Psychopathic character assassination and murder-by-suicide as depicted in Orwell’s Burmese Days

Burmese Days becomes a perfect description of psychopathic strategizing once ‘psychopath’ or ‘nonempath’ are substituted for ‘Oriental’ and ’empath’ or ‘normy’ for ‘European’ in the following extracts as appropriate.  (Ctrl + in many browsers will zoom in.)

A key to such a campaign is U Po Kyin’s statement, “There must be no accusations that can be answered“.


No empath cares anything about proofs“.


Dr. Veraswami sees the psychopathic train coming, but can do nothing.


The start of the campaign.


U Po Kyin as agent provocateur, to set up his own heroism, with complete disregard for the flesh and blood that will fall.


“Of course we shall never prove that he is responsible for it; but what does that matter?”


Planning for the murder by suicide.


The murder by suicide.




August 10, 2015:  I am simply stunned that no one has ever communicated the character assassination allegations against myself.  I once offered a woman who, from one day to the next, turned her head to the wall rather than say hello to me (and we had been workplace friends for years – this pattern happened repeatedly but slowly over the years, the psychopathic perp couldn’t risk my inner circle telling me), a hundred dollars if she (or her husband if she preferred) would tell me the whyfor.  Plenty of people who know me read this blog.  Comments can be totally anonymous.  There is no need to fill out any identifying field.  Further to protect their IP address, if desired, anyone can simply go to a copy center or internet cafe.  Comments are moderated so it is a private communication.  If preferred there are also many free and anonymous email account providers.  I just don’t get it. Where’s the downside? I would help and have helped others in similar situations.

2 thoughts on “Psychopathic character assassination and murder-by-suicide as depicted in Orwell’s Burmese Days

  1. Bravo! Perfect example of sociopathic scheming. Notice how he explains his intentions in totality with absolutely no concern that the woman will tell anyone, as he knows no one will take her seriously even if he does. How confident and SMUG he is in his own clever- ness!

    Does everyone realize how common this practice is in all societies? It makes you wonder if there are any real heroes that are not dead or in jail. I think what bothers me most, besides the ruined lives of innocent people, is that the truth gets buried so deep it can never be sorted out again.

    I didn’t have time to read the “suicide” pages but I will come back to those later. Well done, posting this.

    – buster


    • Thanks. That’s why sociopaths/psychopaths move through the world like sharks through the water. First, no one sees them, more people believe in Yetis than believe sociopaths walk among us (quoting an earlier commenter). Second, even if they hear of sociopathic behavior they don’t believe it. No doubt the court appointed juvenile justice counselor, Tony Simmons, would tell his victims, ‘nobody would believe you anyway’, after detouring the elevator ride to the basement and casually raping/molesting his charges before proceeding to the court (That flavor of sociopathy — current stories in the news, Yes! Sociopathic traits cited from the bench). Once I worked with a sociopath who was always joking about committing this or that deviltry and would always add, ‘no one would believe you guys, anyway’.)


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