood and throw away your dried husk at any time of my choosing, because I’m Baby, and I get whatever I want, because I’m so weak and fragile.’  The term is “protect-me-monster”.  But I digress . . .

8 thoughts on “Jodi Arias — human in outward form only

  1. Sorry, not genuine disbelief only, but genuine remorse for her actions. What if she had a psychotic break at the time. I’m not defending her actions at all, but given the subject of sociopaths, I think we have to be sure what a person has been diagnosed with maybe she has multiple personalities. I have much more reading to do to understand this kind of mind if I am EVER to escape it, because I just keep finding it.. and at this point in my life, I’m not sure how much more I can handle.


    • Her hope is to convince one juror that it was “a psychotic break at the time” — it’s an unstated insanity defense, an “I just snapped” defense. Personally I don’t buy it.


    • Just wanted to say I don’t know what’s up with that angry, growling face that appears with all my posts. If that was something I picked, I apologize, I don’t know how it got there and can’t seem to figure out how to change it.



      • The system assigns one automatically if you don’t have a gravatar. It seems to be attached to email addresses, so try using a different one or make one up and let’s see what happens, if you wish.


  2. i enjoyed reading your take on her outward form. I have had a lingering thought… what if she has an undiagnosed mental illness, not battered women’s syndrome etc. I see through her facade and the coldness in her eyes, the total lack of effect at all. But, there were times that she cried, and I believe those times were genuine disbelief for what she had done. Which speaks to the notion that most sociopaths lack so little emotion that the act of bringing on tears is so difficult for them they will go as far as finding an excuse for their lack of emotion. I’m also wondering if, since she’d been charged whether she has had any kind of counseling at all?
    I totally appreciate your digressions.. much like me..


    • I didn’t detect any remorse. There are big differences of apparent affect between extreme male psychopaths and extreme female ones. Such male psychopaths can not “bring life” to their dead eyes, but, I understand, such women can. The same may be true with actual tears.


      • I know a couple of psychopaths who can turn their tears off and on like turning a water faucet. I know others who don’t cry real tears at all – ever. Of the ones who are able, they do it all the time, every chance they get.

        When my ex-husband’s aunt Lucille died, he went around crying and blubbering all over town for days – but only when we were in public. When my brother died, he did the same thing. He was so phony it even made our kids angry and they were just in pre-school and kindergarden. But all the store clerks, bag boys, bar patrons and others who didn’t know him better, were totally impressed by his “sensitivity”.



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