Skylar Deleon — murder at sea

Vicitims Tom and Jackie Hawks, top, their boat - "Well Deserved" - convicted killer Jennifer Henderson, bottom right, and her ex-husband, former child star Skylar Deleon, bottom left. Pictures: AP

Picture from “Murder at sea: ‘couple thrown overboard tied to an anchor’ claim“.

I caught MSNBC’s “Last Voyage” on Skylar Deleon yesterday.  “Sneek peak: the Last Voyage”

The Last Voyage in six partsMore Deleon videos.

Deleon bio and news.

2 thoughts on “Skylar Deleon — murder at sea

  1. James 4 – “You desire and do not have, so you kill…” A commandment – “You will not covet”.

    Two lowlifes who wanted what others worked for but who were unwilling to work for those things themselves…SO>>>They felt ENTITLED to kill people who they felt OWED them something. How we need the Commandments again in US society! We need to teach the poor and the rich alike what they mean. E.g., we are not to covet – regardless of what our life has been or what the lives of others has been…We are not to steal from others, we are not to covet one another’s property , or husband, or wife, or boat, or car, or house, etc. A psychiatrist who testified said that De Leon was not truly remorseful – that he was simply sad that he, himself, was now suffering.

    De Leon and his wife, Jennifer, are where they belong … and it is great that their children will not be raised by these 2 psychopaths….May they be put to death by public hanging. They are despicable!!!


    • I watched that show last night. I didn’t see any remorse either. That’s a psychopath for you, other people just don’t count, at all. Psychopaths are born, not made. But abuse can make them worse, that’s probably why he became a killer and not simply a passing for normal grifter. He and his wife made a classic evil couple.


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