Just for safekeeping

This pic disappeared from every single one of my electronic backups (I consider that a strong argument that it is crime depicting), even the hidden ones (perhaps they all have RFID aspects).  I couldn’t figure out where I could safely keep it, until I suddenly thought, ‘why not post it on my blog?’, indeed.



2 thoughts on “Just for safekeeping

  1. To the commenter who just left a comment on this post, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. I don’t mind being criticized or even called names if an explanation is given. However I see no reason to publish personal ad hominem attacks.

    Moving on, we don’t live in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Unusual and sometimes criminal things do happen. Locks and laws are for honest people. Psychopathic Mutant-X self claimed gods-among-men respect neither.

    Your reaction was very strong. A neutral intellectually honest person would see that it was marked private and contained little information (though there is more info in a hover box over the photo), not enough to draw any conclusions.

    Let me add that no one has ever sued me for identifying them as a psychopath.


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