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Well, . . . it ain’t easy.  It depends mostly on whether the company has a hr department run by actual sociopaths/psychopaths.  Sociopaths/psychopaths love being in hr, they get to play puppet master.  If that’s not the case there’s still the question of how to overcome the hr reps’ assumed-similarity/assumed-normalcy bias — facts can overcome a bias or syndrome but will just bounce off an assumed-similarity psychotic (one should keep in mind that that assumed-similarity comes in all flavors:  bias, syndrome, disorder, psychosis — incidentally the same is true for naive prey response syndrome).  See https://pathwhisperer.info/2015/11/02/assumed-similarity-bias/, https://pathwhisperer.info/2011/02/11/a-search-today-i-am-the-target-of-a-sociopathic-bully-what-do-i-do/.

My experience with psychopathic harassment was while working for UBS, which I consider to have a psychopathic history (as essentially Nazi bankers during WWII and the later holocaust gold scandal), psychopaths in management, psychopaths in human resources.  Actually I consider UBS to be psychopathic entity.  I should have left early on.

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UBS Admits To Massive Tax Evasion Scheme

Banking giant UBS has agreed to pay $780 million and turn over once-secret Swiss banking records to settle allegations it conspired to defraud the U.S. government of taxes owed by big clients.

. . .  UBS executives helped U.S. taxpayers open new accounts in the names of sham entities.

Prosecutors contend that UBS executives used encrypted software and other counter-surveillance techniques to prevent anyone from detecting that they were actively marketing such Swiss bank secrecy — and tax evasion — to American taxpayers.

The clients, in turn, filed false tax returns that omitted the income they earned in their Swiss accounts, according to the court papers.

Federal officials said they had pulled aside a veil of secrecy that hid a corrupt international banking practice.

“This was not a mere compliance oversight, but rather a knowing crime motivated by greed and disrespect for the law,” said Alexander Acosta, U.S. attorney for southern Florida.


In 2006 and 2007 UBS was having everyone brush up on their “‘know your customer’ (KYC) skills and the identification of new trends in suspicious behavior” — even operations staff (on the computer side in my case).  We had to “undertake regular training courses, [. . .] in the form of on-line training” or compliance modules as they were called.  These had absolutely zero to do with our jobs, we never dealt with clients, let alone their money, so we used to call in banker friends to help us with the online tests.  (Above quotes from “Contributing to society, Preventing money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing,” http://www.ubs.com/1/e/about/corporate_responsibility/society/fighting_money_laundering.html.  OOPSIE, that page has been deleted!  OK, here’s another one:  http://www.ubs.com/1/e/polandcareers/ourcultureandvalues/corporate_responsibility/society/fighting_money_laundering.html.  Note that this page is under the heading, Our Culture and Values — one trait of the truly advanced, truly high ranking sociopathic mind is the depth and breadth of its hypocrisy.  Criticizing a sociopath for being hypocritical is like criticizing a fish for swimming — it’s simply their nature.)

It’s apparent now what the strategy was — window dressing.  UBS was putting on a big show of complying with anti-money laundering laws by having all firm personnel be trained in recognizing it — all the while carrying out that very thing through encrypted software and other counter-surveillance techniques (according to the U.S. DOJ).

Now what kind of mind would think a transparent ruse like this would accomplish anything?  Perhaps an arrogant, childish sociopathic mind.  Obviously not every crook is a sociopath.  However, in my opinion, sociopathy is the wind in the sails of evil and corruption.  The normally corrupt are forever fighting their consciences, following the conscienceless, the sociopaths, is a relief to them.

Unfortunately it seems UBS is still the same bank that accepted holocaust gold and sought to deprive the heirs of concentration camp victims their rightful funds.  As late as 1997 bank management thought they could order underlings to destroy Nazi-era banking records.  Fortunately, Christopher Meili, a security guard, turned them in.  (For more information:  “‘Nazi gold’ settlement mixed intangibles with money,” http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/views/y/1998/08/hirsch.nazigold.aug21/; Swiss Banks and World War II, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banking_in_Switzerland.)

Suggesting to a sociopathic banker that accepting gold collected from the teeth of concentration camp victims was wrong or the same to an athlete gaining the top of the podium through fraud would only convince the sociopath that the questioner was the one with the problem.  Their code:  you call it cheating, I call it winning.   If the point was to amass gold, the source, to a sociopath, would be utterly of no concern.

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Welcome to The Path Whisperer. My aim is to seek stories of possible sociopathy (focusing on sociopathic behavior and thinking patterns) in daily news and current events. Our popular culture is already soaked in sociopathy. The only thing missing is recognition. The only joke in Borat was that he wasn’t joking. There are movies made for adults based on bodily functions. Parents can’t understand their teens’ wildings — sociopathic teens, feeling no need for restraint, have raised the bar, and teens being teens strive to outdo their peers. Millions of parents wonder why a child behaves the way he or she does. The phenomenon of sociopathy is everywhere but the recognition of it is not. I truly believe the world is anxious for this discussion.

Without going into them here, I will also be touching on related matters: the relationship between sociopaths and incest; sociopaths and the rigidly narcissistic and the corrupt; and sociopaths and the phenomenon of the evil couple.

There is also a subcategory (probably) of sociopaths termed pseudologues — pathological and fantastical liars who actually believe what they say, seemingly unaware that there is a real reality out there, confusing reality with the verbal claim of reality. Geniuses at gathering sympathy they often claim a deadly illness miraculously recovered from or lived with. Traveling to the Holy Lands they claim divinity. Seemingly not very common, they do appear in the news from time to time

Finally, two additional points of interest, first, in our economy corporations are essentially given sociopathic freedoms. Not surprisingly sociopaths often then climb to the top. Second, I believe this country could use a political movement that excludes the pathologies of the right (a sociopathic lack of generosity and empathy) and the left (a self-congratulatory rigid narcissisism capable of creating a welfare system that rewards the breakup of the family).

Again welcome. I hope you find this of interest. I try not to hold my opinions dogmatically and see this as a journey towards the truth. Hopefully some of you will wish to add your own comments. I’ll start by organizing past writings and notes and then begin searching the news for items of interest.

[on edit] It seems I should add what I claim to be my alternate credentials for claiming insight into sociopathy (as opposed to the traditional credentials of higher degrees, specific jobs, etc.). There are really three. First, I believe I have a very intimate knowledge of sociopaths and their thinking patterns. I have always gotten along with sociopaths very easily. Back in elementary school slightly odd classmates (who I now recognize as being sociopathic) I hardly knew would make my acquaintance, telling me things and asking me questions, as though I might have some insight into their experiences. To this day sociopaths continue to do this.

Second, my father’s career was in mental health (this career took him to a state commissionership of mental health). So I would say that I grew up with the idea of an almost infinite complexity of the psychological universe.

Third, among other things, I am a professionally trained actor — I studied around 5 years with Bill Hickey and around 3 years with Sandy Dennis. We were taught to respond spontaneously to our instant reading of the emotional vibes of an acting situation (the theatrical buzzword was “organically” as I recall). Much to my surprise this gave me one foot in the world of sociopaths. Sociopaths simply use words for strategic reasons, as a life tool — meanings are another thing entirely. The truth is read behind the words themselves.

In terms of my educational background I have a B.A. in Anthropology from Columbia.  While I don’t think this gave me insight into sociopaths specifically it did give me a non-judgmental ‘people are what they are and do what they do’ approach.  Sociopaths fall into the ‘just are’ category of life.

I’m not sure the above will carry weight with anyone else, but I do believe these factors have helped give me insight into sociopathy.

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