Fraudsters’ Sons Can’t Forgive Parents

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This story of a faked death, insurance scam and bewildered immediate relatives (sons Anthony, 29, and Mark, 31) just screams sociopathy.  I don’t understand how the word is not used in all the news articles.  Anne Darwin is the complete manipulative, lying, contemptuous sociopathic-to-the-core actress.  The pair make the classic “evil couple.”

It is worth noting that the sons never suspected anything or were ever aware that their mother is almost certainly an “equivalent of an alien passing as human” level sociopath (or the more pejorative term, psychopath).  Their unawareness is not at all surprising however.  Also from the articles, I see no sign that they have been told (or figured out) that their mother is sociopathic.  Instead they are left trying to explain what happened to their family within the framework of normal human motivations — which is an impossibility.

One thought on “Fraudsters’ Sons Can’t Forgive Parents

  1. I’d like to go off on a tangent from this post, so I”ll use a comment. Forgive me for sounding like Yoda, but those who cannot, must not see, CANNOT SEE. A short while back I emailed this blog to some friends and acquaintances, a number of whom had [a] sociopathic parent[s], in my opinion. Those individuals strongly disliked this blog. But that’s not surprising. It was their unconscious I was interested in reaching anyway. At some point they may seek a way out of the cul-de-sacs, frustrations and deadends of their lives, perhaps my writings will help them do this.

    I find that children of sociopaths are quite easy to recognize. In particular there’s a humiliation reaction pattern that seems specific to sociopathic parenting. As an extreme example I had a female friend who told of her mother regularly seducing the young males that my friend was interested in as a teenager and young adult. Her mother was so ego driven that she couldn’t resist competing with and humiliating her own daughter.


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