Please raise any concerns/questions on sociopathic matters here, not by email

I’m semi retired from this blog.  But I do check for comments.  Further I’d be happy to address any concerns (ask here, not at my email address which I go to infrequently) if desired.

2 thoughts on “Please raise any concerns/questions on sociopathic matters here, not by email

  1. I am trying to hold a SP accountable by law. After I ended a 3 mo dating I learned he is convicted of identity theft, larceny, has a million civil and small claims suits, lied about the fact he was still married, and I see in court suits his ex has a child support suit none of which I knew while dating.

    He conned me out of my car as he was a mechanic when I broke down initially. I have a court date soon–he is non appearing as he was in many other suits where people are collecting $ he didn’t pay.

    He also forged my signature on the title for he car he fraudulently took from me thru deception and lies.

    Police have a relative or a family member and they cover up for him. They wouldn’t pursue the forgery charge kept saying its bed to prove HE signed my name though there is a ton of evidence.

    I feel exhausted as he “won” with his web of lies and breaking the law with impunity.

    He called me darling while stealing from me under my nose. I felt shocked when I saw the deception and he made sure I knew it after I ended the sham of dating
    Any thoughts in the legal war I have from the distance though he did not respond to the court?


    • On the forgery charge, have you tried approaching the DA’s office directly?

      Of course he made sure you knew of his deception at the end. It’s a form of bragging and undercutting your victory of having left the relationship.


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