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Well, now that the summer has ended emotionally speaking (Labor Day weekend), it’s time for PW to get back to work and give my fans what they come here for . . . .  What’s that?  Excuse me? . . .  Uh, . . .  OK, it’s time for PW to give my fan what he or she comes for.  So starting with recent searches, in no particular order:

what is reverse blackmail

Blackmail always presents the opportunity of reverse blackmail, namely, ‘if you do what you threaten, then I’ll have you jailed for blackmail, your choice.’  It’s an ‘out cooling’ strategy.  You can’t pull it off if you are playing however.  You need to really believe you can do it, so practice etc.  Otherwise a sociopath will see right through the attempt.

does blackmail lead to further blackmail

Absolutely, often a lifetime of blackmail.  Sometimes it seems someone will accede to a blackmail demand as a way to preserve their world and their life as they know it — but then the blackmailer will essentially move in and take over their life.  No sociopath will ever be bound by a promise of ‘do this and then you’re free.’  That’s why it is worth fighting the initial blackmail attempt tooth and nail (reverse blackmail, building a harassment case, getting a concealed carry permit, etc.).

i loaned a sociopath money. what do i do?

First stop loaning them more money.  You will never get your original money back unless you are in a position of power over them.  Most people simply have to wave goodbye to the loaned money.  Since sociopaths are geniuses at inciting pity, probably 95%+ have loaned money to one at some point, I certainly have.

are sociopaths immature

Absolutely and in every way.  Sociopathy is an arrested development syndrome.

why narcissist’s false self is so rigid

The need to forever keep at bay the wolf at the door — self hate and self loathing.  (I assume the searcher is asking about actual narcissists, not using the term as a synonym for sociopathy/psychopathy.)

can a sociopath love his parents?

That’s an interesting question.  It seems to depend on the ‘dose’ of sociopathy.  Male sociopaths seem to relate to their fathers.

can tsa recognize a psychopath

Not unless the TSA agent is a psychopath or the rare normal who ‘can see’ psychopaths.

do sociopaths know they are evil

Not all are.  Those who are know they are, in my opinion.

how does a sociopath chose his victims

It doesn’t necessarily make sense anywhere outside of that particular sociopath’s mind.  Third parties usually assume there is a reason, a history and two sides to a story — none of which are necessarily true in these situations.  Sometimes though they will seek to protect a fellow sociopath by targeting that sociopath’s target or cause of trouble.  This opens up the subject of sociopathic gang stalking which is a huge problem.

do sociopaths run together

Absolutely.  Sociopaths vary in their ability to manage in the normal world (the phrase often used it that they are as strangers in a strange land).  They will cluster around those more able.

was gaetan dugas a sociopath

Yes, the hundreds (thousands?) of lovers, the lack of concern about spreading the mysterious disease.  Flight steward/attendant is a great job for sociopaths — seeing the world, meeting many people, going to bed with them, avoiding boredom.

Why the AIDS epidemic hasn’t educated the public to the presence of sociopaths I will never understand.

how sociopath gets you to question your sanity

It’s called gaslighting.  They will spend enormous time and effort in these pursuits, it makes them feel superior.  More to the point of the question, sensing vulnerabilities and entry points to an individual’s psyche is a trait of sociopaths (inborn, imo).

why does hr always support the sociopath?

Before bashing HR let’s consider more innocuous explanations.  Most people assume every story has two sides and a rational explanation — assuming these things will always protect a sociopath.  Gays, including gay HR reps, will almost always give the benefit of the doubt to sociopaths as co-alternate sexuality community members (with the exception of those who have experienced sociopathic betrayal).  Moving on — many people join HR for the pleasure of lying and manipulating others — so there is a high percentage of actual sociopaths, children of sociopaths, and those who admire sociopathic techniques (such as Machiavellian strategies) in the field.

can you blackmail a sociopath

I assume the searcher means can you blackmail a sociopath about being a sociopath.  If you can you are probably doing so already, no need to spell it out.  It depends on many things such as where the individual sociopath is on the arrogance/I never lose/consequences-schmonsequences/i’m a Mutant-X superman/why-oh-why are people born so stupid continuums.  Also how can you blackmail someone who doesn’t understand cause and effect or is stuck in a four year old’s thinking patterns (Newt Gingrich says there is a four year old inside of him — ‘everyday he wakes up and knows that there is a cookie waiting for him somewhere, his job is to find it’).

am i safe if i am a target of a sister who is a psychopath

Personally I would put as much physical distance between myself and her as possible.  Do not maintain a relationship for ‘the sake of the family.’  Try to educate your loved ones about psychopathy (which can be very hard to do).

what do sociopaths want

Hmmm.  Proof that their defect is a sign of superiority?  Outside support of their innate arrogance?  Revenge on the emotionally alive?

psychopaths fake cry

Watch their crying sequence, they get it all wrong.  Watch a vet mourn for fallen comrades, usually the chin starts trembling, they lose control of their voice, they turn away, they cry.  Psychopathic fake crying comes across like a badly programmed robot’s efforts.  Also, there is often a feeling that the psychopath is watching through their fingers to judge the effect and/or is contemptuous of onlookers (pay attention to all emotional responses when dealing with possible psychopaths).

My instincts tell me there’s something terribly wrong here with the Petit story.  Of course, my instincts could be wrong.  However, I’ve also seen a few videos backing the swiftest possible execution of the perps found guilty (who by all accounts are total monsters) of murdering the Petit family.  The individuals speaking in these videos also raised my suspicions as possible sociopaths — the question is, why do these third parties care so much about disposing of these found guilty perps?