Search: “How to frame a psychopath”

This search just came in.  It would seem that this searcher has decided that fair game strategies are fair play when dealing with psychopaths.  This person seems to think that their particular conflict with a particular psychopathic individual calls for a ‘do unto others before they do unto you’ approach.  That is a strategy that psychopaths use themselves (all the time), fair game strategies also.  But things could get real rough, real fast.  I hope the searcher has thought it through carefully and paid attention to details.

One thought on “Search: “How to frame a psychopath”

  1. I see this as a bad idea on so many different levels. In my opinion, the only real strategy against a psychopath is to expose them as being a psychopath, or simply expose the “game” or con they are currently perpetrating. Granted, that’s usually impossible, but then that’s why we’re putting our heads together on this – to learn to do just that.

    – buster


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