Apparently my cell phone has been cloned

Recently I turned on my cellphone after a few days of nonuse, to find a few messages that had arrived in the meantime had been opened.  I could not have done this accidentally in some fashion similar to “butt dialing”, the battery hadn’t even been in the simple phone (I haven’t yet gone over to smart phones).

Apparently once cloned, messages can be read, deleted and sent from the other unit.  If the units are within the same cell tower area voice calls can be heard.  To copy the sim card requires physical access I understand.  Interesting.

Think what this means.  Not only can ‘they’ surveil all electronic communications, they can also control who communicates with whom, depending upon the medium (though this could have been a psychopathic rogue NYPD officer, around 5′ 8″, sandy colored hair, 40s, name unknown).