It seems I’m being harassed

Lately I’ve been experiencing some rather strange occurrences.  It seems I’m sometimes being followed.  Since it’s been 3 or 4 times now, I’ve decided to discuss it here.  The exact number is hard to know because, similar to when one is being gaslighted, one writes off the first couple instances as belonging to the just-can’t-be category.

It’s surprisingly sophisticated.  I seem to be followed by teams, both in front and behind me.  When someone is walking in front of you and keeping pace with you (by sidewise glances or whatever) there is something different about their walking.  It is not like a person walking purposefully somewhere or even like someone meandering.  This will last for blocks with the distance between us hardly varying.  Or an individual will pass and then fall back, repeatedly, again over blocks.  Or an individual will still be in the same relative distance after my spending time in a store.

More troubling is purposely changing my route and then finding, after a few blocks on the new street, that the same individual has appeared once again in front of me at about the same distance.  So there has to be someone behind directing the forward party.  Is there some kind of throat mike that picks up outwardly inaudible speech (don’t ask me why I ask this)?

Their leader seemingly is a middle aged man, with short brown hair, of medium height (5′ 9-10″), medium build with a broad face and smoked glasses.  He also seems to be something of a hothead.

I have photos of certain of these individuals which I have snail mailed around.

Just for the record, as someone who studies and deals with sociopaths I work very hard at never telling myself not to be paranoid — so I’m immune to that charge.  Only one or two of these individuals however struck me as probable sociopaths.

This has only taken place (with one exception) on the few days of the week when I have a predictable routine and route of travel.  So that means there had been unobtrusive observation earlier.

Why I would deserve such sophisticated (and expensive) attention makes no sense.  But there it is.

Follow up:  “Private message”.

7 thoughts on “It seems I’m being harassed

  1. I’d walk up to one and take a photo personally — perhaps you have a couple of genuine friends who can take the photos on your behalf (probably a better option). An online diary might be a good idea to record the events as it can’t be stolen.


  2. Sorry if my prior comment was confusing, I though PW posted that. What A. Hunt says about striking up a conversation and trusting your intuition is good. Just do it in a public place preferably.


  3. I was recently harassed out of a job by some socios who probably convinced themselves it was good for corrupt business or their version of authoritarian democracy. You would be followed, because you empower naive & sane people like me to recognize their typical patterns and networks of power/control. Talk to Rick Ross for support / corroboration.


  4. Hi PW,

    Sounds like you’re being gangstalked. For those of you out there unfamiliar with this, it’s a group harassment technique designed to psychologically destroy and socially discredit the target, and it happens out in the larger community rather than just in the workplace, as mobbing does, or among some other particular group of people. This article describes it in more detail: It also describes a few things you can do about it.

    God bless, and please keep us updated.


  5. If you are not a psycho, then this blog would warrant that you be pared down.
    The biggest danger to the psychos and their evil designs on humanity is that normal people (‘normies’) begin to recognize them. Given the number of comments on your articles it looks like you are having influence which is beginning t be disquieting to certain creatures in the shades.

    If it has come to this, then be careful, be VERY careful. Keep a diary of suspicious events, secure your house and your posessions, speak with everybody around you that they should expect being harassed … But I think that you should know how dangerous the pathologicals can be. Take care.



  6. A lot of people are out of work with lots of idle time. It could be they’re just trying to mess with your head. I would walk straight up to one of the followers and strike up a conversation. That would be the best way to dispel or confirm your beliefs. Use your intuition.


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