Matin MacNeill — obvious-at-a-glance psychopath

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I’m curious. I consider Matin MacNeil to be an obvious-at-a-glance psychopath. Do any of the readers of this agree? I posted a few pictures here: .

A while back Lovefraud had a post from a reader about ‘seeing psychopaths’, , .

Before developing the ability to ‘see psychopaths’ I think it would be necessary for most people to first believe that it is possible, that others can in fact do it. The doctors MacNeill and Swango are about as obvious as they come. Any thoughts?

I think I recognized my first psychopath at around 5 years of age (of course, I didn’t recognize them as psychopaths then but did recognize that there was something wrong with them).  I’m grew up in Inkster, Michigan.  My mother was a librarian.  I recall the library and the road it was on as being on an embankment through (at that time) orchards and farmland.  My sister and I had gone down the embankment to wander through an apple orchard and climb trees.  While my sister was high up in one tree a group of boys came along and joined us.  Two of them came back down from the tree, saying my sister was too high and why didn’t I call her down and then we all could strip her naked and touch her all over.  Of course, I was near to panic, not knowing what to do.  We were invisible to the road and the library.  Should I tell her to stay high and go get help?  What to do?  And of course I was scared for myself physically.  Then my sister started climbing down, with the boys waiting hungrily at the bottom.  Before she was too low I yelled out “Jump, run.  They want to rip your clothes off.”  So she jumped and took off.  Luckily she didn’t turn her ankle and luckily eight year old girls and boys are pretty matched physically.  So we tore through this beautiful orchard on a bright sunny day back to the library screaming.

It seemed to me at the time, that there was something wrong with the ringleaders of this group of boys.  I recall thinking that their faces were too flat, by that I meant too much in a plane, that their eyes were even with the surface.  Today I would say that their eyes were shallow, that there was no soul depth to them.  Now as an adult I’m certain that these two boys were in fact psychopathic.

3 thoughts on “Matin MacNeill — obvious-at-a-glance psychopath

  1. Thank you for your dedication. I’m very appreciative. It’s very important for people to realize the behaviors of psychopaths in our midst. Your work helps people make sense of a nonsensical situation.


  2. Hi Pathwhisperer (and others).

    I haven’t posted for a long time because I’ve been very busy, however I always read the new posts whenever I receive notice of them. Being in between semesters I was actually able to follow the above links and read up on some of the progress others have made regarding learning to spot socio/psychopaths.

    I particularly enjoyed the “o for umbrella” post and I just had to comment because this is such an accurate explanation of a sociopath’s “modus operandi”, which is not easy to explain in words.

    Personally, I can’t “spot” psychopaths just by looking at total strangers, but I always become suspicious when I hear them spew their nonsense.

    Another thing I think is worth mentioning is the psychopath’s relentless perseverance. It seems that any person who is clever enough to detect and avoid psychopaths tends to be viewed as a “challenge”. And you don’t have to be a victim of a psychopath to be a victim of a psychopath. If you don’t respond to their phony charm they will launch a “campaigne” against you by going through those around you to get to you.

    Make no mistake, there is no easy way to avoid becoming a victim and I, for one, am still trying to figure it out.



    • I agree, that relentlessness is astounding. They’ll sometimes run harassment, gaslighting, whispering, character assassination, etc. campaigns for years. Partly, perhaps, because their drives are so elemental and biological, they have ‘endless’ mental capacity left over (not to mention being bored silly). They don’t have or comprehend the deep satisfactions of a normal life, the only thing the most extreme and evil of them have is a belief in their own superiority, which they have to prove over and over again.

      Buster, I’m glad to hear that you’re following this blog. I wish I had more time to do regular posts. I think I’ll start posting news items that involve psychopaths, but with minimal comment (and time) on my part. I used to do that sometimes. My post on Skylar DeLeon gets many hits, but I didn’t write anything myself and the visitors never leave comments. I don’t know what that means.


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