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Easy.  Put the word out that bullies will be forced to undergo brain scans to determine if they are sociopathic or not.  The sociopaths’ involvement will dry up almost immediately.  Parents know if they if their child is a bully, but the last thing they want is for their child to bear the stigma of being an identified sociopath.  Few sociopaths are criminally insane, in the sense that they can’t help themselves.  Draw a line they don’t want to cross and they won’t cross it.  For those without that self control, reopen the mental hospitals.

Also for schools with repeated bullying problems, require that the principal undergo the same scan.  If sociopaths sense a sociopath at the top, they feel licensed.  I think child sociopaths would be similarly sensitive, if inarticulate regarding the situation.

I consider all corruption and evil to have two components — sociopathic and nonsociopathic.  Each component needs its own approach.  Also I believe handling the sociopathic corruption will automatically reduce the nonsociopathic corruption by removing that leadership.

We have the knowledge and the technology, why aren’t we using it?

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