Would visitors who find us through an interest in the relationship between psychopaths, cats or other animals please say why they suspect that?

Many come to this site through searches for the relationship between combinations of the above.   I don’t know why.  Please feel free to share any thoughts or experiences — there are no “wrong” observations and PCness is not necessary.  What cat behaviors lead you (and there are many of you) to think that cats are able to recognize psychopaths?  All I have here is one paragraph and some comments.

Unusual search: Can cats sense someone is a sociopath?

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this search.  All I can say, the most extreme female sociopath I’ve ever known said cats and dogs hated her.  Was this just something unique to her or do dogs and cats have some innate sense of fairplay?  Did they recognize her as a rapacious, reptilian-minded predator?  I don’t know.

  • . . . there are both psychopaths and sociopaths that happen to love animals but have no regard for human life. Then there are, some that have no regard for life in general, other than their own.Leaving the article so broad, it’s not necessarily a good idea.

    It’s true to some extent, animals, like some people are a good judge of character but it’s not true for every animal or person. There are some dumb / too trusting people, cats and dogs out there as well.

    Animals, since they tend to have a lot more non audible or visual cues and pay attention to them more often than we do to each others body language, the animals know when they are in danger more often than humans do.

    It also has to do with bio-chemistry too, since animals can smell things most humans cannot, they can tell if someone is a danger to them or not, or they can even smell “fear” and that they are “easy prey”.

  • thebrunswickpapers Says:

    I had a sociopathic friend once who told me she hated animals. She said that her mother-in-law’s cat would sit on her lap when she visited her inlaws. She said she pretended to like the cat’s attention. Later she told me about the stray dog that stayed under her house. Her husband wanted to keep the dog. I think he finally got his way. She then posted a photo of herself holding the dog on a blog. She and her husband are trying to adopt. Isn’t that scary?!!!. I think I’m the only person who knows she’s being a fake.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Cats are sociopaths :http://www.mile73.com/?p=400

  • alearner Says:

    yes cats and dogs have something against sociopaths the female sociopath i was with was morbidly afraid of even the smallest dogs.

  • Cats can, but dogs can’t. This is why Female Sociopaths have small dogs. It serves the function of making them look compassionate in the eyes of others.

    They see the dog as an object, not a life. No matter how much they tell you their pet dog is their “baby”, female sociopaths will begin shopping for a replacement dog before the previous dog has died. This is something a human being who loves their pet would never think of doing. Apart from the stress a new dog may cause a dying old dog in the last weeks of its life, this also shows how for all their “my baby!” talk the female sociopath sees the dog as an object with no real love for it. Which is also how they see people.


5 thoughts on “Would visitors who find us through an interest in the relationship between psychopaths, cats or other animals please say why they suspect that?

    • I wouldn’t say discredited, but rather exposed. However any statements he made/makes stand or fall on their own. His blog, Transsociopathica, was selling the nonsense that sociopaths were demonic. Biological sociopaths are simply terrified of modern science and its proof of their existence. They are trying all kinds of protective strategems. In my opinion, he was buying credibility with the currency of truth with the hope that trusting readers would then follow him to his demon theories. We certainly could argue about this or that point of his, however basically I think he offered many truths.

      More: https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/search-sociopath-laugh/#comment-105233


  1. Serialbuster Submitted on 2014/11/27 at 7:24 am | In reply to Transsociopathica.

    You’re right for the most part, about cats being able to sense sociopaths but not dogs. However, I think it’s just that most cats (not all) are way more intelligent than most dogs (not all). I know more about cats than I do any other animals but I would think horses would probably be the best judges of human character than any other domesticated animals, although I would be hard pressed to explain why I think that. I haven’t been around horses much at all but from things I’ve read and seen on tv – the way they act towards humans shows a high perceptibility to humans’ intentions.

    I’ve also known a few “fake” animal lovers like the one you speak of so I can see where you’re coming from with that. As it happens, I was very close friends with a cat before I was old enough to walk or communicate verbally with humans and he was very protective of me, especially when it came to a particular person who tried several times to harm me. No one else was aware of what he was doing to me, except the cat.

    I don’t consider myself an animal lover – that cat, to me, was like a person, like family. I’m in my fifties now and I still miss him, almost as much as I miss my legal guardian at that time (who was a true animal lover). I’ve been close to a couple of animals since then but I don’t like all animals. I also have a deep-seated fear of dogs, especially big ones, if I don’t know them, even if they’re seemingly friendly, but even with small dogs I can feel that inner fear when they bark or run at me although I don’t feel physically afraid of small dogs.

    I don’t know – just a lot of blah, blah, blah, I guess – but I’m just saying that you can’t necessarily judge a person because they’re afraid of something. Everyone is afraid of something. On the other hand, people who fake an affection for dogs will undoubtedly fake other affections as well – and that is what sociopaths do. Just to clarify things.

    – buster


  2. Good morning. Replies were going through to the original post. So I’m copying the relevant ones here (and deleted the original Reply link)/

    Serialbuster submitted on 2014/11/27 at 7:27 am | In reply to Anonymous.

    Cats are “vain”, not necessarily sociopaths.

    – buster


  3. After my grandfather broke his hip my mom, who’s a malignant narcissist, had to put his cat in a kennel because the cat kept trying to kill her. I finally took custody of the cat (at the time I lived 1800 miles away), and the cat constantly cuddled and snuggled with me. I have just recently moved back to the West to be near my (95 year-old) grandfather, and everytime my mother comes near the cat he flips out and tries to kill her. I find my (grandfather’s) cat’s behavior to be very endearing, and very telling.


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