Welcome to The Path Whisperer. My aim is to seek stories of possible sociopathy (focusing on sociopathic behavior and thinking patterns) in daily news and current events. Our popular culture is already soaked in sociopathy. The only thing missing is recognition. The only joke in Borat was that he wasn’t joking. There are movies made for adults based on bodily functions. Parents can’t understand their teens’ wildings — sociopathic teens, feeling no need for restraint, have raised the bar, and teens being teens strive to outdo their peers. Millions of parents wonder why a child behaves the way he or she does. The phenomenon of sociopathy is everywhere but the recognition of it is not. I truly believe the world is anxious for this discussion.

Without going into them here, I will also be touching on related matters: the relationship between sociopaths and incest; sociopaths and the rigidly narcissistic and the corrupt; and sociopaths and the phenomenon of the evil couple.

There is also a subcategory (probably) of sociopaths termed pseudologues — pathological and fantastical liars who actually believe what they say, seemingly unaware that there is a real reality out there, confusing reality with the verbal claim of reality. Geniuses at gathering sympathy they often claim a deadly illness miraculously recovered from or lived with. Traveling to the Holy Lands they claim divinity. Seemingly not very common, they do appear in the news from time to time

Finally, two additional points of interest, first, in our economy corporations are essentially given sociopathic freedoms. Not surprisingly sociopaths often then climb to the top. Second, I believe this country could use a political movement that excludes the pathologies of the right (a sociopathic lack of generosity and empathy) and the left (a self-congratulatory rigid narcissisism capable of creating a welfare system that rewards the breakup of the family).

Again welcome. I hope you find this of interest. I try not to hold my opinions dogmatically and see this as a journey towards the truth. Hopefully some of you will wish to add your own comments. I’ll start by organizing past writings and notes and then begin searching the news for items of interest.

[on edit] It seems I should add what I claim to be my alternate credentials for claiming insight into sociopathy (as opposed to the traditional credentials of higher degrees, specific jobs, etc.). There are really three. First, I believe I have a very intimate knowledge of sociopaths and their thinking patterns. I have always gotten along with sociopaths very easily. Back in elementary school slightly odd classmates (who I now recognize as being sociopathic) I hardly knew would make my acquaintance, telling me things and asking me questions, as though I might have some insight into their experiences. To this day sociopaths continue to do this.

Second, my father’s career was in mental health (this career took him to a state commissionership of mental health). So I would say that I grew up with the idea of an almost infinite complexity of the psychological universe.

Third, among other things, I am a professionally trained actor — I studied around 5 years with Bill Hickey and around 3 years with Sandy Dennis. We were taught to respond spontaneously to our instant reading of the emotional vibes of an acting situation (the theatrical buzzword was “organically” as I recall). Much to my surprise this gave me one foot in the world of sociopaths. Sociopaths simply use words for strategic reasons, as a life tool — meanings are another thing entirely. The truth is read behind the words themselves.

In terms of my educational background I have a B.A. in Anthropology from Columbia.  While I don’t think this gave me insight into sociopaths specifically it did give me a non-judgmental ‘people are what they are and do what they do’ approach.  Sociopaths fall into the ‘just are’ category of life.

I’m not sure the above will carry weight with anyone else, but I do believe these factors have helped give me insight into sociopathy.

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I NEED your help. If you will agree to do so I will provide you with the specifics. I need some coaching and introspection. For what ever reason there is a group that can see them and group that can’t. Maybe its a type of evolutionary war and the ones that can see them evolve into something that is impervious to them. I’m not crazy; and I think you will somehow know this. I am in the lions den and the light just came on; I need some coping strategies to ease out of the den. I can’t just break contact. I just recently realized what was going on so how can I expect anyone else to comprehend (has been going on for some years)? I know; DUH. I thought it was just a movie thing (African American). How can I even explain it to someone? I tried a couple of times and I sound crazy even to myself. NOBODY except someone who has had long term exposure to these entities seems capable of comprehending. As I read your many posts I see that you too have come to find that most are not open minded enough to comprehend that there is a species of human that LITERALLY has no conscience. If you encounter such individuals only exposure will solidify the theory and thus true knowledge and understanding of this force. Its almost like recanting an UFO sighting or Alien abduction its a mental stretch and people cast your dilemma aside. I understand what’s happening; but because I can’t just break contact I have to learn how to deal with this person and maintain sanity. Most posts say get away that’s not an option. I HAVE to learn how to coexist with this person (for a minimum of 2 more years). You have an introspection and COPING ABILITY (ability to interact with them safely/sanely) for lack of a better word that most don’t. You can help me. Just think about people who are personally intertwined with these people; masking themselves behind the sacredness of family or spouse; where do they go for help? MOST don’t even believe this is real, or their perception is soooo misguided they simply can’t understand; and seeking help from a non believer will send you further into the abyss, because you could potentially be viewed as the one with the issue. Society is way, way behind with regard to this. I’m VERY intellectual but I realize now, this person has even used that against me. If someone reading this post has the introspection that the author of this blog has please reach out. Even professionals who have known one of these folks but didn’t realize they knew one can’t help. I’m looking for people like the author. During the time when I was initially researching and learning the truth of this species; in an effort to identify them in hopes of avoidance, I setup some subconscious process that is on auto-pilot I recognize these people instantly now, I recognize what they are doing; scary thing is I think they somehow know that I know. My mind has a grip on this thing now; the emotional freak out has mostly subsided. I took the blue pill, I accept that the Matrix is real.


  2. Thanks for your answer! (and sorry for my late thanks hey!))

    Somehow I keep this feeling that you seems paranoiac about sociopath!!! he he…

    That said I did heard this reasonably sensible fact / legend(?) that psychopath tend to accumulate at managerial position!

    That said it is common to lie in our society, without being sociopath. You lie because you don’t want to bother people with your problem or you want to avoid problem.
    Also being “arrogant” would be pretty common “manly” behavior while looking for a woman. Men don’t feel that particularly great and feel they need to puff up to seduce the woman, hence their increased boastiness!


  3. For some accidental reason I had a sudden surge of interest into psychopathic behavior, it is when I bookmarked your site.

    Today I am reading this introductory page and I am suddenly wondering whether you are not strongly biased (and maybe a little too much christian) after all.

    One thing which really tickles me, and I would like some reaction on that. It seems from the above text that you imply that sociopath and such are legion and everywhere.
    If they are so numerous then, they are not sociopath they are the norm, and what you think is the norm is, in fact, the sickly one!


    • I hope they are not legion. Their true number is the million dollar question. My point is that they are present in all economic and educational levels and professions. And further one should never discount the possibility that any individual, no matter who they are, no matter what their background, might be a sociopath.

      It seems they think they are the norm — they seem to make no pretense to hide anymore. It’s totally amazing to me how many TV shows and movies have sociopathic sensibilities. I alighted on one of those “Search for Love” shows the other day, a half second later, I said, ‘OMG these are all sociopaths’ — so many of them had those “shiny arrogant faces” and idiot child understandings of human motivations which they thought everybody shared. I once was chatting with a young female banker who was describing a bachelorette party she was planning for a friend. Again, ‘OMG, she’s a sociopath.” Her friend would have ended up divorced before the marriage, luckily the party was canceled. On a more important note, torture is now essentially the open policy of the state.


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