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PATHWHISPERER DOT INFO now available in book form!!  LET THE CLAMORING BEGIN!  Read it on the bus, at the beach, in the loo!  Give it to all your 14 to 16 year old friends and relatives — before they become 18 year old know it alls!

Still in post by post format.  Perfect for those with the age of internet levels of concentration or adult ADHD!  No need to read it front to back!  Open it anywhere, just like the Bible! (well, not exactly)  No need to be able to follow long convoluted chains . . . chains . . . chains of what?!

Seriously, a donation of $15 receives 1 copy, $20, two copies in full, discount paperback form (no pics)!  Foreign addresses, unfortunately, receive only PDFs or eBooks, unless special arrangements are made.

DISCLAIMER.  This blog/book is UNEDITED and UNCORRECTED.  Like many nonprofit blogs it was written very quickly, with many errors.  Please read for sense.  I have sometimes found sentences that seemed to mean the exact opposite of what I had intended.  For example, sometimes I have left out the necessary negative or have apparently stopped midway through a revision.  NO MATTER WHAT A PASSAGE MAY SEEM TO MEAN, IT MEANS WHAT I SAY IT MEANS.  To those who say, ‘But words have meaning!’, I say, ‘You and the mother and father murdering psychopath — ‘Have mercy on me, I’m an orphan.”

Please contact me at pathwhisperer@yahoo.com with any questions.

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