This is the insanity I live with — where do these ads come from and what do they mean?

Recently I went to an email account of mine and found this ad.

For years (over 10) I would see this same ad (or a similar one for the same website) on an auction website that I went to frequently.  I believe it now showed up in the email program to let me know it had been hacked (by a cop friend of my ex).  What good is getting over on somebody, if you can’t let them know?  Those who know how to do it can write scripts to send the metatags of their choice to advertising services.

This email website normally only has one series of ads.  Yet I also saw, one time only, a Charmin bathroom tissue ad (for around three seconds, literally).  I took this to mean that they had accessed my instrument/emergency supplies storage facility (no big deal).

Originally I thought the ad on the auction website was connected with firearms in the auctions.  However I never searched for any firearms and most were long guns anyway.  Furthermore this was the only firearm ad ever showing up.  I believe they wanted me to click on it, presumably to portray me as a violent individual.

However I have zero interest in concealed carry personally.  The only time I might wish to have a handgun would be if I lived on a farm or in bear country.  Other than that, I wouldn’t be interested in owning one.

For awhile now, I’ve prevented ads from appearing on my computer.  So I turned them back on and went to the same auction website.  Voila:

Screenshot from 2014-09-13

How am I supposed to take this?  Just more shenanigans from gas lighting psychopaths or something more sinister?

When the therapist husband (Steven Cope,, of my ex’s therapist almost ran me down (as it appeared from my standpoint), he looked simply terrified and extremely angry.  I have no idea why.  I have no record of violence or violent threats.  I suspect one of the psychopathic cops is painting a false picture for his own purposes.  Or perhaps he, his wife  (Nancy Becker,,, and her (their?) group therapy group are in the thrall of a psychopathic member of the group.

Now, there is a logical, nonviolent possible reason for their (my ex’s psychopathic police friends) believing these ads might be effective in drawing me in (I never clicked on one of them ever).  But that would involve repeated jail time felonies on their part.  I believe they used to give tours of my apartment to my ex, at the time I had a few gun magazines around.  I see these ads as proof of their illegal entry.

The NYPD knows who the main individual is through my communications.  I wish they would prove to themselves the psychopathic-or-not status of this individual, through Adrian Raines brain scans (

5 thoughts on “This is the insanity I live with — where do these ads come from and what do they mean?

  1. I get stuff like that too – like someone is trying to “bait” me with stuff that doesn’t interest me in the slightest. It may not be that anyone actually thinks you’re interested in carrying a concealed weapon. Have you ever considered it might be that someone thinks maybe you should consider carrying a weapon? It could even be advertisers using “search phrases” like the ones we discussed recently to target prospective customers.

    That said, you could also be right But I’ve been thinking about the “crazed therapist behind the wheel” incident, and I’ve decided there could only be one possible reason why he looked so frightened while he was “attempting” to run you down with his vehicle – he came closer than he meant to. I think he frightened himself. Because think about it, even if he thought he had reason to fear you he would have no reason to be afraid while perched inside two tons of metal and you on foot.

    But see, that’s one reason why gas-lighting campaigns such as the one you’ve been caught in the middle of can be so dangerous. Misguided individuals can become deceived into behaving in ways they wouldn’t normally fathom, and doing things they wouldn’t normally consider doing – they’re being manipulated. And when people are being manipulated, they are, in a sense, allowing someone else to control their thoughts and actions, at least to some degree. Does that make sense?

    – buster


    • Talk about baiting. Lately I’ve been getting porno site-linked comments. However, I only hover, never click! Unless the site names depict illegal or too-too activities, in which cases I don’t even do that. I suspect, but do not know for sure, that these are from elements of the NYPD. Presumably the source wants me to open illegal pornographic sites, that they send, to impugn me — I currently am trying to force the NYPD to comply with a FOIL request so they might be trying to help fellow gang members. They’ll grow tired shortly however when I don’t respond as they wish.

      Let me add a couple anomalous occurrences for the record. After Thanksgiving 2014, I noticed that my recent program list included only a video program that I hadn’t used recently and a pinned backup/restore that I never use. The pinned backup/restores program has later disappeared but not by my hand. I obviously do not control this computer or its contents. Secondly, in December I left my car overnight being repaired. The next day, I found items moved around. For example, a large object had been moved from under a seat to the back of seat pocket. I am totally sure of that, I had searched the back pocket to remove anything semi-valuable before I left the car. In addition in a side pocket I’ve kept a not inexpensive emergency tool to get out of a crashed car. I’ve kept it at the very bottom of the drivers’ door pocket. Upon retreiving my car the next day, it was half in and half out. After dealing with gaslighters for years, one gets to know their MO. There is one NYPD psychopath and gaslighter who seems to just love doing that – finding hidden things and then leaving them half exposed. It seems to be his trademark. He seems compelled to reveal signs of his presence. I’ve now removed the emergency tool, to remove any chance of a weapons charge which is a favorite trick of the NYPD (numerous stop-and-frisk victims ended up in jail due to pocket knives that can be bought in any Home Depot or Lowes).

      Also let me note that I seem to have come to the notice of NYPD higher ups. In New York state all cars, by law, are supposed to have both license plates. However it seems high brass often leave the front license plate off. I seem to be of interest to an unmarked small black Acura, single license plate FCX (FXC?).


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