What’s wrong with the Democrats?

I posted this in response to Benjamin Barber’s post at HuffPost, “It’s the ‘Public’ not the ‘Option’ in ‘Public Option’ that Counts,” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/benjamin-r-barber/its-the-public-not-the-op_b_389441.html.  His argument was that the Democrats are losing the war of words in defense of the value of the public sphere or public good by dropping the phrase public option from the healthcare reform (sic) bill.

The fact that the Dems are losing the war of words is symptomatic of a very deep flaw in the Democratic Party, imo. The mental illness at the extreme end of the Democratic Party is narcissism (as opposed to the mental illness of extreme Republicanism, sociopathy, that of the ‘whatever’s for me, is the good” of the Randeroids).

By narcissism I mean the overvaluing of the mind over the emotions, or the mind over the soul. Narcissism runs the gamut from a lightly worn modality of thought to the rigid malignant narcissism of Peck’s People of the Lie. Narcissists lose the ability to communicate to non-narcissists because they are totally alienated from the “motivations of the soul.” Thus the Democratic Party, by and large, has lost the ability to connect with the working class and vast swaths of middle America.

What’s wrong with Kansas” is not merely a question of what’s wrong with Kansans but also a question of what’s wrong with the Democratic Party that can’t reach Kansans. People will simply not vote for individuals they can’t relate to or who are unable to speak to them in ways that make sense, both intellectually and emotionally. So the conartists of the Republican Party step in.

The war-of-words is lost on too many Democrats (it’s all “bloodless” negotiating to them) as great opera is lost on the tone deaf.