For the record / anomalies

For some years, when I would go on vacations I would return to find the MS Backup program in the recent list on my Start menu.  This was a program I never ran.  After a certain point the program was pinned there permanently, which I hadn’t done either.  This required physical access to the my computer since I leave it unplugged when absent.

I ended up switching to a Linux OS.  Somehow my bootloader page would be defaulted back to Windows.  Usually after a Linux distro update or two, it would go back to the correct Linux entry.  Then it would at some point switch back to Windows.  Then I started getting Linux Update Manager failure error messages, which I have to work around.  At the same time I started getting other error messages.  When reported to the Linux distro, I was told the problems were due to non-distro software on my computer, which I hadn’t loaded.  It is apparent that I am under constant cyber attack and do not control my computer.

Changing the subject somewhat, very shortly after filing a request with the NYPD a few weeks ago, upon going to my car I noticed a few gum wrappers under it that hadn’t been there when I parked.  No big deal.  Later that day, on the Jersey Turnpike I noticed a large SUV merging at speed to my right.  It seemed to me that the car was being driven masterfully for such a big car and with purposive intent as it swept across the lanes of the main highway.  Then I realized it wasn’t going to stop before reaching my lane at the exact point where I was located and that if we collided it had all the momentum and I would go careening into a wall.  Fortunately my performance upgrades to my car had been to the brakes, so emergency braking prevented an accident, if that was what it would have been.  I have never previously braked so hard from speed, I have never seen grapes fly so fast inside a car.  Then a day or so later I realized that I was driving on the sidewalls of one of my tires.  It turned out there was a screw working its way into the tire.  How interesting.

The gum wrappers are also interesting.  Completely unnecessary, if done by an individual planting the screw, it that’s what happened.  Back to my abode, a while back I installed a security DVR and system.  One day I went to review the contents and found the remote had been reprogrammed to another DVR.  This couldn’t have happened by accident (and I was already on the default).  This is more than gaslighting, it’s sort of a reach out and touch, but still unnecessary.  Plus I had another device that to save images to memory required a config file.  Without it, it would seem to work but wouldn’t write to memory.  I found the config file had been deleted.

Finally, I have a storage facility for my excess musical instruments, household items and mildish prepper items (after Katrina, Irene and Sandy plus an economy run for and by psychopathic economic looters and resultant economic meltdowns around the world we should all be prepared to be self sufficient for a period of time if need be).  I don’t control access to this facility either.

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!  Right after I saved this to go live (drafts are saved automatically) the PUBLISH button grayed out and a CONNECTION LOST error message appeared.  Apparently I am being monitored in real time.

4 thoughts on “For the record / anomalies

    • Hmmm. I guess you don’t believe in anything you didn’t hear about in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Maybe you feel you learned all you really need to know you learned in kindergarten. Sorry, fail.

      I do understand how difficult it is for many people to comprehend gaslighting. We all assume (except for us the psychopathy aware) that we are identical under the skin, thus all motivations are understandable. Gaslighting really only makes sense to psychopaths.

      Here are gaslighting examples I have heard of or experienced. Try going into a police station and saying individuals are entering your premises, taking nothing but turning electronic devices on or off. Try going to the district attorney and saying this includes cops. Imagine repeatedly finding pebbles in your car that are just a smidgen too large for you to have kicked/carried into the car but too small to be taken seriously by law enforcement (this is a particularly brilliant gaslighting stunt).

      Gaslighting tends to fall into three categories. The original is the hidden campaign of emotional destabilization of another while feigning sincere concern for the victim (see the film, Gaslight/http:// Then there’s the kind that is committed with the intent that only the target knows, but can do nothing about and can’t be totally sure that they didn’t in fact do it themselves. Then there’s a ‘reach out and touch’ variety, such as repeatedly altering an automobile’s driver’s side mirror position in many different locales, where the target is totally certain they did not do it, but still can’t do anything about it. This third one is really a kind of threat.

      Psychopaths will spend years working out campaigns and comparing notes. They need to find some purpose in purposeless lives that feeds their felt superiority. This is a somewhat different situation, but some years ago there was a fad of young psychopaths copying five dollar bills, slightly too small. They’d then sit back in cafes or whereever and watch people pick them up and laugh and laugh and laugh. Well, it makes sense to an arrested development psychopath.


  1. I have similar problems with my computer which I generally attribute to remote access for the purpose of infecting my computer with adware, spyware and viruses or whoever else thinks my life is interesting enough to monitor for whatever reason. But occasionally it seems like someone must have had physical access to my computer and it’s particularly disturbing because, first, it would take someone pretty sneaky to come and go from my home unnoticed, and second, because it would also require some utter nerve to mess around here seeing that my husband is very strong and quite large and does not take kindly to people trespassing on his property. But most disturbing is the fact that my life, while I enjoy it, is pretty mundane. I don’t have expensive jewelry, my tv is not portable, we don’t have any medications that would interest anyone looking for a fix – I can see no definable reason why anyone would want to mess around here. In fact, the only remotely “interesting” thing about me is my past. Many years ago I witnessed three separate murders – two of them by the same two men and the other by someone who I believe was “influenced” by one of those men, the same one who I believe has been responsible for just about everything bad that has ever happened to me and I can physically connect him to most of those cases. He is extremely cunning but not particularly bold, although I could see him getting someone else to do his dirty work if there was a possibility of his getting caught.

    It doesn’t make me paranoid – I’m not afraid of him or anyone else. However, I do tend to wonder if I’m simply reacting out of “habit”, for lack of a better word, since for many years I had to keep one eye open (so to speak) at all times.


  2. haven;t read ur full info – but as i read – the only way here is to get unused of ur computer – even passes do not work here – as we aer living in the world of clouds – just use ur skills and do not preoccupy with the lower casta. wish u luck


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