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“Chinese baby milk toll escalates”

A country whose corporate liars culture is even worse than ours — imagine that. Enforceable contract laws and public health regulations are an absolute necessity. Unrestrained sociopaths in business and commerce leads to disaster.

It seems Britney Spears has overcome likely sociopathic bullying

Her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, certainly fits the profile of a sociopathic conman who lives off of women (as did Thierry Roussel, Christina Onassis’ fourth husband). After her divorce, Britney was often described as having gone crazy or as having a breakdown. All I saw was someone who was very upset — just what you’d expect from a woman who discovered she’d been lying next to a mimic with only pretend emotions (except for the contempt). Furthermore, she was reported in the press as stating that her husband had slept with her mother. Just what you’d expect him to try if he were a sociopath.

I once had a long discussion with a sociopathic acquaintance about invisible-to-third-parties harassment campaigns. The aim is to make the victim appear crazy to the outside world with the harasser escaping any blame. This is what seemed to be going on here. So-called psychologists and therapists were even jumping in with “borderline” comments, with no or little first hand knowledge.

In no way should Kevin Federline be awarded sole custody of the children. A truly gigantic, but generally unknown problem are sociopathic jurists siding with sociopaths appearing before them. I’m not saying that is the case here — I know nothing about the judge. But at the very least he was initially taken in by KFed’s “innocent me and poor, pathetic Britney” routine.

“Monogamy gene found in people”
New Scientist

Hmm, this could be even more interesting.

“American Psychological Association Members Pass Historic Ban on Psychologist Participation in U.S. Detention Facilities”
Psyche, Science, and Society

Now if they could only get the sociopaths out of the torture supporting APA leadership. Sociopaths frequently go in to psychology fields in an effort to “join art with science.”

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