Thank you

From Ramble On,, thank you for your testament, it’s good to hear:


Just wanted to update the site that we beat the sociopath in court. Carefully insinuating that he was stupid caused him to blow up in court. The judge actually said that nothing he said was credible! Thank you for your advice. This is testament that you can win with a sociopath! Your site was a wealth of knowledge and support. Thank you!”

2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. What about ‘slippery sociopaths’? A former sister-in-law of mine is trying to track her ex-husband who not only receives three pensions, but is elusive as quicksilver. After divorcing her, he married someone from China (who he did not even know…) just to up the ante and in competition with other family members. This family was/is the sickest I have ever been involved with…things do not change even after decades (or even worsen). The sperm of my MIL lives on to do complete destruction to anyone gets in his way.
    Back to ex-sis-in-law…she live in Section 8 housing while her creepy sociopath of an ex-husband has three pensions.


    • A classic tale of sociopathic horror. Thank you for bringing it to light.

      These things happen everyday, it’s amazing how only now is knowledge of sociopaths/psychopaths reaching the mainstream.


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