Search: Are victims of sociopaths ever happy again

Sure.  It may take a while though.  It’s a recovering from PTSD process.  I don’t think there is any question that this searcher is in post traumatic shock.  There is a lot to deal with:  disappointment, betrayal, shock that such people exist.  The fairy tale world of “everyone is a brother and sister underneath the skin” is gone forever.  In addition there is often self disappointment and self betrayal.

The last two particularly if the victim betrayed individual(s) that he/she loved, in getting wrapped up in the con.   Such victims are left bewildered by their own choices in the absence of the active con — they simply don’t know why they did what they did.  They can spend years in a state of confusion and mourning — not able to understand their actions and emotionally keeping the flame alive of the relationship they destroyed, never emotionally letting go of the old flame.

Someone recovering from sociopathic victimization may be greatly helped by finding a talk therapist.  However the therapist needs to understand the situation (and believe in sociopaths, therapists actually have less experience with sociopaths than the rest of us).  This searcher does not need to discuss mom and dad and his/her childhood.

2 thoughts on “Search: Are victims of sociopaths ever happy again

  1. You said: “This searcher does not need to discuss mom and dad and his/her childhood.”

    Sandra Brown, MA, author of How to Spot a Dangerous Man and Women Who Love Psychopaths, says that only 50% of women who get ensnared by a charismayic Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde, come from dysfunctional families. The other 50% come from normally loving, nurturing, and healthy families.

    This backs up your statement that a target (victim) does not necessarily have to talk about mom and dad with his or her therapist, especially if the traget is in the 50% of people that have come from normally healthy families of origin.


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