“It [sociopathy] is human biodiversity like homosexuality”

Exactly.  The above quote is from commenter faintsmile1992.

Some people are born with Devonian polydactyly or a tapeta lucida, others are born with empathy deficits and it does not make us monsters,it is human biodiversity like homosexualityhttps://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/the-psychopathic-personality-and-human-evolution-and-why-cant-women-recognize-psychopaths/#comment-65086

She also wrote,

And of course we (I am diagnosed Dissocial) do not want to ‘go the way of Downs Syndrome babies’. Would you like to see people with empathy go extinct? Most vertebrates lack empathy, we’d do just fine without you.https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/pws-1st-subterranean-sociopathy-problem-of-vast-social-impact-sociopaths-as-a-pillar-of-the-anti-abortion-movement/#comment-65082

I believe every reader of this currently knows individuals who are sociopathic.  Most would have one or two in their extended families (out to the first cousin level).  This would support a percentage of a 5% sociopathic population (1 in 20, though much higher among stock traders).  People just don’t realize that this kind of human diversity exists.

2 thoughts on ““It [sociopathy] is human biodiversity like homosexuality”

  1. I’m not entirely sure why you’ve posted the comments together, as they seem disconnected from one another, other than to express difference from neurotypical thinking.


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