Captain Francesco Schettino — psychopath, betrayed by his lie

Over at Lovefraud blog, Joyce Alexander highlighted Francesco Schettino’s lie about deserting his ship, his claim was that he had “accidentally fallen into a lifeboat while trying to help rescue efforts.”   As she pointed out only a psychopath could tell such a lie.

“This single statement, to me, branded the man a psychopath. Dr. Robert Hare said in his book, Without Conscience, that the psychopath’s brain doesn’t work like other brains when it comes to lies. They will tell a lie when there is evidence to show it is a lie right in front of them, they will tell a lie that is so unbelievable that no one would believe it, but they do not “get it” that their lie is totally unbelievable.”

The thought processes behind the lie are very straightforward.  The lie is propelled by the sociopathic throughlines of arrogance and contempt for normals.  All psychopaths, from the most out of control criminal to the highest level SAP (socially adept psychopath), share these two traits.  SAPs simply hide it better.

2 thoughts on “Captain Francesco Schettino — psychopath, betrayed by his lie

  1. To me the man immediately fell in the category “not appropriate for the job” when I first saw a picture and then video of him. His facial expression and body language just did not fit with somebody in a position of responsibility. He made gave me immediately the impression of somebody who did not even remotely understand to what his job/responsibility amounted beyond having a good time with the passengers.

    I guess the thing with falling into a rescue boat just confirms that first impression, and labels him a psycho.


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