Go Fund Me

We share this world with genetic psychopaths.  1 in 20/25 of us are psychopaths.  We need a way to recognize them, besides my saying, ‘well, in my opinion . . .’

$10,000 would allow me two months or so to dedicate to searching the literature for the genetics and thus a DNA test for psychopathy.  The information in the graphic below would be my starting point.

$60,000 would free me for a year to both produce posts every week and do constant literature searches.


I believe the DNA information is ‘out there’, waiting to be found in the tall grass.  Many, many of the researchers are themselves psychopathic and they don’t necessarily advertise what they know.  This is one of the paradoxes of the field.  Psychopathy is considered by some to be not quite a healthy field of interest.  However intelligent, self aware psychopaths are very interested in what makes themselves tick.  I believe that if I had time ‘to beat the rushes’, I could find the information we need to protect ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Go Fund Me

  1. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. I suspect the cheapest way to identify them would be with AI. You can identify a gay person with AI software from a face photo with 91% accuracy.


    If you could feed a lot of pictures into an AI of known psychopaths it would eventually recognize them from pictures.

    Notice anything about these pictures? I personally believe, for me anyways, it’s easier to recognize this in Woman.


    Some others that I’ve heard about are a special type of glasses. They block almost all the visible light except the infrared and ultraviolet. These, after you have trained your eyes(brain), allow you to see auroras around people, plants and animals. These light signals are already there but normal visible light is so much stronger that you don’t notice them. Maybe this is how some people can detect them. They see this light and their brains have made the interference that this means psychopath when they see it or actually don’t see it. It’s said that psychopaths do not give off a strong aurora.

    For some reason working copies of these are impossible to get and the guy who made them disappeared.

    They say you see psychopaths with these maybe they have squashed them. A link about them.


    That you can’t readily get such interesting stuff intrigues me. There are a lot these sold on ebay and such but my understanding is they are not the real article. Could be someone eventually will make them. If they work as advertised it would be a great boon to humanity.

    Supposedly after you wear the glasses for a long time you can train your eyes to see auroras without them on.

    I’ve also read, somewhere can’t remember where. that EKG’s patterns of them can be recognized. Less invasive than other technologies as all it requires is a helmet with electrodes.


    • I’m sure your ideas will be about as welcome as mine. LOL.

      But seriously, I’d love to see an AI test like that. But who would provide an accepted list of known psychopaths?

      On auroras, I’ve never looked into them. But who am I to say why not? Set up a test!


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