Recent news stories with that sociopathic flavor

Here is a list of a few stories that feature what I consider to be sociopathic behavior and thinking patterns. Whether actual sociopaths are involved would require more investigation.

Hedge fund fraudster hunted after suicide ‘mystery’


Samuel Israel of the Bayou Group hedge funds who faked his own suicide to avoid going to jail.

Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend Follieri arrested
Italian businessman faces wire fraud conspiracy, money laundering charges



The account of conman Raffaello Follieri.

Entwhistle receives life sentences


Neil Entwhistle who was found guilty of murdering his wife and child.

Critics Slam Boston Doctor Who Offers Sex Change Treatment to Kids (though see comments below)


It is hard for me to imagine anyone but a child-minded sociopath thinking we have the key to male/femaleness and that we can play god with this information. It is a trait of sociopaths that their interpretation of the world is often grotesquely simplistic. This story reminds of the tragedy of David Reimer who committed suicide in May 2004. He was raised as a girl on the advice of a Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins after his penis was cauterized off while being circumcized as an infant (John Colapinto, As Nature Made Him: the boy who was raised as a girl).

8 thoughts on “Recent news stories with that sociopathic flavor

  1. [I’m including this comment with its allegations. I do not have the knowledge to judge them, and thus am neither endorsing it nor the reverse. PW]

    Speaking of which, here’s a recent story about Neely Moldovan, a bridezilla who allegedly thought nothing of destroying the life and career of Andrea Polito—a prominent and well-regarded Dallas wedding photographer—to the end of creating a viral story to enhance her lifestyle blog traffic:

    Neely claimed that Polito was holding her wedding pictures “hostage” over a $125 album cover charge that the Moldovans shouldn’t have had to pay. Turns out, however, that not only was this charge stipulated in the signed contract, but Polito also offered to waive the charge to appease Neely, who ignored the gesture and went to the news media instead to broadcast her displeasure.

    Polito’s business crumbled almost overnight. She endured intense harassment—including death threats—on social media and had to shut down her studio. Her attempts to offer her side of the story to the NBC Dallas reporter who initially aired Neely’s complaint were minimized and distorted:

    Finally, Polito sued the Moldovans for defamation—and won.

    While reading news reports of this case and its outcome, I stumbled upon a snarky thread on [ ] chronicling the horror of the slow-motion trainwreck that is Neely Moldovan—from the beginnings of her inane blogs [found at and ], through her allegedly plagiarized content [8:45 pm ], alleged possible giveaway fraud [9:18 am, 9:25 am ], and alleged frequent conflict with others [4:14 pm ]—to the final debacle of the $1.08 million defamation judgment against her and her husband. Though much of it is catty disparagement, this thread does contain some interesting and occasionally prescient commentary from individuals acquainted with the parties in question as well as some solid documentation of Neely’s exploits, including some with regard to the Polito case, such as Polito’s email to Scott Gordon of NBC clearly explaining the disputed album cover order process and her repeated attempts to reach out to the Moldovans well before they contacted the media [9:35 pm ].

    The entire thread reads like a casual longitudinal field study of the sociopathic style. (Not diagnosin’—just sayin’—it’s the modality, right?)

    Must admit that the meme on page 25 at 11:04 am is priceless [ ].


  2. I am all for allerting the Uneducated public to the threat of the Sociopath/psychopath! They Believe that this is a Movie Monster Like Hanible Lector. They are real! humans with out a concience or love or The most basic of human concern for another Human beings fellings! It’s as if they a devoid of fellings other than for their own survival! Yet They are Chamelions! They can Play a part for a time even a long time and then turn as if they never knew you and could care less about others!

    I think it’s fundemental lack of nuture at an early early stage of their development and also genetic It takes , Thank God! Extraodinary cirrcumstances to produce the worst of the worst!

    Also I think it is a mistake to Kill them when they are caught! There is too much to be learned from them! too just euthanize them!

    Movies like Silence of the Lambs, are fictional! The Truth is much worse! example: This man who held his own daughter captive for Years and used her for his sexual slave , Producing multiple children and using them as well! He said; I did’nt hurt anyone!??????????????

    Your mother told you there was no such thing as monsters! She Lied to get you to go to sleep!

    Love, Hope , Peace ,Through Christ ! me


  3. OK, I’m deleting the most judgemental lines. Jerry, you and Megan write with an undeniable authenticity. I’m leaving the post in however. I believe it’s a fair question to pose, though I do understand that that may be because the situation is so far afield from my experiences. FWIW, I agree with you on Fallwell.


  4. I got the link to work this time, on Dr Slack . All I had to see in that artical was Jerry Fallwells name and I understand who’s against Transgender youth and any person who has a CLUE about Humanity! Fallwell< Fall-Well this is not a typo on my part but intentional! fallwell would be the one to Back Dr Money on the Reimer case! FallWell does’nt get that male/female is not penis/vagina!

    Did you see the Documentry just recently on Transgender youth? This Beautiful child born with a vagina, Knew she was not a girl!

    Ask FallWell what he thinks of Hermaphrodite humans! Ommm what?????

    My Point was that the Dr Slack is not asking a group of 7 year olds who wants a sex change raise your hand! Only the ones who suspect they got issued the wrong genitalia for the brain!


  5. On the link, the snapshot doesn’t find anything, but the news article actually opens. ???

    My harshness derives from the idea of asking 7 year olds whether they want such an operation or not. Parents can’t be trusted for such a decision. What if they are insane? I accept Megan’s statement that those who get such an operation may indeed wish they could have gotten it earlier.
    But I’m not sure how that can be accommodated without casting all children into a vast cauldron of confusion.

    John Colapinto, after David Reimer’s death, wrote “Gender Gap, What were the real reasons behind David Reimer’s suicide?”


  6. 1. The Link does’nt work to the story on the Dr.
    2. Look further than first impressions, please! Before passing Judgement! Least you be judged!
    The Documentary on Reimer was Facinating! And Horrific! at the same time.
    Our Puritan culture has come full circle. No morals economy, live and let die, after you get your Bonus!
    Dr. >Money< Is this Name For real ????? He could not allow his Theory to be dead wrong! That Male/Female is mental hardwiring and not penis/vagina! That a child is born blank and all is conditioned????

    What I found Facinating was the effect on the brother twin that was raised as a male. I would not have expected the news of his twin being a male to have effected him so!

    We are still sexist, raceist, creatures ! Less than what? 100,000 years old? The Truth is the monster is us!


  7. RE: Critics Slam Boston Doctor Who Offers Sex Change Treatment to Kids

    People outside the trans community think they know what is best for those in it. I would like to see articles in the mainstream media that question the engrained “gender defender” mentality that finds it so important to “slam” anyone who questions the status quo.

    I don’t think you have made a case for identifying this doctor as sociopathic. David Reimer was not given a choice, but was forced to have a sex change “for his own good,” at 22 months old. He was used as a research subject, without any possibility of consent. What has that got to do with this situation, apart from you being “reminded?”

    This is a complex issue. As long as society tells transsexuals who try to be themselves to “drop dead,” gender transition is going to be an important alternative, and I can tell you from personal experience that if you are going to go through with it, you don’t want to wait until after puberty before you do anything about it, if you have that choice.


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